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“Holy sh*t!”

“It cant be!”

“Someone who could escape from the nukes alive”

Surprised voices sounded around Zhao Hao and Ma Qisheng.

Before this, no one thought that a living creature could survive the explosion of the nukes.

However, Ao Lie had taught them a lesson.

Only Zhao Hao was staring at the light in the sky.

He could clearly see a round bead in front of the light.

Zhao Hao activated the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes.

He knew that this bead was the treasure described in the introduction.

Item: Sea-Pacifying Pearl

Level: Connate Numinous Treasure (Upper-Grade)

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Introduction: It was originally a treasure of the Dragon Palace, but Ao Lie stole it.

As a result, it was sealed with him under the Yangtze River.

Its power was three times stronger than that of a quasi-Sage treasure.

When activated, it would be invincible.

If one could gather 24 of them, they could be used to strike a Sage.

Zhao Haos eyes almost popped out.

He had never expected that Ao Lie would have the Sea-Pacifying Pearl.

Zhao Hao drooled at the treasure that was even more powerful than the Morality Brush.

But then, Zhao Hao praised his wisdom.

If he had been impulsive, he would have attacked Ao Lie.

If Ao Lie had used the pearl, even he would have entered the reincarnation cycle.

But it was different now.

Given the Sea-Pacifying Pearls consumption, a mere Soul Formation Flood Dragon wouldnt be able to use it again after one use.

This was when Ao Lie was at its weakest.

Seeing that Ao Lie was fleeing into the distance, Zhao Hao immediately flew out.

“Captain Ma, you stay here and deal with the aftermath.

I will definitely be able to kill the Flood Dragon.”

Then, his figure disappeared.

Ma Zhuisheng was left behind, thinking about how to deal with the higher-ups interrogation.

Ao Lie, who was flying in the air, was charred black from head to toe.

Most of his flesh was already burnt.

He was really close to entering the reincarnation cycle seconds ago.

In the moment of crisis, he took out the Sea-Pacifying Pearl and used all his power to activate it barely.

He reduced the impact, broke through the mushroom cloud, and escaped.

At present, Ao Lie was seriously injured, his spiritual power was severely depleted, and he couldnt keep flying for long.

Ao Lie opened his big mouth to suck back the Sea-Pacifying Pearl.

At that moment, he felt a powerful aura appear behind him.

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Ao Lies eyes flashed.

Even though he was heavily injured, he was still a peak-stage Soul Formation daemon.

Zhao Hao, a mere mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, wouldnt even be able to defend against a claw attack.

A domineering and destructive claw attack greeted Zhao Hao.

Zhao Hao didnt stop it.

Golden light circulated around his body.

He ignored the dragon claw and grabbed the dragons tail.

“Hehe, you cant run away~”

[Ding! The Purple Cultivation Talent pool has been expanded.]

Zhao Hao pulled hard, and a huge force instantly pulled back Ao Lies entire body.

Then, Zhao Hao rode on Ao Lies body and punched the huge dragons head.

The punches hit flesh and blood.

Given Zhao Haos current strength, coupled with the support of many talents, every punch he threw was comparable to a full-strength attack of a peak-stage Soul Formation cultivator.

Soon, Ao Lie could no longer fly and started falling.

Fortunately, there was not a city below but a huge mountain.

Otherwise, he would really cause a great deal of panic.

Although Ao Lie was no longer resisting, Zhao Hao was not prepared to stop just like that.

After continuously punching dozens of times and beating the head of Ao Lie into a paste, Zhao Hao finally let out a sigh of relief.

There was nothing wrong with being careful when facing such an opponent.

After confirming that Ao Lie was dead, Zhao Hao searched for the Sea-Pacifying Pearl.

Finally, he successfully detected a large amount of Spiritual Qi in Ao Lies abdomen.

Zhao Hao carefully dug it out.

As expected, he took out two pearls.

One of them was naturally the Sea-Pacifying Pearl, and the other was Ao Lies dragon pearl.

Ao Lie was originally an Ascension Flood Dragon, so he had naturally refined the dragon pearl.

However, because his cultivation base had dropped, he could not absorb Spiritual Qi, and the Spiritual Qi in the dragon pearl was insufficient.

If this were brought into a world with abundant Spiritual Qi, it would not be long before it was an Ascension dragon pearl.

After putting the two pearls into his pocket, Zhao Hao dialed Ma Zhuishengs number and reported the location.

He then studied the Sea-Pacifying Pearl.

The Sea-Pacifying Pearl was an upper-grade innate spiritual treasure, and it had a very strong spiritual nature.

Ao Lie had refined it previously, but now that he was dead, it looked like an ordinary pearl in Zhao Haos hands.

Zhao Hao did not use his blood for the pearl to recognize him as its owner.

Instead, he circulated the spiritual power in his body and used the artifact refining technique from The Classic of the Ways Virtue.

Soon, he left a mark on the Sea-Pacifying Pearl and could use it at will through his senses.

However, every time he activated it, he needed a large amount of spiritual power.

With Zhao Haos current realm, he could not even make a simple attack.

Nonetheless, Zhao Hao was already very satisfied.

He could definitely have a greater role in the world of the simulator with this treasure.

Soon, a large number of military vehicles approached.

Ao Lies carcass would definitely be taken back for research.

Ma Zhuisheng smiled.

The carcass of a Soul Formation Flood Dragon was enough to appease his superiors.

After all, the current level of alchemical technology was extremely high.

If something useful could be extracted from the carcass of the Flood Dragon, it would be an unprecedented breakthrough for humankind.

Zhao Hao had a simple discussion with Ma Zhuisheng about work.

Since there was nothing wrong, Zhao Hao looked at the setting sun and hurriedly flew toward Jinling—his disciple was still waiting for him.

Zhao Hao flew all the way back to his villa.

The moment he entered, the fragrance of flowers assaulted his nostrils.

Meanwhile, the sound of running water could be heard from the bathroom.

The door of the bathroom was not closed.

Obviously, Kong Xinyue also knew that no one else would come over other than Zhao Hao.

Zhao Hao held his breath and slowly walked to the door.

What greeted his eyes was a large, pure white bathtub.

Two snow-white arms were exposed, and they slowly fell to the ground along with the drops of water.

Along with the sound of water splashing, a slender and straight leg slowly extended out of the bathtub.

There were even a few bright red rose petals on it.

At that moment, Kong Xinyue saw the figure in front of the door.

Her delicate and moving face was as red as fire, and her cherry lips were slightly raised.

She was dazzling!


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