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Chapter 357 - "Don't cry, Odd Big Sister." (2)

Edited by: Lulu

“Lu Jue.” She walked over to him.

Lu Jue looked up.

His pitch-black eyes lit up when he saw Ning Zhi appearing inside the room.

His Odd Big Sister was here.

Ning Zhi walked over to Lu Jue quickly and instantly saw the red marks on his cheek and the wounds on his forehead.

Her heart ached beyond what words could ever describe.

Despite his poor condition, there was light in Lu Jue’s eyes that wasn’t there before.

He looked at Ning Zhi quietly and happily.

Ning Zhi spent little suns in exchange for time to materialize.

She carefully removed the tape over Lu Jue’s mouth, worried that it would hurt him.

The tape was stuck onto him too tightly, so much so that Lu Jue’s mouth was all red, even when she was only halfway through removing the tape.

“Odd Big Sister,” said Lu Jue in a low voice.

He sounded like a wounded little puppy.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner.” Ning Zhi carefully touched the red marks on his cheek.

She could tell that he was struck by a belt.

“Does it hurt here” Her voice was shaking.

Lu Jue shook his head.

“Not hurt me.”

“I hurt.” Ning Zhi looked pained.

She leaned into Lu Jue and gently kissed him on his red mark.

She said to him, “I’ll get you out of here.”

She reached over to untie the rope wrapped around Lu Jue’s legs as she spoke.

She had just loosened it a little when noises came from outside the door.

The men had opened up the door from the outside.

Ning Zhi quickly placed the tape back over Lu Jue’s mouth and said, “Stay quiet.”

The door was opened the very next second.

Crew Cut strode inside with a wooden dowel in his hand.

He placed his half-finished cigarette back between his lips and walked over to Lu Jue.

“Your break is over.

You’ve gotten the belt earlier.

Let’s try this wooden dowel this time and see how well you can hold up.”

He chuckled and said, “Don’t blame me.

We were told to take good care of you before your death.

You will be free from all these as soon as your family pays up.”

Having said that, Crew Cut started beating Lu Jue with a wooden rod as thick as a man’s fist.

Next to him, Ning Zhi stared coldly at the man, shaking from anger.

When the wooden rod was about to hit Lu Jue a second time, she threw herself over him to shield him.

The wooden rod landed on Lu Jue the next second anyway.

There were two ways to use the little suns.

One was to be seen, and the other to be able to touch objects.

If Ning Zhi was to be seen, she would be just like any other person here.

Being able to come into contact with objects, however, was different.

She could initiate contact with other objects, but she still could not be seen or heard by others.

Being able to touch objects physically was like a third state besides being seen and not being seen.

The wooden rod went through Ning Zhi’s body and landed on Lu Jue.

Hearing the sound made by the wooden rod hitting Lu Jue’s body, Ning Zhi’s arms tightened around Lu Jue.

She felt as if a thousand needles had pricked her heart repeatedly.

Although she wasn’t the one being hit, it hurt so much that she was close to breaking down in tears.

“Lu Jue, Lu Jue, Lu Jue……” The wooden rod passed through Ning Zhi’s body and landed on Lu Jue a few more times.

Ning Zhi’s eyes were red, and there was a coldness in them that no one had ever seen in her before.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Wait for me.”

“Aren’t you born to a rich couple Why are your bones so tough then” Crew Cut had a pretty good idea of how hard he was hitting him.

But Lu Jue didn’t even grunt, as though pain really didn’t bother him.

Ning Zhi stood up quickly and turned.

She gave the man in front of her a deadly look before running outside.

The other man was still playing on his phone outside but would take a look in the room’s direction from time to time.

Ning Zhi ran outside the house.

Next to her was the path that she had taken when coming down the mountain.

In front of her were the woods and a little path leading out.

Ning Zhi quickly ran down the path.

She ran very fast, but she did not feel the least tired.

Ning Zhi only found out that at the end of the path after exiting the woods was a highway.

Across the highway, however, was bare land.

There was no residence around.

The sun was beating down.

Ning Zhi was dazed.

She knew that there was nobody there to help her.


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