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Spiritual rocks were actually a small matter.

Han Muye did not believe that the number one sword sect in the Western Frontier could not take out 10,000 superior-grade spiritual rocks.

The Tai Yi Sword Sect had dragged on to divide these spiritual rocks into a hundred years because they wanted to be related to him and the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

Perhaps this was also one of Tu Sunshis plans.

Without Tu Sunshi holding down the fort, how many more years could the Tai Yi Sword Sect hold the position of the number one sword sect in the Western Frontier

Wasnt the biggest threat to the Tai Yi Sword Sect other than the sect masters seclusion, the Nine Mystic Sword Sect

As long as the Nine Mystic Sword Sect and the Tai Yi Sword Sect secretly formed an alliance, they would have the ability to resist the Wind Spiritual Sword Sect together.

It was fine if Tu Sunshi returned a hundred years later, but if he didnt, and the Tai Yi Sword Sect still didnt have a Heaven Realm expert, then so be it.

Han Muye reached out and tapped a wisp of sword Qi on the paper in front of him, leaving his mark.

Sun Jinshi tore open the paper scroll and split it into two.

He put one away and handed the other to Han Muye solemnly before leaving the flying ship.

Han Muye accepted the book and closed his eyes to cultivate.

Ten days later, the flying ship returned to the Nine Mystic Mountain.

This time, more than a thousand disciples had returned with him.







The bell tolled six times.

Han Muye was wearing a black robe and holding a broken sword in both hands.

He stood in front of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

Sect Master Jin Ze, who looked much older, led the elders and disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect to stand in line.

“In the battle of Cloud Nest Ridge, Nine Mystic Sword Sects Grand Elder, Lu Hao, used his body to stop the demonic spirits and sacrificed himself fearlessly.

Today, he returned with a sword.”

Han Muye shouted loudly, and the news spread throughout the entire Nine Mystic Mountain.

He looked up at the mountain gate of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

The wordsNine Mystic Sword Sect shone brightly.

This school represented a group of sword cultivators.

A group of cultivators chasing after the sword, a group of cultivators with swords in their hearts.

Life and death were important, and friendship was important.

The Dao in the heart was more important.

When Lu Hao helped Han Muye resist the great demons, he only said, “Did you ask me, the Nine Mystic Sword Sects Grand Elder, when you wanted to kill a disciple of my Nine Mystic Sword Sect”

That was all.

After hundreds of years of cultivation, he had sacrificed himself.

This was a sword cultivator.

Apart from life and death, there was only one sword.

This sword in the hand and in the heart.

When the sword broke, and the body fell, the heart had no regrets.

There might be schemes, strife, and indifference in the Sword Sect, but at this moment, everyone had a sword in his heart.

“Presenting the sword to the sword pavilion—”

Jin Ze shouted and took a step forward.

He held Lu Haos sword with both hands, his eyes sparkling with water vapor.

Han Muye, who had given the sword away, turned around and walked towards the pavilion.

“Welcome back, Elder Lu Hao—”

The gold lineage disciples behind him bowed to the broken sword.

Someone was sobbing.

This was cultivation.

This was the world of cultivators.


When they returned to the Sword Pavilion, Lu Gao, Lin Shen, Yang Mingxuan, and the others welcomed them.

Han Muye looked at everyone and said nothing.

Everyone stood in front of the sword pavilion in silence.

Han Muye did not bring Sixth Brother back.

Gao Xiaoxuan did not return either.

Although Huang Six did not die, it was almost impossible for his soul to recover after transforming into a great demon.

Even if he could recover his soul, would he still have a chance to return after going to the outside world

In any case, there was no legend of anyone returning from the Outer Realm to the Western Frontier.

Not a single one.

Han Muyes gaze landed on Yang Mingxuan.

He reached out and patted his shoulder, saying in a low voice, “Sect Master Yang said that you dont have to collect his corpse.

“One day, you can go and take back the position of the Sect Master of the Bright Mountain Sword Sect.”

