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[When you entered the small city and sensed the changes in the mindset of the hundreds of thousands of believers, you discovered to your surprise that the people who lived here had long been accustomed to the change of faith.

In this world, gods were attacking other gods and expanding their territories for the sake of their faith at every moment.

[As ordinary people, they even hoped that such a thing would happen because whether it was an evil god or a god, they would protect their believers.

Even if it were a cruel evil god, they would not kill their own believers.

[There was even a huge opportunity in this exchange of beliefs.

That was, the gods would set up a temple and choose the high priest who would talk to the gods and convey the will of the gods.

Whether it was the high priest or the bishop, as long as they entered the temple, they would obtain a portion of the power of the gods.

This was also the only way for mortals in this world to cultivate other than becoming gods.]

[On the 67th day, you pretended to be a commoner and crazily believed in Yaksha.

As expected, on this day, Yaksha shouted to the whole city that he wanted to set up a temple and choose a high priest.

[Because your faith was the purest, you were chosen as the high priest.

You became the king of this city for a time, and everyone knelt at your feet.

[You brought yourself into the perspective of a mortal, and you truly felt the joy and convenience of jumping from an ordinary person to becoming a high priest of the gods.

[Yaksha also gave you tremendous power.

You sensed it, and you could probably unleash the power of an early-stage Ascension cultivator.

Jumping from a mortal to an Ascension expert Only the divine cultivation system could do such an incredible thing.

[The first task Yaksha gave you was to build the temple.

He needed to obtain a large amount of faith power as soon as possible to stabilize his realm.

There was also another task, which was for you to collect information about the nearby gods.

You had to investigate the specific power level of the gods that were close to your territory, as well as the forces under you.

[You could do it all.

You didnt even have to have to raise your finger.

Many people in the city were very willing to work for the gods…]

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[On the 69th day, you discovered that almost all the commoners yearned to enter the temple.

This was because as long as they stayed in the temple, they would be able to obtain extraordinary power.

Even if it were for Golden Core guards positions, tens of thousands of people would still compete for power.

[You had some ideas in your heart, but you didnt carry them out.

You still had a lot of time.

You wanted to use the method of nurturing Yaksha to explore this world.]

[On the 75th day, more than 100 temple staff members returned with a lot of information.

You sorted it out and found that Yakshas luck was really bad.

The gods in the nearby cities were at least at the peak cycle of the Mahayana realm, and they were all evil gods.

[Out of the three more powerful, two were equivalent to early-stage Dao Transformation cultivators, and the last one was as strong as a peak-stage Dao Transformation cultivator.

[Furthermore, these few cities had already surrounded this small city.

Regardless of which direction you went, you were afraid youd have to face these few cities in the end.

[At that moment, the construction of the temple was completed.

You stood in the main hall of the temple and pondered for a while.

Slowly, you created a clone.

With your peak-stage Void Insight cultivation, any of your clones would have peak-stage Pure Nirvana strength.

[You controlled the clone and went to these four cities in a row.

You severely injured all the gods.

It would be impossible for them to recover without a few months of rest.

[Then, you changed the information and reported it to Yaksha.

[First, you talked about the strength of the gods in the four cities.

When you felt that Yaksha was unhappy, you said that they had been greatly injured because they were fighting against each other.

Now was the time to attack.

[Yaksha couldnt help but be overjoyed.

He directly attacked those four cities.

As you said, Yaksha easily devoured those four gods, and his cultivation reached the middle cycle of the Dao Transformation realm.

[All the people in the four cities became Yakshas believers, and the number of believers directly reached millions.

Since you were the high priest of the Yaksha Temple, you were responsible for managing these five cities.

[As Yakshas strength increased, the power given to you also increased.

It was enough to display middle-stage Mahayana strength.

You wondered whether one major realm lower than the god one worshiped was a high priests level cap.]

[On the 78th day, you put your big plan,Rest your Mind, in motion.


[You begin to carry it out step by step.

The people you had sent out had thoroughly investigated all the cities and gods within a 10,000-kilometer radius.

You would beat up those whose cultivation levels were stronger than Yaksha until they were seriously injured and wait for Yaksha to come and devour them.

[As for those whose cultivation bases were weaker, you would still report them to devour them as well.

In just a few days, Yaksha broke through to peak-stage Pure Nirvana.

[Yakshas territory also began to occupy tens of thousands of kilometers of land.

More than 10 big cities and tens of millions of believers were under his command.

[However, Yakshas rapid rise attracted the attention of many powerful gods nearby.

[Still, those gods didnt take a fancy to the small tens of thousands of kilometers of land Yaksha occupied, so they didnt attack him yet.]

[On the 83rd day, a high priest of the Five Lamp God came to the Yaksha Temple and paid you a visit.

He also passed on Five Lamps goodwill.

[Through your conversation, you learned that Five Lamp was an early-stage Void Nirvana god.

He was the closest to Yakshas territory and became friendly with him upon learning he was an evil god.

After all, they were neighbors, and their strengths were about the same.

If he didnt want to start a war, he could only befriend him.

[You also warmly welcomed Five Lamps high priest and obtained even more information about the level of gods in this world.

[In this world, the most powerful gods were undoubtedly the seven main gods, also known as sovereigns.

They were the Gods of Time, Space, Earth, Lightning, Life, War, and Darkness.

[The seven sovereigns all had their own divine kingdoms.

They usually didnt pay attention to everything that happened in this world.

[Those below the seven sovereigns level were divided into High Gods, Lesser Gods, and Deities.

According to your understanding, High Gods corresponded to third-step experts, Lesser Gods corresponded to second-step experts, and Deities corresponded to first-step experts.

[However, the general strength of this world was higher than that of the world where Confucius and the other Sages lived.

Not to mention how many Sages there were, just the number of High Gods alone was as many as 108.

From this, one could see how vast this life star was.

[In addition, you also received an astonishing piece of news.

A long time ago, a divine war had broken out in this world, and three main gods had died in the divine war.]


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