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The other judges never thought that their fellow judge, whos always been low-key, would do something like that.

This was a sneak attack and an insult to them.

Everyone cursed.

“Youre a shameless fellow.”

“You freeloader! Youve gone too far.”

As they shouted, a few of the judges had rushed back to the judges table and grabbed the young judge by his collar.

Everyone started beating him up.

Su Jin stood there, speechless.

Should she stop the fight, or should she just leave and let the judges fight to their hearts content

After a moment of contemplation, Su Jin quietly walked off the stage.

She felt that if she didnt leave now, the judges might continue to fight over her.

The judges who were fighting continued to shout.

“You b*stard, dont grab my hair.”

“F*ck, which sick b*stard is that Stop pulling down my pants!”

The emcee stood at the side and looked at the fighting judges.

He was very distressed, should he continue with the competition The moment Su Jin arrived backstage, Hou Waner and Li Wanru went up to hug her.

Hou Waner said excitedly, “Su Jin, youre too amazing.”

Lin Wanru also looked at Su Jin with a face full of admiration.

She had only seen Su Jin deal with Wang Meimei and her friends at the audition, but not Su Jins superb piano skills.

Li Wanru was completely won over this time.

She said, “Sister Su, youre playing at the level of international master pianist.

Youre amazing.”

Su Jin chuckled.

Wasnt this just her normal performance It could only be said that the judges had not seen the world.

Otherwise, they would not have started a fight and made a fool of themselves in front of the audience.

Su Jin replied with a smile, “Youre flattering me.

I think its just average.


Before Su Jin could finish, the princess assistant interrupted her.

Even the princess didnt get the limelight.

How dare this poor and pedantic brat steal the limelight Gao Jing interrupted coldly, “Even you know that youre average.

You played like sh*t.”

“I wonder if the judges are deaf.”

“Or is it that their brains arent working”

Hou Waner was angry when she heard this.

The princess hadnt even said anything, but her assistant was making a big hoo-ha here.

This was too much.

She had let it go before, but this Gao Jing still wasnt done.

Hou Waner glared at Gao Jing and said, “If you are so good, go and tell the judges.

Whats the point of saying these things here”

Li Wanru, who had been tolerant, couldnt hold it in any longer.

Before the competition, they were just joking around.

Now Su Jin had already proven her skills and talent, yet this assistant was still mocking her.

Li Wanru said unhappily, “Who do you think you are What right do you have to criticize Su Jin”

“If you have the skills, go on stage and compete.”

“Even your princess couldnt do it.

Can you”

Gao Jing didnt expect these girls to talk back and say such harsh things.

They had no respect for the princess at all.

They spoke arrogantly before the competition and now they were speaking rudely.

They were simply courting death.

Gao Jing pointed angrily at Su Jin and scolded, “You b*tch, you had plastic surgery to look like our princess.

Youre really disgusting.”

“And you two, who speak up for such a b*tch.

You are no better.”

“Just wait for your deaths.”

Su Jin didnt want to speak to Gao Jing, whos a dog riding on its owners authority, but this woman had gone too far.

Su Jin appeared in front of Gao Jing like a ghost, grabbed her finger and forcefully pulled it back.

A clicking sound was heard.

Gao Jings face turned pale as she held her twisted finger in pain.

She had never though that this girl would attack her on the spot and break her finger.

Gao Jing cursed in pain, “You b*tch, you actually dare to hurt me!”

“I will never let you off.”

Su Jin couldnt care less.

This woman was just a dog.

So what if she was hurt If she continued to make trouble, Su Jin wouldnt mind dealing with more dogs like her.

Shed be doing a favor for the people.

Su Jin said coldly, “This is your punishment for having a potty mouth.”

Hou Waner was gratified.

This Gao Jing must have bullied many people, thinking that shes above the law just because she was the princess assistant.

She should remember this lesson taught by Su Jin.

Hou Waner warned, “Youre nothing but a dog riding on your owners authority.

Remember this.”

“Dont spew nonsense.

Be mindful of trouble caused by your speech, understand”

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