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Gerald visited Dean Roland’s office after a long time.

Roland looked surprised because Gerald’s visit while attending school was not really something he did all the time.

He took a deep breath as he watched Roland gesture at him to sit down.

“What’s the matter”

Gerald took a sip of his tea and put it down.

Roland’s deep eyes stared at Gerald.

Gerald was a well-rooted, humble, child.

The Dean had never been upset with him throughout his academy life.

Rather, he liked that Gerald was an example of a model student, having excellent grades and exemplary behavior.

But he was still as cold as ice.

Still, it was inevitable because the Logan family knew that.

All one had to do was straighten their own heart.


“Yes, child, tell me,” Roland said affectionately with a smile.

“What brings you here”

“Can I go back to our mansion before graduation”

This was the first time Gerald was asking him to break the rules.

Originally, he was supposed to stay at the academy until March, when the exams were over and the graduation ceremony would have already been held, but it was only January and Gerald asked to go out.

To him, as the Dean.

Something must have happened to this child.

There was a will, and without fail, it was as if he was not asking for permission, but he was just informing him of his intentions.

“What’s going on” Roland asked, for now, to have at least an idea.

It was because Gerald was not a child to do this for a simple reason.

“……I think I’m going to lose her,” Gerald said frankly.

“If I don’t do something…”

With a soft voice, he asked him, “Louella Why”

“I was informed that she is dating another man.”

“Oh, my.” Roland burst into laughter.

Roland knew Gerald’s mind at once.

It didn’t help that the haughty Louella was turning a blind eye to Gerald.

Roland could see his grandson’s eyes burning up with desire.

Roland nodded.

“Yeah, then, thank you for telling me that.

If that’s the case, you should go out.

Something really important is at stake.”

“Thank you, Grandpa.”

This wasn’t just Gerald’s life at stake.

It was Gerald’s whole soul that was at stake.

Gerald rose from his seat.

There was not a moment to lose.

Louella, who was determined and driven, was still going to the next level when it came to running away from him.

Gerald ground his teeth.

* * *


As soon as I took a bath and removed the smell of the cigar, I went to Alexid with the information I’d been working hard on.

I held the information out and Alexid’s eyes were wide open when he saw a bunch of papers.

“That’s all”


Now, I realized I couldn’t bet my life on any man.

If I couldn’t have my dream, it was better to not get married.

My dream was to get married, live a life as sweet as my mom’s and dad’s, then have children.

Even now, the atmosphere of my mom and dad still seemed like they were dating.

It’s not that great what I want.

It’s just… it’s really simple.

Alexid began to look at the documents one by one from the top.

At least now he was acting like a big brother, and being a big help.

I remembered the time I told him to keep an eye on our father and he went out and hung onto our father like a cicada, despite him being busy.

I wondered where that side of him went…


Do you remember that”


“The day you followed our dad, crying and clinging to his leg to stop him from going to work”

Alexid paused.

Then he turned his head and glared at me, “Did you tell Veronica about that”

“No, I haven’t told her about it yet.


I shouldn’t have said that.

What else am I not supposed to say”

“I’m going to kill you, really.” Alexid gritted his teeth.

I could feel the anger in his eyes as he stared at me.

“It’s not because you said that.

I remember, too! You said you had a dream! He’s sick and that he’s going to be dead.”

It’s still going on.

The battle is still not over, you know The medicine is already near its completion.

They’ll be able to give us medicine if they confirm that the clinical trial is over and that the disease is completely cured.

We had about two weeks left until I could get the medicine.

Actually, I was not that worried.

This is because those who took the first medicine improved their illness.

That was a year ago and, thanks to that, it became a big topic in the empire and Billiers became a recognized big shot in the medical community.

Even now, there were not one or two people paying attention to Billiers’ research.

In fact, it was difficult to study and make medicines now because the disease called Nisephor had a long incubation period and then it would suddenly pop out and take away so many lives once it had matured.

Until now, the medical community didn’t see the completion of Nissephor’s drug until about 30 years later.

I shook my head as I watched Alexid continue to growl at me.

What’s the point of knowing that Our Alexid just needs to live beautifully in a happy and beautiful country!

Alexid didn’t have to worry about something that won’t be repeated anyways!


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