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Married to the Male Leads Brother This man is for sure a treasure!! (3)

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Ning Zhi found Lu Jue inside the study.

Lu Jue was sitting in front of the monitor in his red sweater, keying away, focused. Ning Zhi noticed that Lu Jues face was not the only attractive part about him. Even his hands were pretty. His fingers were slender and long and his knuckles defined.

His screen was covered in codes and just one quick look was enough for her to know that it was nothing that would be able to comprehend.

In her memory, Lu Jue didn like interaction with others but loved working on the computer. The original owner didn know much about Lu Jue but she knew that Lu Jue was involved in the research and development of his companys products. He had worked out of the Lu Corporations office in the past and had his own office there.

He had, however, refused to go out anymore since his autism had worsened.

For the sake of appeasing Lu Jue, Ning Zhi put a lot of work into making some rose cakes. Small, delicate, shape of petals, translucent with rose jam in the middle. They were sweet and soft.

It was the only dessert that she knew how to make.

Lu Jue stared at the computer screen expressionlessly and did not react to her being in the room.

Ning Zhi had a lot of patience. She got close to Lu Jue and her voice low and soft, very melodious. "Lu Jue, Ive made you some desserts. Would you like to try some?"

The hands that were typing away stopped.

Ning Zhis lips curved upward. She was right about one thing. Lu Jue likes soft whispering next to his ear. Lu Jue would only respond when she whispered into his ear.

"Try. Me?" Came Lu Jues low and dull voice. His eyes that were lowered fluttered.

She would have misunderstood him completely had she not looked up online on the ways of how autistic people talk!

"Yes, you can try them." Ning Zhi picked up a piece of rose cake with a small, silver spoon and held it in front of Lu Jue. "Would you like to eat by yourself or you like me to feed them to you?"

Lu Jue kept his mouth shut and only said after a long while, "Myself. Myself."

"Alright." Ning Zhi placed the little silver fork into his hand. When she withdrew her hand, she purposefully and devilishly scratched his palm with the tip of her finger.

Yup. She was taking advantage of the fact that he was docile, silly, and would not fight back.

Lu Jue kept his lips shut even tighter.

Ning Zhi tried not to laugh. "Hurry up and try some."

Lu Jue quietly placed a small piece of rose cake into his mouth.

The rose cake was shiny, clear, and soft. The rose jam in the middle was sweet but not overly so. When chewed, it would fill ones mouth with the fragrance of roses.

Ning Zhi asked him with anticipation, "Do you like them?"

Lu Jue remained silent.

Ning Zhi leaned closer to him and asked in a low voice. "Lu Jue, do you like them?" She reached out her fingertip and wiped away the rose jam from the corner of his mouth.

Lu Jue was stunned.

All of a sudden, Ning Zhi saw a little sun in the indicator over his head.

The little sun was illuminating a golden color!

It was tiny, like an icon that one would see in the weather forecast, except cuter. If it has a physical form, Ning Zhi would reach out and poke it.

Was it because her dessert was tasty and Lu Jue was very pleased with them?

She summoned Overlord quickly. "How do I collect the little sun?"

Overlord was as excited as she was. [Host, you just need to touch Lu Jue and the little sun will become yours. You can store it or you can use it to exchange for the halo that Lin Tiantian had stolen from you.]

"Switch for halo!" She only had one day left and she must get her halo back. Unfortunately, one little sun could only get her 1% of her halo.

After that, Ning Zhi leaned close to Ning Zhi and continued talking into his ear in a soft voice. Her voice even has a sweet taste to it. "If you like that, I can make it more often." When she was done talking, her lips even touched the tip of Lu Jues ear slightly.

All of a sudden, another little sun appeared.

One sun had turned into two!

Ning Zhi tried to calm herself from leaping up in joy. It looked like Lu Jue really loved her rose cake.

"What do you say?" She touched the tip of his ear again gently.

Instantly, the two suns appeared in her mind.

Ning Zhi curved her lips and handed the suns over to Overlord. "Ill want to exchange that for 2% of my halo."

Overlord, receiving the little suns, was even more excited than Ning Zhi. Its milky voice trembled. [Yes, Host.]

Ning Zhi walked in front of the mirror and stared intently at her own image.

In a split second, her skin seemed to become more alabaster and her eyes more lively. They were no longer listless like they were before.

Ning Zhi looked at her hair. There were even less split ends.

It worked!

She wouldn stop looking at herself in the mirror. She only wished that she could take all of her halo at once.

She spent quite a while making sure that there were no other changes before she gave up.

She returned to the study and looked over at Lu Jue who was sitting there eating the dessert quietly. His eyes were fluttering and the tips of his ears pink. This man could let her regain her beauty and keep her alive at the same time. What kind of a treasure was him?!

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