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chapter 10 Who’s™ the same kind as you:

The student apartment building of the Arts and Literature faculty, dormitory number 3024.


The dormitory was just an ordinary four-person dormitory, four multifunctional beds were placed by the dorms aisle, at the direction of the window was the balcony layed with white ceramic tiles along with the bathroom, the whole dormitory looked simple and clean, making people like Lu Yi Bei feel a kind of long-lost familiarity.


At least it had a much more lively atmosphere than the double ward room he lived in for two years.


When Lu Yi Bei arrived at the dormitory, although the three beds were already laid with the bed sheets and blankets, his roommates were nowhere to be found.


After a brief look at the dormitory, he exited the room and slightly bowed to the senior who was waiting at the door for quite some time now, “Sepai, I’m embarrassed to say this, but I really don’t need that bedding.”


That’s right!


The real reason for this gay looking, gay senior, leading the way for Lu Yi Bei was for selling his bed sheets!


Lu Yi Bei originally thought he was just a nice person that just wanted to make a friend.


“Junior, are you worried that we are selling it to you at a high price This you can rest easy about! We only earn a bit of money.

Considering that I led the road for you, if not for the helping at least for the effort, you ought to buy one, right”


“Besides, since you’re already here, if you go out now, you would get real tired! Also you’ll be staying here for years to come! You buy our stuff, we will definitely take care of everything!”


Take care This senior’s promise to take care just simply isn’t reliable! Lu Yi Bei thought.


The English weekly newspaper he subscribed to during his first year of high school still hasn’t sent its second issue!


He waited for a whole semester naively before realising that he was cheated of money by his senior!


“Then it’s a deal! I’ll tell them right now to bring it over for you!” the senior said as he was about to pull out his phone to call someone.


Upon seeing him about to call, Lu Yi Bei hastily grabbed the senior’s hand, “Wait! Senpai, I really don’t need it.”


“Why don’t you need it From what it looks like you didn’t bring anything! If you don’t want bedding, where are you going to sleep at night Quick! Buy it, buy it, buy it!”




Lu Yibei went silent for a few seconds before raising his hand pointing out the window, “Senpai, say don’t you think that apartment building looks awfully nice”


The senior looked at the direction Lu Yi Bei pointed at, he saw the high-rise apartment that was faintly emerging in the distance and nodded.


“Of course it looks nice, it’s one of the most expensive apartments near the university, wouldn’t it be wierd if it didn’t look nice Don’t interrupt me, our bedding ……”


“I’ll sleep there at night.” Lu Yi Bei said in a slow soft voice, before turning around to leave, not revealing anything else about himself.


I can even deal with people like brother Shui who’s like glue just constantly sticking by my side harassing me, how is it possible I can’t deal with you


The senior, “……”


After Lu Yi Bei left, the senior just stood there by himself not saying a word for a while before suddenly talking to himself out of nowhere.


“Ha! I didn’t manage to sell it again, dear, aren’t I so useless”


As the breeze blew by, the clouds briefly blocked the sunlight as it suddenly dimmed a bit in the dorm’s aisle.


The tree branches outside the window brushed softly in the wind, as a vague ghostly mutter could be heard mixed in with the sound of the tree branches swaying in the wind.


“Honey, it’s fine, you’ll definitely help me sell it to someone.”


The shadow behind the senior moved like a surge, making some noise, before going silent.




After exiting the school, Lu Yi Bei’s eyes began to itch more and more, using the self portrait camera of the phone he took a look, his entire eyeball was bloodshot, with the tissues around the eye so red that it looked like blood was about to drip out.


His eyes condition made him unable to neglect it, so after exiting the school he got on a cab and headed straight towards the nearest large scale hospital from the university.


As he hurriedly got a number from the counter, after the inspection he went to the consulting room the doctor in the consulting room was a scholarly looking easygoing old doctor who scolded him talking about how kids these days don’t take care of their own health just like Lu Yi Bei and if he went blind it was deservedly so.


Standing at the front of the gate of the hospital, Lu Yi Bei frowned and muttering to himself, “He recovered very well from the surgery…… He used his eyes excessively for more than a week causing the inflammation……”


How is that possible Besides last night, I definitely rested without using my eyes excessively for more than a week! Lu Yi Bei thought doubtful of the explanation, looking at the anti-inflammatory medicine in his hand shrugging his shoulders.


Eh whatever, since the doctor already said i’ll be fine after taking the medicine a few times, best not to think too hard about it.




12:05 am.


The pitch black night sky seemed to be soaked in black ink.


Not being able to see where the source of the rain was coming from, as the rain pitter pattered, as the fog enveloped the entirety of Hua Cheng, under the thick fog two or three lights could be vaguely seen.


