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[According to the investigation, it was as you expected.

The god here is a wild god, commonly known as the Grass-Headed God.

You went to take a look, but the other party did not find you.

You checked his cultivation and discovered that he was only in the Mahayana realm.

[On the 46th day, you studied the gods cultivation system in detail and found that it was similar to the Buddhists cultivation system.

However, the gods cultivation system was more complete and the limit seemed to be much higher.

[You decided to observe around and summarize your experience.]

[On the 53rd day, you came to a dilapidated city.

It seemed that a great battle had just occurred.

The civilians in the city, under the command of the divine believers of the Divine Hall, were rebuilding the city.

No one complained.

Instead, they were in high spirits, and they were full of energy.

[You snuck in and later learned that this place was originally an evil gods territory, and it was attacked by the god of Willow Mountain not long ago.

The god of Willow Mountain devoured that evil god, and all the territories were under the god of Willow Mountain now.

[Now you understand that fights between gods were allowed in this world.

Gods could strengthen themselves by devouring weaker gods.

[You didnt act rashly.

Instead, you left this place and continued to investigate.]

[On the 58th day, you came to a small village.

On the way there, you saw this kind of small village countless times.

However, you didnt pay attention to it because the gods in the small village were all small fries.

Some of them were even Nascent Soul gods.

The Soul Formation realm was only enough to protect the villagers from the wild beasts.

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[However, it is different this time.

When you arrived at this small village, the god that the village worshiped had just died at the mouth of a Soul Formation beast.

However, at the last minute, the god also severely injured the beast and chased it away.

[Unfortunately, all beasts held grudges.

When the beast recovered and attacked again, the village would have no guardian god.

At that time, the whole village would be exterminated.

[Therefore, everyone in the village was in a panic now.

Many elders had gathered at the village chiefs house as if they were discussing something.

You snuck in silently and no one noticed you.

[An old man with white hair, smoking a pipe, said to the old village chief, “Old Root, what do you think we should do now The guardian god is dead.

We cant move the entire village, right”

[A burly woman dressed in a red cotton-padded jacket said to the village chief while munching on melon seeds, “Thats right, Old Gan.

Youve been the village chief for many years.

Now that such a big thing has happened, you have to think of a way for everyone…”

[All of a sudden, all the old men and women said to the village chief in unison, “Village chief, please find a way!”

[At that moment, the old village chief had a depressed expression.

He chewed a bag of dry tobacco and was silent for a long time before he spoke.

“Phew, I think we should do it this way.

Our guardian god is dead, so we should elect a new guardian god.

These days, we should go out hunting more and feed the guardian god.”

[When everyone saw the old village chief say this, they all let out a sigh of relief.

[They were really afraid that the old village chief would run away, so they had all come here to block the door.

[Why were they afraid that the old village chief would run away Because in the entire village, only the old village chiefs biological grandson had a physique that could transform him into a god.

[Actually, the requirement to transform into a God was not high.

As long as one had a normal immortal cultivation physique, it would be fine.

[However, they were a small village, and having such a person was already a blessing from the heavens.

[If someone wanted to become a god, they naturally couldnt live.

They definitely had to die to do so.

Everyone came over to surround the old village chief to ask for a solution.

[If the old village chief refused, these anxious villagers wouldnt be so polite.

They could directly kill the old village chief and forcefully transform his grandson.

[The newborn gods did not have any memories in their heads.

When the time came, they would naturally follow whatever they said.]


[On the 60th day, for the next two days, you stayed in this small village to watch how they created and protected the guardian god.

[On this day, all the preparations were completed.

The village chief placed a short honest-looking fatty on the altar under everyones gaze.

[Everyone was urging the village chief to start quickly.

They had already hunted enough prey to give birth to a new god.

[The little fatty was only five years old.

He did not know what would happen next.

He was still looking at the formation carved around him and asked curiously, “Grandpa, Grandpa, what is carved here Its so fun.

I can feel a wave of energy flowing into my body…”

[The little fellow did not know that the moment he stepped into the formation, he had already set foot on the path of a god.

He only needed to wait for his blood to sprinkle all over the formation, and he would be able to break away from his mortal body and become the guardian god that protected this village.

[Old Root had tears in his eyes.

He could not help but shed a few drops of tears as he hugged the little fatty in his arms.

He could not help but cry.

“Tree Root… Grandpa is useless.

I cant bring you out.

They have been watching us, and I cant protect you.

Grandpa hates himself…”

[Seeing his grandfather cry, Tree Root also cried out.

He hugged his grandfather and cried.

“Grandpa, dont cry! Grandpa, dont cry! Whats going on Who bullied Grandpa Grandpa, tell Tree Root.

When I grow up, Ill kill them…”

[The naive Tree Root still didnt know that those uncles and aunts who were usually very close to him outside wouldnt give him the chance to grow up anymore.

“Old Root, hurry up.

Could it be that your heart has softened Why dont you come out and let me go in”

“Yeah, Old Root.

Weve already reached this point.

Didnt you go back on your words.”

“Its just a matter of one stab.

Old Root, just close your eyes and stab him.

We dont have time.

The sooner the guardian god is born, the sooner we can have a way to survive…”

“Were all waiting.

Old Root, do it…”

“Thats right, do it…”

“Do it…”


[The villagers urging made the eyes of the Old Root turn bloodshot.

[You silently watched as the ugliness of human nature was completely exposed in your eyes.

You didnt care about it, but you also wanted to see Old Roots choice, and even more so, the birth of the guardian god.

[Old Root hugged Tree Root in his arms.

His fierce gaze swept across the villagers who were forcing him as he spoke to Tree Root.

“Tree Root, remember, these are all bad people.

They want to force us to death.

Even if Grandpa becomes a ghost, he wont let them off.”

[Tree Root seemed to have sensed something as well.

His face was filled with terror, but he didnt know what to say.

“Old Root, thats not what you said.

Everyone will remember your sacrifice.”

“Thats right, Old Root.

Everyone will definitely eat and drink well to provide for Tree Root in the future.

Dont worry.”

“Old Root, if youre soft-hearted, well help you out…”

“Youre taking too long.

Let me do it.”

[The surrounding villagers couldnt hold it in any longer.

[A strong man took out his bow and arrow and aimed at Tree Root.

[Seeing this, Old Root directly placed Tree Root behind him.

[The arrow pierced through the Old Roots throat, and blood splattered all over the formation.]


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