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Kong Xinyue was a little embarrassed to continue.

“What did she tell you Hurry up and say it,” Zhao Hao said in a cold voice.

“Its just that… I just need to… sleep with you, Master… Then Ill be able to break the seal and cultivate…”

After Kong Xinyue finished speaking, her face was as red as a cherry, and her little head was buried as if she was seriously looking at the ground to see if there were any ants.

Zhao Hao felt a surge of blood as if he was about to explode.

‘What does she mean If I didnt misunderstand wrongly, she wants to sleep with me

Zhao Hao shook his head.

‘How could this be I, Zhao Hao, do things openly and aboveboard.

This kind of forbidden Master-disciple love is absolutely not acceptable.

Zhao Hao used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes and looked at Kong Xinyues panel again.

Seeing the wordsLunar Constitution andperfect for dual cultivation, he was a little dazed.

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Logically speaking, Zhao Hao wasnt interested in anything else.

However, thisperfect for dual cultivation part was very beneficial to him now.

To be able to be evaluated as the perfect constitution for dual cultivation by the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes, one could imagine how much faster and stronger Zhao Haos cultivation would be if they cultivated together.

What Zhao Hao lacked the most was time to cultivate right now.

Zhao Haos eyes narrowed upon thinking of this, and he slowly walked toward Kong Xinyue.

Just as Zhao Hao was about to reach Kong Xinyue, his phone suddenly rang.

Zhao Hao was very depressed, but he immediately picked up when he saw that it was Bai Bing.

“Hello, its me.”

Bai Bings anxious voice came from the other side of the phone.

“Zhao Hao, something has happened over here.

The Flood Dragon has captured Celestial Master Zhang and Master Du Le, and the SSF have suffered heavy casualties.

The Flood Dragon has made a request to negotiate with us, so Captain Ma is already on his way.

Please come over quickly.”

When Bai Bing finished speaking, Zhao Haos face turned very ugly.

The Spiritual Qi had just been restored.

Normally, there shouldnt be any powerful demonic beasts or daemons.

However, this 300-meter-long Flood Dragon was able to capture Celestial Master Zhang and Du Le alive.

It was obvious that not only was it powerful, but it was also extremely intelligent.

“Ill be there right away…”

Zhao Hao hung up the phone and rubbed Kong Xinyues head as he said, “Wait for me here.

Im going out to take care of something.”

This time, Kong Xinyue didnt pester Zhao Hao like before.

Instead, she obediently nodded and said with some worry, “Take care of yourself.

Come back soon.”

After saying this, Kong Xinyue ran out of the room shyly.

Zhao Hao didnt say anything else.

He opened the map and clicked on the navigation button.

His figure flashed, and he flew out of the room, heading all the way to the Yangtze River.

At the same time, near a port in the middle of the Yangtze River…

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A 300-meter-long Flood Dragon was swimming in the water.

There was a Daoist priest and a monk between its two claws.

As the Flood Dragon moved, the numerous cannons on the shore also adjusted their positions, constantly locking on the Flood Dragon.

The Flood Dragon originally didnt care about those steel artillery shells at all.

However, after being hit by 10,000 artillery shells, the artillery shells affected even the powerful Flood Dragon.

Its scales and a lot of its flesh and blood had been blown away.

It was precisely because of these artillery shells that the Flood Dragon had captured the two strongest people as hostages.

With hostages in its hands, it was no longer afraid of being bombarded.

Since the two Level 9 experts had been captured, a Level 8 paranormal was currently in command.

This paranormal was sweating profusely as he held the walkie-talkie and continuously distributed tasks.

He was receiving orders in the face of danger, but he didnt dare to be the slightest bit careless.

Although he had trapped the Flood Dragon here, nothing must happen to the two hostages.

There were only five Nascent Soul experts in the entire country.

If two of them died here, it would undoubtedly be a great loss to the entire country.

Fortunately, the Flood Dragon wanted to negotiate terms, so it didnt attack.

Soon, a figure flew over from the horizon.

It was a middle-aged man in ancient armor.

It was the SSF chief captain, Ma Zhuisheng.

The Level 8 paranormal finally relaxed when he saw Ma Zhuisheng.

That period had been the most difficult time in his life.

Once the Flood Dragon wanted to break out of the siege, he didnt even know if he should give the order to bombard it.

Once he gave the order, two Level 9 experts would die, and he would be held responsible.

He couldnt afford it.

However, with the arrival of Ma Zhuisheng, it didnt matter anymore.

If the sky fell, the tall one would hold it up.

He was just a small fry waiting to die.

As Ma Zhuisheng landed, a group of people hurriedly went forward to report the current situation to Ma Zhuisheng.

When he heard that Zhang Zhiwei and Du Le had joined hands but hadnt even exchanged ten moves with that Flood Dragon, Ma Zhuishengs brows knitted together.

To be able to take down two Nascent Soul realm within ten moves easily, it must be at least a Level 10 expert.

Ma Zhuisheng didnt go forward to negotiate.

Instead, he made a few phone calls in a row.

After confirming that Zhao Hao was on his way, he felt relieved and began to arrange for the use of nukes.

Although the Flood Dragon had suggested that they could solve the problem through negotiations, once the negotiations failed, they could only use primitive physics to destroy Flood Dragon in order to prevent it from slaughtering any living beings.

At this time, the Flood Dragon swimming in the Yangtze River didnt know that it didnt pose a threat to a big country, even though it had two hostages.

If it really wanted to destroy it, it would be useless to take two hostages.

About half an hour later, a streak of light descended from the sky.

Zhao Haos figure appeared around the SSF members.

When he saw Ma Zhuisheng, Zhao Hao directly went up and asked, “How is it Havent you dealt with it yet”

Ma Zhuisheng replied, “I was waiting for you.

Im afraid I cant handle it alone.”

Zhao Hao nodded.

Although Ma Zhuisheng was a late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator and had a Confucian treasure, if they were to really fight, it would still be insufficient to face a powerful opponent above the Soul Formation realm.

Zhao Hao turned around and walked to the river.

He could clearly see the Flood Dragon circling in the water, as well as Zhang Zhiwei and Du Le between its claws.

Sensing the aura of the 300-meter-long Flood Dragon, Zhao Hao used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes, and its information immediately appeared.

Name: Ao Lie

Race: Flood Dragon

Cultivation: Peak-Stage Soul Formation

Introduction: The illegitimate son of the Dragon King of the East Sea.

His bloodline is impure, and he was originally an Ascension daemon.

5,000 years ago, he broke the clan rules and was sealed in the Yangtze River.

Due to the lack of Spiritual Qi, he was sealed for over 2,000 years, and his cultivation fell to the peak cycle of the Soul Formation realm.

When the Spiritual Qi was restored, he broke out of the seal.

: He has an unusual treasure and is a cunning and bloodthirsty daemon.


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