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‘Peak-stage Soul Formation daemon With a rare treasure

Zhao Haos eyes flashed with excitement.

It wasnt because Ao Lie was stronger than a peak-stage Soul Formation expert, but because of the phrase “With a rare treasure”.

The Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes couldnt evaluate a rare treasure.

Zhao Hao said, “This Flood Dragon has the strength of a peak-stage Soul Formation expert.

Captain, what are your plans”

Ma Zhuisheng was at a loss for words.

The terrifying strength of the Soul Formation realm was something he had experienced during the battle on Mount Li.

“Lets talk first.

If its demands are unreasonable, we will help it to enter the reincarnation cycle,” Ma Zhuisheng said helplessly.

They were hard-pressed for time.

Although their cultivation speed was not slow, they still needed some time to break through to a higher realm.

Facing an opponent that they could not deal with, they could only use the nukes.

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Zhao Hao did not say much and nodded in agreement.

Before he knew what kind of treasure Ao Lie possessed, he was not interested in taking the risk to fight it.

Although a peak-stage Soul Formation daemon wasnt a threat to Zhao Hao, his life would be in danger if he wasnt careful, and the treasure was an offense-type one.

Just like that, Ma Zhuisheng and Zhao Hao walked to the bank of the Yangtze River.

The Flood Dragon in the water also sensed two powerful auras approaching.

He broke out of the water and stared at Zhao Hao and Ma Zhuisheng with his big dragon eyes.

Ma Zhuisheng took a step forward and spoke.

“Didnt you want to negotiate Let go of the two hostages first, and well talk.”

Although Ao Lie was powerful, Ma Zhuisheng was not afraid at all.

With the protection of a Confucian treasure, he could use the nukes at any time.

To be honest, in this world, there really werent many people who could threaten Ma Zhuisheng.

Ao Lie sighed and said, “I didnt expect the cultivation world to fall to such a state.

A few Nascent Soul cultivators are considered top experts now”

Ao Lie added proudly, “I dont want to be enemies with you humans.

Now that the Spiritual Qi has recovered, I need a large amount of blood and Spiritual Qi to recover my cultivation.

You only need to sacrifice 1,000,000 ordinary humans to me, and I will let these two go.

I will even form an alliance with you.

When the time comes, you can use the sacrifice method to make me fight for you.”

He was an Ascension Flood Dragon, and his strength had fallen to the peak cycle of the Soul Formation realm because he had survived the Chaos Era and had been sealed for a long time.

As long as he was given enough food and time, he would be able to recover his cultivation quickly.

At that time, he would be able to protect the human race, but it would be more accurate to say that he was being kept in captivity.

Still, Ao Lie needed to endure for a while.

The dense barrage of artillery shells could still injure him.

Furthermore, not far away, the few nukes that had not been fired gave him a faint sense of extreme danger.

Ao Lie was overestimating his value.

In his eyes, using 1,000,000 ordinary people to exchange for two Nascent Soul cultivators seemed to be a very suitable deal.

However, in the eyes of Ma Zhuisheng and Zhao Hao, this was undoubtedly courting death.

Ao Lies request was his death sentence.

No matter how powerful or useful Ao Lie may be, they couldnt leave him alive since he treats humans as food.

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Ma Zhuisheng gave Zhao Hao a look, and Zhao Hao nodded spiritually.

Zhao Hao took a step forward and said, “A 1,000,000 blood sacrifice is not impossible, but you have to let our comrades go first.

We will open up a passage at that time, and you can do whatever you want with the nearby cities.”

When Zhao Hao said that, Ma Zhuisheng had already given the order to prepare for the cannon fire through sign language.

Of course, he still had to try to save the two hostages.

After all, they were Nascent Soul experts, and they were still very rare.

Ao Lie rolled his eyes and chose to believe them.

After all, in his eyes, everything sounded reasonable.

“Then I wont stand on ceremony…”

Ao Lie casually threw Zhang Zhiwei and Du Le in Zhao Haos direction while he soared into the sky, intending to head toward the nearby city.

Zhao Hao flashed and caught Zhang Zhiwei and Du Le.

The two of them were heavily injured and didnt even have the strength to speak.

Although they had been soaked in the river for an unknown period, they somehow managed because their cultivation bases werent sealed.

Nonetheless, they were heavily injured.

It was Gods blessing that they did not drown to death.

Seeing that Zhao Hao had received Zhang Zhiwei and Du Le, Ma Zhuisheng immediately gave the order, “Fire!”

In an instant, 10,000 cannons fired in unison.

Each artillery shell was aimed at Ao Lie in the air.

Due to the distance between them, they hit the target almost at the instant they were fired.

The entire Yangtze River was covered in ashes from the explosions.


Zhao Hao didnt know why, but his hand slipped, and Du Le fell into the river.

Ao Lies roar resounded, and Zhao Hao didnt have time to salvage Du Le, so he could only fly with Zhang Zhiwei.

Zhao Hao knew he would be in big trouble if he didnt leave this place quickly.

As expected, Ma Zhuisheng had already retreated 100 kilometers at his fastest speed.

After the soldiers fired their cannons, they also retreated as far away as possible.

Ao Lie used his dragon breath, and all the dust on the Yangtze River was blown away.

Ao Lie, who was originally full of anger, couldnt help but be stunned upon seeing the scene below.

The riverside, which originally had at least tens of thousands of people, was now empty.

At that moment, a sense of danger filled Ao Lies heart.

Ao Lie could not help but look into the distance.

Ten shimmering nukes had already arrived near Ao Lie!


A huge mushroom cloud rose in front of Zhao Hao and the others.

Feeling the hot temperature and the uncomfortable radiation, Zhao Hao couldnt help but say unhappily, “Captain Ma, you use this every time.

Can you still take the blame”

Zhao Hao knew that Ma Zhuisheng had been punished due to the ten nukes on Mount Li.

If it wasnt for the recovery of Spiritual Qi strengthened the oddities, Ma Zhuisheng might have already lost his life.

Ma Zhuisheng looked at the mushroom cloud and sighed helplessly.

“What can we do Lets think about how to deal with the aftermath.

This isnt Mount Li.

Its the Yangtze River…”

Ma Zhuisheng had already thought of the terrifying consequences of this matter, but he had no choice but to accept it silently.

Just as Zhao Hao and Ma Zhuisheng thought that Ao Lie had already entered the reincarnation cycle, a ray of destructive light shot out from the mushroom cloud, splitting it into two.

Ao Lie directly followed the ray of light and rushed out of the mushroom cloud.


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