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He Xiaoqin had a good plan.

But just as she took a step, Rong Linyis cold voice sounded from behind.

“Jiang Tong, follow me down.”

This concerned his woman.

Besides a trusted aide like Jiang Tong, Rong Linyi had no faith in anyone else.

He Xiaoqins back was facing everyone, and she could finally bite her lips unscrupulously.

Her face twisted for a second.

Brother Yi actually got Jiang Tong to personally fetch Su Yanyun!

Even a fool could sense that he liked that woman a lot.

Jiang Tong was Rong Linyis first special assistant.

Other than work matters, he also handled Rong Linyis private matters.

What ability did that woman have It was bad enough that Rong Jinghui liked her, but even Brother Yi treated her differently.

With Jiang Tong around, He Xiaoqins plan fell through.

When the two of them got down, Su Yanyun and Rong Jinghui were… playing marbles on the coffee table in the resting area.

The moment Jiang Tong saw the Rong familys Third Young Master and Ms.

Su sitting together with their heads almost touching, playing a stupid childrens game, he could not help but shiver.

It was fortunate that Young Master Yi had not seen this.

Otherwise, a bloody murder between brothers would happen!


Su.” Jiang Tong walked forward and interrupted Su Yanyun and Rong Jinghui politely.

“Let me introduce myself.

Im Jiang Tong, Young Master Yis special assistant.

You can call me Ah Tong.”

Su Yanyun looked up and smiled the moment she saw Jiang Tong.


If Jiang Tong wanted to pretend not to know her, she was not going to expose him.

She turned and said to Rong Jinghui, “Thank you, Third Young Master.

Ill get going now.”

Rong Jinghui heard that Su Yanyun was leaving and the smile that he finally showed disappeared from his face immediately.

He expressionlessly picked up all the marbles and put them away.

“You cant report anything about the marbles.”

The corners of Su Yanyuns eyes twitched.

Please, Third Young Master, who wants to report you!

Besides, you were the one who took the initiative to take out these marbles.

He looked as if he would eat her up if she did not play with him just now.

Jiang Tong coughed twice.


Su, Young Master Yis time is very precious.

I can only give you 10 minutes to interview him.

Please cherish it.”

Su Yanyun hurriedly picked up her bag and left with Jiang Tong.

Rong Jinghui kept his head lowered and played with the marbles in his hands until Su Yanyun disappeared around the corner.

He then looked up with a cold vicious expression.

This hateful woman actually left without any hesitation.

Hmph! She didnt even mention leaving a contact number!

Jiang Tong brought Su Yanyun to the dedicated elevator and was about to enter when he suddenly turned around and looked at He Xiaoqin.


He, please stop.” His attitude and tone were much tougher than before.

He Xiaoqin was stunned and was about to say something when Jiang Tong escorted Su Yanyun into the elevator.

“I, Assistant Jiang…” He Xiaoqin still wanted to fight for something.

Jiang Tong raised his arm and blocked the elevator door.

His expression was cold.

He Xiaoqin had seen this kind of coldness on Rong Linyis face often.

Although Jiang Tongs coldness was not even one-tenth as cold as Rong Linyis, it still hurt her deeply.

The elevator door closed.

He Xiaoqins eyes were already filled with tears.

“Why… why…” She muttered softly and hatefully.” That woman is nothing… why…”


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