Yang Mingxuan gritted his teeth, his eyes red, and nodded heavily.

Han Muye waved his hand and walked into the Sword Pavilion.

He walked up to the third floor of the Sword Pavilion, then sat behind the long table and looked out the window.

He sat there for three days.

For three days, he did not move or speak.

Three days later, he got up and walked down the stairs, appearing on the first floor of the sword pavilion.

“Senior Brother Han is here.

Brother Lu, go and prepare a table of good dishes.” Jiang Ming, who was sitting behind the long table, shouted.

At the door, Lu Gao paused, turned, and ran.

Han Muye walked to the long table and unfolded the book on it.

The book was filled with records of the return of the sword.

From Fengshou Mountain to Cloud Nest Ridge, as many as a thousand disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect had died.

Among them, Han Muye saw many familiar names.

Lu Yizeng.

Sun Dayong.

Tao Shiwu.


Lu Hao.

“The sect master personally placed the Grand Elders sword on the second floor of the Sword Pavilion for the time being.” Jiang Ming looked at Han Muye and whispered.

In the Sword Pavilion, other than Han Muye, no one was qualified to receive the Grand Elders sword.

Jin Ze personally sent the sword to the second floor to place it.

Han Muye nodded and closed the book.

Lu Gao returned quickly.

Liu Hong, who had received the news from somewhere, also followed.

Everyone sat around the small table and looked at the table full of dishes, but no one moved.

Huang Six and Gao Xiaoxuan were missing from the table.

Han Muye reached out and took out a small gourd, then filled the glasses in front of everyone.

“In the future, I, Han Muye, will go to the outer realm and return with Sixth Brother and Gao Xiaoxuan.”

Han Muye picked up his glass and drained it.

“I, Lu Gao, will definitely go to the outer realm and return with Sixth Brother and Gao Xiaoxuan.”

“I, Lin Shen, will definitely go to the outer realm and return with Sixth Brother and Gao Xiaoxuan.”


Everyone put the wine into their mouths, but they did not taste any alcohol.

This wine was just a glass of water.

Back then, Lu Ten used water to exchange for Li Threes Heartbreak Wine.

Li Three did not return to the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

She and Zhao Youzhi led Jiang Han and the others to the Central Continent with Lu Xiaoyun.

According to Lu Xiaoyun, she had kidnapped them.

Han Muye understood that whether it was Li Three or Zhao Youzhi, their sword cultivation talent was extraordinary.

After witnessing the suppression of the great cultivators in the battle at Cloud Nest Ridge, his desire for cultivation and combat strength had reached the ultimate.

Only by leaving the Western Frontier and heading to the holy land of cultivation, Central Continent, would they have a chance to step into a realm that they did not dare to imagine before.

Han Muye was glad they had such a choice.

He would go to the Central Continent too.

He took a few sips of water wine and did not touch the dishes on the table.

Watching Lu Gao and Liu Hong clean up the table and chopsticks, Han Muye suddenly understood how the Sword Pavilion elder felt back then.

Cultivation would eventually make one drift further and further away from the mortal world.

He would probably rarely come downstairs to eat such ordinary food in the future.

He returned to the third floor of the Sword Pavilion and sat cross-legged.

Sword Qi spiritual light rose from his body.

At this moment, there was a spiritual sword Qi in his divine treasure.

This soul sword Qi was left behind by the Sword Pavilions senior, Mo Shenghua.

It was extremely powerful.

There were still 19 sword intents in his sea of Qi.

Two of them had already become powerful sword force.

In his dantian, 90% of the power of all the immortal-grade pills had been consumed, and the remaining power expanded his dantian space.

A spiritual energy vortex was slowly spinning.

The first level of the nine-story cloud platform was almost filled with spiritual energy.

Three sword pills floated, and a sword intent suppressed.

First level of the Spiritual Energy Foundation Establishment, about to reach the second level.

With the remaining immortal-grade pill power in the dantian, he could quickly reach the second level of Foundation Establishment without cultivating.

