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“Grandpa! Grandpa!”

[Old Roots blood splattered all over the chubby little Tree Roots face.

[Tree Root did not expect that these elders, who usually treated him exceptionally well, would actually attack the two of them at this time.

“Sob, sob, sob… Grandpa… Dont die… sob, sob… Get up…”

[Tree Root sat on the ground in tears, using his chubby little hand to push Old Root, who was already dead.

“Let me do it.

This little b*stard should be on his way.”

[At that moment, the villager shot the arrow stepped into the formation, and took out a dagger from his waist.

[He walked to the front of the chubby Tree Root, raised his hand, and slashed down, cutting his throat.

[A stream of blood spurted out, and the little fattys blood slowly flowed within the formation, gradually merging with Old Roots bright red blood.

“Alright, guardian god.”

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[As the burly man walked out of the formation, he put the dagger back into his waist.

[The rest of the villagers immediately activated the formation.

[Streams of Divine Qi began to pour into the formation, and Tree Roots soul floated at the top of the formation.

[If one observed carefully, they would quickly learn how to create a god.

However, when one looked at the soul in the formation, they could faintly sense something was wrong.

This god seemed slightly different from what the villagers had mentioned before.

[In the beginning, Tree Roots soul was still in the normal state of a god.

However, as the fresh blood on the ground began to boil, the blood belonging to Old Root began to emit a red mist slowly.

It surged into the body of the transformed godly god.

[This transformed Tree Roots tranquil soul gave off a murderous aura.

The originally transparent godly god turned blood-red, and its body gradually became bigger, turning from illusory to real.

He became a huge monster.

“Not good, Old Roots resentment has entered the guardian gods body and infected it.

This is creating an evil god! Quickly stop the formation!” cried an old man with gray hair and a cane.

[None of the other villagers had ever seen anything like it.

[The person in charge of activating the formation did not react fast enough to deactivate it.

[A huge suction force came from the formation, dragging the guard and a few villagers.




[Screams of pain rang out.

The moment the few people entered, the evil god opened his mouth and bit them, chewing twice before swallowing them.

“Run! This evil god is our guardian god! He will definitely kill everyone in our village!” the old man shouted.

[He didnt even need to use his cane.

He threw the ane and ran out of the village.


[Everyone reacted.

Although they could hunt wild beasts and even Golden Core demonic beasts, they couldnt fight against the evil god.

[Any evil god had the lowest cultivation level of the Nascent Soul stage.

Their battle strength was astounding, and they could even fight beyond their cultivation level.

[In an instant, everyone ran out of the village.

In order to survive, they even scattered and ran away, praying that the evil god wouldnt catch them.

[You just watched silently from the side.

A newly born evil god naturally wouldnt threaten you.

You were only enriching your sea of knowledge.

You felt that the gods cultivation system was somewhat interesting.

[All the villagers were doing their best to run out of the village.

[However, none of them knew that their fates were sealed the moment the evil god was born.

[A layer of blood-colored light screen enveloped the entire small village.

[No matter how the villagers slapped and rammed the blood-colored light screen, they could not shake it in the slightest.

[Screams of pain resounded throughout the entire village.

[You watched the evil god kill silently until all the people and animals in the entire village were killed.

Only then did the evil god calm down and return to his original appearance of Tree Root.

However, the evil and bloody aura that covered his entire body proved that Tree Root was no longer the innocent child he used to be.

[You were very surprised that the people in just one village raised this evil gods cultivation from early- to mid-stage Nascent Soul.

According to your understanding, the evil god was raised through slaughter.

If you compared it this way, the evil gods growth depended on its potential.

[You grabbed Tree Root with your big hand and studied him carefully under his horrified eyes.

You even began to inject Divine Qi into the evil gods body to test his limit.

[Waves of enormous Divine Qi surged into it, and the evil gods cultivation continued to rise from Soul Formation, Profound Void, Form Synthesis, Dimension Sundering, Tribulation Transcending, all the way to the Ascension realm.

[When he was about to reach the Mahayana realm, you stopped pouring in Divine Qi because the evil god had already reached his limit.

This was related to the aptitude of the person who had transformed into the evil god, and it was also related to the gods followers.

[The evil god at this time had just transformed and did not have any followers.

Therefore, there was no way for him to enter the Mahayana realm and endure the injection of Divine Qi.

You enlightened and threw this poor evil god aside.

[When the evil god saw this, he hurriedly ran into the distance.

You didnt choose to kill him but let him go.

Firstly, you wanted to see what he would do.

Secondly, you wanted to know whether this artificial god could be completely controlled.

[As for how much harm an evil god would cause to this world, what did that have to do with you]

[On the 62nd day, you followed the evil god all the way, wanting to see what he would do.

This evil gods strength and intelligence had increased a lot.

After searching the vicinity, there were no powerful gods, and he actually began to sweep the area.

Village gods were brutally devoured one after another, and the villagers were forced to worship him.

[He named himself Yaksha.

Although he was a new evil god, he had conquered dozens of villages and gained thousands of mortals that worshiped him.

[You observed carefully.

The power of faith provided by those thousands of mortals was undoubtedly a drop in the bucket for the evil god.

Soon, the evil god also discovered this.

He began to search for the nearby big cities to obtain more faith so that he could reach a higher realm.]

[On the 65th day, the evil god finally found a suitable city.

This was a small city with only a few hundred thousand residents.

The entire city worshiped an early-stage Mahayana god called Ganquan.

[As the evil gods battle prowess exceeded that of a god of the same level, he could effortlessly fight against a god of a higher level.

Coupled with your enlightenment, the evil gods foundation was extremely solid.

Thus, on this day, Yaksha fought with Ganquan.

In the end, Yaksha won and successfully devoured Ganquan.

He occupied this city and received hundreds of thousands of believers.

He successfully reached the early cycle of the Mahayana realm.]


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