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[On this day, you successfully arrived at Shengjing.

Many academies representatives came to invite you, but you went directly to the White Deer Academy.

[The White Deer Academys three Exalted Scholars, led by Wang Shouyi, warmly welcomed you.

You defeated the other two Exalted Scholars during the banquet and finally fought with Wang Shouyi.

[Wang Shouyi opened his mouth and asked, “The Master1 said,Since we are here, lets settle down and reconcile

[You answered, “The Master once said that since we are here, lets bury ourselves here…”

[Wang Shouyi was shocked and asked again, “The Master said,The deceased is like a scoundrel, reconciling day and night

[You answered, “The scene of Master Kong1 beating someone to death was so horrifying that it took a long time.

People couldnt tell whether it was day or night.”

[Wang Shouyis face was flushed as he asked again, “The Master said, “At thirty, I took my stand.

At forty, I was without confusion.

At fifty, I knew the command of heaven.

At sixty, I heard it with a compliant ear.

At seventy, I follow the desires of my heart and do not overstep the bounds, reconciling”

[You answered, “Only 30 people on the other side are qualified for me to stand up and fight.

The 40 people on the other side besieged me and directly rushed up to fight without hesitation.

When the 50 people on the other side met me, they would be beaten up by me as if God sent me.

The 60 people on the other side would all speak good words in my ear.

“Only then would I consider not beating them up.

There are 70 people on the other side, so I can kill them as I please.”

[Wang Shouyi angrily asked.

“The Master did not speak of strange occurrences, feats of strength, political disruptions, and Gods, reconciling”

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[You answered, “The Master said, “When I teach you how to be a person, no matter who you are, Master Kong is the most dangerous when he does not speak.

He will use an inexplicable force to beat the people who do not listen to him until they are delirious.”

[Wang Shouyi slammed the table and stood up, scolding loudly, “Is this how the Venerable Sage1 looks like in your eyes”

[You calmly said, “The left fist is benevolent, the right fist is polite, the sword is virtuous, the bow is virtuous, the reason is persuasive, the reason is instructive.

3,000 disciples, 72 halls, and more than a dozen countries throughout the spring and autumn period.

Dukes, marquises, and viscounts all avoided them, and the entire world became enemies.

They deposed the Hundred Schools of Thought and carried their banners, and when the back of a ghost opened up the world, it lost its color.

They fought until there was no immortal God in the world, and even the Immortal Emperor himself broke through the mortal path, all in order to stop him…

“Master Kong, the most sacred scholar that has appeared through the ages…

“On that day, heaven and earth overturned and shattered my scholar robe.

I clearly remember that the muscle-filled back slowly formed the characterDe.

[After saying this, heaven and earth changed color for a moment.

[Wang Shouyi, who was debating with you, spat out a mouthful of blood.

Even though he was an Exalted Scholar, he was rendered speechless by your words and directly fainted.

[You couldnt help but sigh.

The mental quality of these Exalted Scholars really needed to be strengthened.

[Other people naturally didnt know the content of the debate.

However, on that day, the entire Western Chu Empire knew that the Unparalleled Scholar and the Trideca-Incense Exalted Scholar were debating Confucianism.

The Trideca-Incense Exalted Scholar was defeated in the end and vomited three liters of blood before fainting.

[Just when you were preparing to find a few Exalted Scholars to improve your knowledge, a majestic figure appeared in the sky above Shengjing.

[Everyone looked up at the sky.

[All the Confucian practitioners instantly knelt on the ground and shouted to pay their respects to the Sage.

[You were dumbstruck.

Before you could open your mouth, you heard Confucius say, “You evil disciple! How dare you ruin your Masters reputation…”

[You fell unconscious…]

“On the 12t day, you woke up.

You hurriedly looked around and found that you were in a grass hut.

You hurriedly got up and walked out of the grass hut.

Only then did you find that this place was an incomparably beautiful otherworldly immortal source.

[Two people were playing chess under a big tree in front of the grass hut.

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[You recalled the scene before you fainted.

You already knew the identity of one of the old men.

He was undoubtedly the Sage of Confucianism.

[Since the other party was able to play chess with a Sage, he was definitely not an ordinary person.

You slowly walked forward and didnt say anything.

Instead, you quietly watched the chess game from the side.

[After a long time, the unknown old man spoke.

“You are clearly a Daoist successor.

Why did you choose to follow the teachings of Confucianism”

[Before you could reply, Confucious said with a chuckle, “Why This disciple of mine inherited my talent, so he naturally wants to follow the teachings of Confucianism.

Didnt you want to snatch my disciple away from me”

[The words that you wanted to say were all swallowed down in an instant.

[“Eh A great enemy is in front of us.

I didnt expect that someone from the mother planet would come.

I dont know if its a blessing or a curse…”

[The old man did not continue Confucius sentence.

Instead, he sighed and asked, “Whats the meaning of this

“I know everything about the debate between you and Wang Shouyi.

Although what you said was a little crude, it gave you a new understanding of Confucianism, allowing it to be strengthened by tens of thousands of meters.”

[The old mans words caused you to be stunned.

You did not expect that the analects of Confucious that you randomly summarized could increase your manifestation of Confucianism by tens of thousands of meters.

[Then, the old man continued.

“Let me ask you.

I once said to Confucius that there were 3,000 weak water disciples, and I would only take one ladle to drink and make peace”

[You couldnt help but be shocked when you heard that.

Combined with the conversation just now, you guessed the old mans identity in front of you.

After thinking for a while, you answered directly, “I once faced Master Kong and 3,000 disciples alone and said to him,Your 3,000 disciples are as weak as water.

Even if I take a ladle, I can smash your head and drink your blood among them.

[You just said that.

[There seems to be lightning in the sky, Rolling thunder would smite you to punish you for disrespecting a Sage.

[You perceived a great crisis, but the old man was laughing.

His laughter resounded through the nine heavens and scattered the thunder.

[“Good, good, good…”

[The manifestation of Confucianism actually emerged, but it was dimming.

“Hmph! Old man, youre shameless…”

[At that moment, Confucius, who had an unhappy expression on his face, let out a cold snort.

Your great Dao that had been acting out instantly came to a halt.

Then, it once again transformed into the manifestation of Confucianism.

[You looked at the two bigshots with an astonished expression.

Although you had a thousand things to say in your heart, you were unable to say a single word.

[The old man slowly said, “Hehe, Alright, lets not argue anymore.

I wont ask you about your disciples ability to travel through time and space.

However, I believe that there are many restrictions.

I once saw you in the shadow of time.

I saw that you possessed the legacy of Daoism, but you went astray, so I personally killed you.

I didnt expect that we would meet again at this time.”

[Confucius said to you with a smile on his face, “This disciple of mine is very fated with my great Dao.

In the future, he will definitely pick Confucianism.

Oh right, we still know everything that you and Bai Qi have said.

I brought you here that day so that you wouldnt waste any more time.”

[When you heard what the two of them said, your heart was incomparably shocked.

The simulator was undoubtedly your greatest trump card.

Even if it was Bai Qi, you had revealed a bit of it.

However, you never thought that it would actually attract the attention of two Sages.

[You bowed to Confucius and said respectfully, “May I know your instructions, Master”

[Since you were facing Confucious, there was no problem for you to acknowledge him as your Master.]


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