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Looking at her snow-white skin, slim waist, smooth stomach, and long legs… there was nothing that wasnt beautiful.

Zhao Hao could clearly hear Kong Xinyues nervous breathing.

The sound of her breathing clearly became hurried after seeing him.

Zhao Haos blood began to flow rapidly while his heartbeat quickened as he looked at the perfect body in front of him.

Kong Xinyues face was bashful, and her eyes were filled with fear and anticipation.

Seeing Zhao Hao standing there without moving for a long time, her eyes gradually revealed a pleading look.

Her snow-white skin had also turned pink, sparkling and translucent, emitting an alluring luster.

However, the current Zhao Hao was not dazzled by the beauty in front of him.

He had already sensed that something was wrong.

Normally, the Kong Xinyue that he knew would never do such a thing.

After all, she was the favored daughter of the Kong family.

She was a little eccentric and mischievous, but she would never use her body to seduce others.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hao immediately used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes on Kong Xinyue.

As expected, there was something wrong with Kong Xinyue.

Name: Kong Xinyue

Race: Innate God

Cultivation: None

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Description: She is the reincarnation of the Lunar Goddess.

She possesses the top-grade Lunar Constitution, a constitution perfect for dual cultivation.

A supreme being was unable to kill her, so they sealed her true spirit.

The reincarnated soul hasnt awakened the past memories and cannot cultivate any cultivation technique.

: After being stimulated by the Sage treasure, her true spirit has awakened.

She can temporarily control Kong Xinyues body and is thinking of a way to break the seal.

If the seal is broken, Kong Xinyues soul will merge with the Lunar Goddess and be devoured.

‘Good heavens! So its the Lunar Goddess true spirit… Zhao Hao couldnt help but say in his heart.

Combined with what Kong Xinyue had said when she found him today, Zhao Hao was already certain that the true spirit of the Lunar Goddess had long been awakened.

However, with the conditions of the current era, there was simply no way to break the seal of that supreme being.

Zhao Hao naturally wouldnt just think of himself.

He still doted on this little disciple of his very much.

Thus, Zhao Haos eyes instantly turned ice-cold as he coldly said to the Lunar Goddess, “Dont even think about using these useless methods.

I will naturally find a way to let this disciple of mine cultivate.

If you dare to devour this disciple of mines soul, I will definitely make you die and your soul disappear.”

After saying that, Zhao Hao turned around and left, returning to his room.

Kong Xinyue suddenly became furious.

She had actually noticed Zhao Hao a long time ago.

Not only did he possess many inheritances, but he also possessed great luck.

His constitution could help him break through the seal.

Therefore, she was influencingKong Xinyue, intentionally or unintentionally, to help her seduce Zhao Hao.

However, she didnt expect Zhao Hao to find her.

“Hmph, even if you want to kill me, you still have to have the ability…” Kong Xinyue snorted, sat in the bathtub, and slowly closed her eyes.

After a long time, she opened them again.

“Eh Why was I asleep”

Kong Xinyue was stunned.

Zhao Hao returned to his bedroom and looked at the time.

It was already late night on the sixth day, and there were only four days left until the tenth day of transmigration.

Currently, with Zhao Haos talents and the information he had on transmigration, there was no problem before the third step.

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Therefore, Zhao Haos main task was to reach the realm above the third step for the next four days.


There was still a lot of time left to ensure that he would advance to the cultivation realm smoothly.

Although he had already extracted the Red Talent of the day, Zhao Hao still decided to simulate a few more times.

“System, activate the Cultivation Simulator.”

[To enable the simulation, you may select only three of the following Cultivation Talents.]

Another red light flashed out.

Zhao Hao could not help but be stunned.

His luck today seemed to be quite good.

In both simulations, a Red Talent appeared.

[Disciple of the Venerable Sage1 (Red Talent): Your intelligence increases by 1,000.

The Venerable Sage is guiding you personally.

The Scholar Qi of heaven and earth infuses the body.

Gods and ghosts are not allowed to get close.

The poems you write can be manifested directly.

One word can determine life and death.]

[Daoist Nature (Gold): Your comprehension increases by 100.

Let nature take its course.

Keep a calm mind.

The power of Daoist techniques will be increased by 100%.]

[Strategy Master (Gold): Your commanding ability increases by 100.

You are proficient in all kinds of large-scale military formations.

The more soldiers you have, the stronger your battle prowess will be.]

[The Cultivation Simulation begins.]

[On the first day, you descended to the world as a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Because you carried a Confucian treasure, the Morality Brush, the great Moral Dao descended from the sky and poured into your body.

[Your cultivation broke through to the peak cycle of the Soul Formation realm, and more than a dozen figures rushed toward you.

[The huge seal character in the sky enveloped you and brought you out of the village.

[Zhuge Qings clone appeared and sensed a certain aura from your body.

Surprisingly, he addressed you asJunior Brother and personally opened the gate to the Immortal World for you.

[He also injected all of this clone and the paintings remaining Scholar Qi into your body.

[You successfully broke to the Void Spirit realm, becoming an Exalted Scholar.

[You stepped out of the gate to the Immortal World and entered the world outside the painting.

[On the second day, you went to visit Bai Qi as an Exalted Scholar.

Although many of the first-step shamans and Shaman Generals were not very friendly to you, they did not attack you.

[You successfully met Bai Qi and unleashed your killing intent.

You once again gained Bai Qis trust.

You and Bai Qi became sworn brothers.

[On the third day, because you became Bai Qis sworn brother, all of the shamans in the Bai Qi tribe were extremely friendly to you.

You played there for a whole day, and in the middle of the night, you even held a bonfire party, singing, and dancing.

You drank heartily during the banquet, lamenting that the path of cultivation was about being carefree.]

[On the fifth day, you woke up.

You told Bai Qi that you wanted to see the world and bade farewell.

Bai Qi was very reluctant and promised you could come and look for him if anything happened.

You gladly accepted and left the Bai Qi tribe.]

[On the seventh day, you arrived outside the Jade Gate Pass.

Because you are an Exalted Scholar, the Jade Gate general, Chu Shanjun, personally welcomed and treated you warmly.

During the banquet, Chu Shanjun inquired about your origins, and you said that you were from the Milky Way Academy.

[The academy that has several quasi-Sages guarding it instantly dispelled some of Chu Shanjuns thoughts.]

[On the ninth day, you flew all the way and passed by several academies.

Regardless of whether Exalted Scholars were guarding it or not, you would go and visit them to discuss the Confucian culture.

You can evoke the manifestation of Confucianism at any time, but you dont have a deep understanding of the Confucian classics.

Its the right time for you to study them and improve your foundation in Confucianism.]

[On the 18th day, before you arrived at the capital of the Western Chu Empire, the entire Western Chu empire began to praise your reputation.

Everyone knew that there was an Exalted Scholar who came from the Jade Gate Pass.

Along the way, he visited many academies and discussed scriptures, and preached with them.

All of them felt the same way and never lost.

Because of this, you were named the Unparalleled Scholar.]


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