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“All youve been searching for is how to improve your realm.

After so many attempts, you should be able to reach the third step steadily.

You should even have a clear understanding of the choice of great Dao.”

[As soon as Confucius finished speaking, his father continued.

“When I killed you, your great Dao was not bad.

It was a new great Dao, and it was not too weak to become the Dao of a Sage.”

[After hearing that, you could not help but mutter in your heart,That was the Human Dao.

How could it not be strong!

“It was also because I discovered you too late and caused you to waste a lot of time.

You ccan follow me.

How many days do you have left” Confucius asked you.

[You answered honestly, “Master, there are still four days left.”

[Confucius could not help but frown slightly.

Then he asked, “How long does one day in this world equal to your world”

[You couldnt help but admire deeply.

A Sage was indeed a Sage.

He could even deduce this.

“Master, one day in this world is equal to one minute in my world.”

[Confucius relaxed his brows upon hearing that and said to you with a tranquil expression, “Since thats the case, then theres still enough time.

Ill tell you the general situation of this world…

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“Do you know that this world is just a sealed life star In this vast universe, there are countless life stars.”

[After that, you learned from Confucius that there were countless life stars in this universe.

There were humans, alien races, monsters, and gods.

Only those who had reached the Sage rank, only then would one be able to travel across the galaxy.

The rest, even third-step experts, would often be unable to do so.

[Back then, Earth had been a life star on the verge of decline.

In order to continue their cultivation, they had opened the ancient path of the human race and come here.

[On that ancient path of the human race, many planets were even more powerful than this life star.

There were also many smaller life stars, the Heaven Region.

[Several Sages had set foot on it before, but they did not gain any advantage.

They were either beaten out or equal in terms of power.

[In the end, they found a planet that did not have any Sages to settle down.

However, this life star was still a little small.

In more than 2,000 years, the Spiritual Qi would become very thin.

[According to Confucius calculations, it would be like the starting stages of Earths Chaos Era in another thousand years.

[Because of this, the Sages kept calculating, planning to invade a few nearby planets.

[You were shocked.

You didnt think that there would be such a big secret between the upper echelons.

Then, you asked Confucius about the ancient road of the human race.

[Only then did they learn that although the universe was big, there were once supreme experts who traveled through the universe, located the four poles, distinguished the north from the south, and turned planets with life stars into ancient roads.

[The ancient human path was a path drawn by a supreme expert of the human race who traversed the universe.

There were a total of 109,852 life stars involved.

The world you were in was called the Void Ancient Star, as well as the Void Ancient World.

[Only those who had reached the Sage rank were qualified to step onto the ancient path.

Of course, if ones cultivation was strong, they could also bring some people along.

[In the universe, there were not only ancient roads of the human race but also ancient roads of the demons and the alien races.

[Some of the roads were relatively close to each other and even intersected.

Therefore, it was very dangerous to walk on the ancient road.

Once one encountered the alien races, they would be in danger of dying.

[Confucius taught you for half a day before you had a real understanding of this world.

Then, you asked directly, “Then, Master, what do you want me to do”

[Confucius pondered for a moment before saying, “Time is of the essence right now.

I have never dabbled in your ability to travel through time and space.

However, the location is in Zhuge Qings painting.

Every time you enter, I will immediately send that painting to another planet.

You can only collect the information inside and try your best to find the weakness of that world to determine if it is suitable for us to survive.

When you enter again, report the information to me.”

[After thinking about it, you felt that this proposal was not bad.

At present, you didnt even know how to raise your cultivation after the third step.

Only the Human Dao gave you a chance to reach the Sage rank.

However, you still needed the three Sovereign talents.

Visiting the other worlds was just a trifling matter.

Perhaps it might be possible for you to find a way to advance further.


[Thus, you nodded in agreement.]

[On the 23rd day, when everything was ready, Confucius took out a scroll and let you enter it.

Then, he drew a line in the air, and the endless void appeared.

[Confucius found the right direction and struck the scroll with his palm.]

[On the 39th day, you sensed that the scroll was no longer moving rapidly, but you did not break out of it.

This was because you sensed that the scroll had already fallen into a persons hands.

You did not act rashly.]

[On the 41st day, you waited for two days, but you still could not help but walk out of the painting.

You found yourself in a study.

The painting was hanging in the hall, and it was pitch-black all around.

It was night, and you disappeared in the darkness.

You wanted to find out what was going on in this world.]

[On the 43rd day, after two days of searching, you finally found out what world this was.

According to Confucious, this was the life star of the human race, and it was extremely powerful.

The humans of this world didnt practice Buddhism, Daoism, or Confucianism.

They didnt even refine their fleshly bodies.

[This planet only pursued the Divine Dao.

[In this world, there were countless gods, all of them formed from the will of all living beings, protecting a region.

The more divine believers that worshiped the gods, the stronger the gods would be.

In order to have more divine believers, the gods would naturally build temples and bestow gifts.

[There were seven main temples.

According to your judgment, the power of these seven main gods is about the same level as that cheap Master of yours, Confucius.

[You tried to collect more useful information, but you found out that the city you were in was actually the main city of a god.

This god was the Sun God, Strider.

He was responsible for patrolling around during the day and monitoring the good and evil of the human world.

He was a wandering evil god.

[You had peeked at Strider from afar, and he almost discovered you.

Therefore, you determined that Strider was a god comparable to a third-step expert.]

[On the 45th day, due to the fact that Strider was too strong, it was inconvenient for you to collect information.

You flew for hundreds of thousands of miles and finally found a small city.

You guessed that there couldnt be a powerful god in a small city, so you entered the city.]


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