Because of the inflammation, Lu Yi Bei, who had gone to bed early, drifted off to sleep, before feeling a slight chill and suddenly waking up.


When he opened his eyes, his pupils contracted for a moment, surprised to find himself in his pajamas, barefoot, standing atop the rooftop of a tall building, the rooftop was so clean it was seemingly mirror like was wet, standing on it, a slight coolness could be felt from the soles of his feet.


The sky was covered in dark clouds, the gaps in the clouds let a glimmer of light shine through, it was unclear if it was dawn or dusk.


Ahead was a forest of tall buildings which seemed to have gone through years of erosion, covered with a layer of dark red stains, emitting a decaying smell.


With thick fog covering the entirety of the city, as if there were yokais wandering around, going in and out of the buildings.


Looking further away was just a blur, in the fog there was a huge hazy figure that was even taller than the high rise buildings that could be seen walking with the naked eyes only being able to see the chest of the silhouette.


The air had a faint smell of car exhaust, as a weak breeze blew by, sweeping his hair across his face making him feel itchy, as strange singing could be heard along the wind.


Lu Yi Bei’s expression turned grave, eh, actually his expression didn’t really change much, after all he always had that same expression.


However, deep down he was scared for his life!


Although he felt that this was way too surreal and probably a dream.


It all felt too real, making him feel like he traveled to after humanity has perished as if time and space was in disarray.


He reached out and pulled hard on his cheeks.


If this was a dream, I wouldn’t be able……




What the **! That really hurt! Am I brain dead why did I pull so hard


Lu Yi Bei grimaced for a while, until the pain slightly went away, before opening his eyes again, only to be surprised to see a girl wearing a red dress ahead of him with her back facing him.


The figure of the young woman was unclear and hazy, as if a mirage, Lu Yi Bei felt like she was both a complete stranger and someone he was indescribably familiar with.


That feeling, as if looking at one’s own shadow!(1)


As she sat at the edge of the rooftop staring at the discance, with her long and slender legs hanging outside wearing red winter boots, as her long hair blew gently in the wind, as if a blazing flame.




I didn’t run into a yokai, right Lu Yi Bei fell silent for a few seconds, before expressionlessly raising both his hands and covered his eyes.


Question: Regarding getting caught in a strange dream and saw the back of a mysterious girl, what would you do


Answer: Just don’t look!


The more you look, the faster you die!








In the darkness Lu Yi Bei felt his face was slapped hard by something, as he felt a stinging pain from his cheeks.


This ……


I still get beaten even if I don’t look Is she being forced to be a prostitute


Then I still won’t look! I’m just that much of a morally right person!


Afterall he is a noble person with……


“Pow! Pow! Pow pow pow—!”


“Stop hitting me! Stop hitting me! I’ll look, I’ll™ look, ok Just stop hitting me!”


Lu Yi Bei shouted waking up from his dream, taking off his eye mask he saw a leg wearing delicate and exquisite black stockings with brown leather boots, stepping on his chest.


With his vision following the slender calf upwards, with the look in his eyes to the likes of a brave and fearless warrior, looking past the well proportioned thighs, breaking through the absolute territory, continuing deeper and deeper, before finally reaching the alternating blue and white coloured heaven, as he sighed slightly in relief.


Luckily, there weren’t two bulges!


But, what to do now


A robbery Yokai Door-to-door service


This is exactly that kind of yokai that comes out at midnight, mostly appearing in the homes of men who live alone before having a fun fun time!


Isn’t this exactly how a cartoon series that cannot be watched by kids gets acted out


However, Lu Yi Bei quickly realized that this girl did not come to give him door-to-door service, but the action “of taking him away(2)“.


Only to see the small white hand at the side of the black and white maid’s dress reach into the bottom of the skirt fumbling for something for a while, before pulling out a pistol, “click”, before pointing the pitch black muzzle to his head.


Lu Yi Bei swallowed hard on his own saliva ,slowly raising both his hands up.


“Brother please, I mean, elder sister! I’m the same as you, don’t shoot! I’m innocent! Not only me but my family for generations now! I love my country and……”


“Tsk! Shut up!”


Unable to put up with it any longer the maid, before Lu Yi Bei could say anything else, a gun butt smashed on his neck, as he let out a muffled grunt, before passing out.


Who’s™ the same kind as you.


From looking at him I thought he obviously was the introverted type of handsome guy.

But how do you have so much to say You’re like a human pager! The maid thought in disbelief and annoyance.



Translator notes


: ) ↵


the literal translation would be “send warmth” it’s a saying to say that the police is here to take you away↵

Why is it so hard to make the sentences sound coherent


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