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It was as if Tang Yuwei did not hear what Hou Waner said.

She put down the phone, got up, and ran out.

Tang Yuwei was not only humiliated by those people, but she was also forced to take drugs.

Tang Yuwei was suicidal every time her withdrawal symptoms appear.

She would rather die than be controlled by those people and do those disgusting things.

For a drug addict like her, what right did she have to talk about the future What future

When Hou Waner saw Tang Yuwei run out, she picked up her phone quickly and chased after her.

She was afraid that Tang Yuwei would do something stupid.

When Tang Yuwei ran downstairs, she didnt see Hou Waners brother and the two of them collided.

Just as Tang Yuwei was about to fall, Hou Mingan turned around and caught her.

Tang Yuwei fell into Hou Mingans arms.

Hou Mingan looked at the beautiful Tang Yuwei and asked softly,

“Girl, are you alright”

Tang Yuwei hadnt even had the time to say that it hurt when she heard such a gentle voice.

She was instantly stunned.

She raised her head to look at Hou Mingan and shook her head slightly.

This was the first time a boy had spoken to her so gently.

Tang Yuwei replied,

“Thank you.

Im fine.”

Only then did Hou Mingan see Tang Yuweis tearful appearance.

He suddenly felt an inexplicable emotion.

Why was this beautiful girl crying Her beautifully tearful appearance made people feel sorry for her.

Hou Mingan just held Tang Yuwei in his arms and didnt let go.

Tang Yuwei felt a little uneasy and wanted to push him away.

“Thank you for catching me just now.

Im fine.”

Tang Yuwei was going to turn and leave after saying that.

After all, this was Hou Waners home.

Tang Yuwei only wanted to return to her own home and cry to her hearts content.

However, just as she lifted one foot, Hou Mingan grabbed her wrist and said worriedly,

“How can you be fine when you are crying like this”

Tang Yuwei felt a little awkward when she heard this.

After all, her matter wasnt something to be shared with anyone.

She turned her head in embarrassment and said stubbornly,

“Im fine.

Its just…”

Hou Mingan interrupted her before she could finish her sentence.

There was a warm smile on his face as he gazed lovingly at the stubborn girl in front of him.

Hou Mingan said gently,

“Your nose is red.

Did you bump it just now Is it very painful Come, let me apply some medicine for you!”

Hou Mingan didnt care if Tang Yuwei agreed and brought her upstairs.

When Hou Mingans insincere girlfriend saw him holding Tang Yuweis hand, she roared,

“Hou Mingan, Im right here.

What are you doing”

Hou Mingan didnt bother with her at all.

After all, he only got this girlfriend because his mother liked women who looked like her.

He didnt care very much about Bai Lian at all.

Hou Mingan said indifferently,

“I have medicine in my room.

Im taking her there to apply it.”

Bai Lian was very unhappy when she heard this.

She was Hou Mingans girlfriend.

How could she allow other women in his bedroom, especially this girl who looked so delicate and pitiful Bai Liang said discontentedly,

“Isnt it just a bump Tell her to wait in the hall.

A servant can apply medicine for her!”

Hou Mingans face turned cold when he heard this.

Why was Bai Lian telling him what to do If it wasnt for his mother, Hou Mingan wouldnt have bothered with her at all.

Hou Mingan replied with slight annoyance,

“Are you telling me what to do”

Bai Lian backed off immediately when she sensed Hou Mingans anger.

She had just landed this rich and powerful family; she wasnt going to let this chance slip by.

She immediately turned into the sweet young girl and said with a smile,

“Brother Mingan, dont be angry.

I just didnt want you to be too tired.

Let me go with you to help this girl, okay”

Hou Mingan smiled coldly.

How could he not know what Bai Lian was thinking Her behavior right now made him loathe her.

He said coldly to Bai Lian,

“No need.”

Tang Yuwei shook off Hou Mingans hand.

She didnt want Hou Waners brother and his girlfriend to quarrel because of her.

Tang Yuwei was already very self-abased.

At this moment, she couldnt even raise her head.

With her head lowered, she said apologetically to Bai Lian,

“Im sorry.

This is my fault!”

“This injury of mine is nothing.

Please dont quarrel over me.

Im leaving now!”


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