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The white figure jumped into the air and only paused for a moment before flying towards Chu Nan.

The figure was abnormally fast and drew a white light belt in the dark sky.

In a few breaths, it had already flown more than a thousand meters away and landed in front of Chu Nan.

“Thats great! Chu Nan, youre indeed not dead!”

This figure was naturally Angie Prairie.

After she landed, she glanced at Chu Nan and suddenly rushed up to hug him tightly before laughing happily.

“Haha… its great that youre not dead! I knew you wouldnt die!”

Chu Nan was strangled by the huge force on Angie Prairies arm until it was difficult to breathe and he had no choice but to push her away.

“Hey, of course Im not dead.

You dont have to be so excited, right”

“Of course Im excited!” Angie Prairie let go of Chu Nan and took a step back.

She looked at him with an extremely bright smile, showing that she was in an extremely good mood, “That guy is so strong, so you shouldnt be his match.

Then, whats going on now Did you shake him off Or…”

Chu Nan smiled, “I killed him.”

Angie Prairies eyes immediately widened.

“Really You actually killed him!”

Chu Nan pointed not far behind him.

“Look, his corpse was there just now, but it was taken back by Sand Eagles people not long ago.”

Angie Prairie glanced in that direction and waved her hand.

“I believe you.

However, you want to tell me how you killed him Im very curious.

I reckon his strength should be at least a fourth-stage Void Break Martial Artist.

Since you can kill him, your martial technique must have improved.”

“Yes, I indeed have some new insights and have even developed some very novel things just now.

However…” Chu Nan looked around and raised his head to look at the still dark sky, “Its not suitable to talk about it here.

Lets return to the Holy Mountain to take a look.

Right, you ran out.

Hows the situation of the Holy Mountain”

“Sand Eagles people have already retreated.

I think they know that you killed that leader,” Angie Prairie said.

“However, I dont recommend returning to the Holy Mountain.”

“Why” Chu Nan was stunned.

“Because the people of the Holy Mountain dont seem to plan to retreat from the Holy Mountain.

I think the Sand Eagles people will definitely make a comeback soon.

At that time, the Holy Mountain will still be very dangerous.

If you can kill their leader this time, they will definitely send stronger subordinates next time.

We shouldnt be able to help them block the attack alone.”


Chu Nan looked at Angie Prairie in confusion.

“Thats not right, Angie Prairie.

This doesnt seem like your personality.

You clearly know that the Holy Mountain is in danger and that they might encounter difficulties, but you wont persuade me to help them and instead persuade me to give up Did something happen”

Angie Prairie sneered.

With a trace of anger on her face, she described the conversation he had just had with the high priest and the group of Rand people.

Chu Nan did not seem angry after hearing this.

Instead, he grinned.

“Haha, youre angry at them now”

Chu Nan looked at the still angry Angie Prairie and discovered for the first time that she had this side of a girl that matched her age.

He immediately could not help but laugh.

“The high priest originally said that she would give me a chance to participate in the trial, but she did not say that she would directly give me the cultivation method.

Theyre not wrong.

Moreover, the high priest is right.

The Holy Mountain has just resolved the crisis.

They have many things to do, so its naturally impossible for them to arrange it now.”

“But if theyre unwilling to retreat from the Holy Mountain, theyll definitely be destroyed by the Sand Eagle.

How can they fulfill their promise to let you participate in the trial” Angie Prairie asked.

“Therefore, we have to go back and help now.

Its best to persuade them to retreat from the Holy Mountain in case Sand Eagles people return and they cant resist.”

“What if they insist on not retreating” Angie Prairie asked again.

“Im not a fool.

Its impossible for me to sacrifice my life for two cultivation methods.” Chu Nan shrugged, “If they insist on courting death, I dont have the ability to stop them.

However, before that, I still have to think of a way.”

After saying that, he glanced at the freight locomotive that had basically been rendered useless by the rain after the explosion and sighed, “Unfortunately, it was destroyed by you again.

Otherwise, it would be much easier for us to leave on the train now.”

Angie Prairie blushed in a rare way.

“Im also doing this to see you as soon as possible.

Where do you plan to go now If you return to the Holy Mountain, its more than 800 kilometers away.

Itll take a long time to fly over.”

“No, lets go to Panguinea first.” Chu Nan shook his head, “If we want to resolve the problem of the Holy Mountain, the two of us probably cant do it alone.

We have to contact some other people and think of a solution.”

“Thats right.

Then Ill contact Master in a while and let her rush over.

If the Holy Mountain is destroyed by Sand Eagles people, Ill beg her to help you snatch those two cultivation methods from them.”

Chu Nan could not help but wipe the nonexistent cold sweat on his forehead.

“Theres no need to do this… Isnt it a little too much to invite an old lady like her for such a thing”

“Let me remind you again.

Dont call her old lady.

She doesnt like others to call her that.” Angie Prairie smiled and patted her chest, “Dont worry, Master is very interested in such things.

What she used to do was to bring me around the various galaxies to save these civilized tribes that were in danger and might disappear.”

“Isnt she an expert in human genetic engineering Why has she become a social expert now” Chu Nan was stunned.

“This is her personal interest.

She feels that its only interesting if there should be many different civilizations in the universe.

Therefore, as long as I tell her what happened here, shell definitely be willing to come.”

“Oh… if thats the case, thats naturally good.

With a Star-Grade Martial Artist like her stepping forward, the Sand Eagle is simply a piece of cake.

However, now that you mention it, should we persuade the people of the Holy Mountain to retreat”

“If you like it, go persuade her.

Even if I can contact Master immediately, it will take many days for her to really come here.

Moreover, she often goes deep into some remote places on the planet and is not covered by the Milky Way Network.

Just like us now, it depends on luck to contact her,” Angie Prairie said.

“Alright, lets make two preparations.

While persuading the people of the Holy Mountain to retreat, well wait for your master to arrive.” Chu Nan nodded, “In short, we should still go to Panguinea.”

After saying that, Chu Nan frowned and looked at Angie Prairie.

“Why dont I fly over with you on my back Otherwise, its too slow.”

“Alright.” Angie Prairie did not hesitate at all and nodded.

However, she then pointed at Chu Nans lower body, “However, its best for you to find something to block it first.

Otherwise, it shouldnt be convenient for you to fly to Panguinea like this.”

“Not convenient” Chu Nan lowered his head in confusion and immediately discovered that he was naked.

His little brother was hanging outside and was exposed under Angie Prairies fingers.

Only then did he remember that his clothes had long been burned clean.

It turned out that he had spoken to Angie Prairie naked for a long time!

“Ah! Why didnt you say so earlier!” Chu Nan screamed and hurriedly covered his vital points with both hands.

He curled up his legs and said to Angie Prairie in embarrassment and anger, “How many times has it been!”

Angie Prairie did not look embarrassed.

Instead, she looked at Chu Nan in amusement.

“I told you not to do this.

In any case, Ive seen it a few times and am already used to it.”

“Get used to it my ass! Ill let you stand in front of me naked and see if youre used to it!” Chu Nan said angrily.

Angie Prairie blinked.

“What Do you think this is a loss Alright, Ill take off my clothes and let you see.

This is fair, right”

Seeing that Angie Prairie really reached out to take off her clothes, Chu Nan groaned weakly.

He could not care less about blocking his vital points and hurriedly went forward to grab her hand.

“Are you crazy” Chu Nan glared at her before his eyes darted around, “Thats right.

Come, take off your clothes…”

This time, it was Angie Prairie who looked at him in confusion.

What did this guy want


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