There were not many changes to his body-tempering strength, but after fighting continuously, his strength had improved a little.

Thinking of the power of his muscles and bones, Han Muye raised his hand, holding a broken arm in his palm.

This broken arm was shriveled, leaving only a layer of gray and black armor wrapped around it.

Dark golden bones could be seen.

Demon arm bones.

The reason why Han Muye left behind this arm bone was to use it to cultivate his body tempering technique.

Spiritual light flashed in his palm, and a layer of flames rose.

This was a refining technique.

The moment the flames rose, another sword Qi appeared and surrounded the arm bone.

Sword Qi Alchemy Technique.

He raised his hand and a sword case landed in front of him.

This sword case contained the Destiny and Purple Flame Swords.

Han Muye waved his hand, and the flames wrapped around the sword case.

The demonic arm bone turned into a golden stream of light and landed on the sword case, slowly fusing into it.

When the flames dissipated, golden marks appeared on the sword case.

Holding the sword case with both hands and putting it behind his back, Han Muye grinned slightly.

A suppressed force entered his body from the sword case.

This power kept fusing into his body, polishing his bones and bloodline.

By carrying the sword case on his back, he could continuously temper his muscles and bones.

The power of this demonic arm bone was enough for him to cultivate his physical strength to the Earth Realm without worrying.

After refining the sword case, Han Muye took a deep breath.

Light surrounded his hands as he activated the power of his sword intent.


The sword intent in his dantian transformed into green sword light, and the three sword pills lined up beside him.

With a flip of his hands, a green, tattered, rusty iron umbrella landed in front of him.

As soon as the iron umbrella appeared, it seemed unwilling to fly away.

Demonic treasure.

It was equivalent to a Dharma treasure.

Such a treasure could even kill a Heaven Realm expert.

If Tu Sunshi had such a treasure in his hands, the great demons of the Southern Wasteland would probably think twice.


The three sword pills turned into stars and waved their sword lights, enveloping the iron umbrella.

The iron umbrella shook, and black demonic qi rose from it.

The green sword light above Han Muyes head pressed down, but it was swept away by the demonic aura.

He tried a few methods, but they were unable to disperse the demonic aura in the iron umbrella.

Han Muye understood that this was because his cultivation level was insufficient.


The sword pavilion had taken in a heavy sword of resentment and had to slowly suppress it, let alone this demonic treasure.

Sword light surrounded his body.

Light circulated in Han Muyes hand as he led the iron umbrella down to the middle of the first floor of the Sword Pavilion.

A golden light flashed and he disappeared.

When he appeared again, he was already in a quiet room with a radius of twenty feet.

This was the basement of the Sword Pavilion.

It was where the white fox was suppressed.

It was also where the spatial passageway was sealed.

Back then, Huang Six had been cultivating here.

This quiet room was empty except for a small table with a wooden shelf in front of it.

Han Muye placed the iron umbrella on the wooden shelf.

A golden light landed on the iron umbrella, suppressing the demonic light on it.

This golden light was triggered by the power of countless swords in the sword pavilion.

The power was so strong that the demonic aura on the iron umbrella sizzled, as if it had been corroded by a powerful force.

It wouldnt take long for the demonic aura to dissipate.

Glancing at the golden metal umbrella, Han Muye turned around and looked at the small table in front of him.

On the small table was a palm-sized box and a wooden comb.

Lu Xiaoyun said that she had come to the Sword Pavilion to investigate, but she did not touch anything in the Sword Pavilion.

Things in the sword pavilion were related to the Minister.

They were not something she could touch.

Han Muye looked at the wooden box on the small table.

There was a hidden button at the opening and a small hole.

He raised his hand and pulled out the small black sword in his hair, gently inserting it into the small hole.


The wooden boxs hidden lock opened.

Reaching out to open the wooden box, there were two strands of hair tied together.

Beside them, there was a yellowed paper roll.

He gently opened the paper scroll.

On it was a line of small words.

‘Black hair and white hair, companions for 10,000 years.


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