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[Ten battles between third-step experts.

This had never happened in the past 2,000 years.

This was also the first time that the Hundred Schools of Thought and the three religions would clash.

[During the great war, they had fought with all their might against the shamans and the daemons.

After that, the biggest peach was split between Buddhism and Confucianism.

The Hundred Schools of Thought had put in a lot of effort, but they didnt obtain any spoils of war.

Instead, they were bullied by the three religions.

[Therefore, no side would hold back in this battle, especially the son of the Mo family, Mo Di.

[As the Mo family is very powerful among the Hundred Schools of Thought, they have always been the leading faction of the Hundred Schools of Thought.

They hate those who oppress the most.

Therefore, they want to take this opportunity to kill a few Supreme Buddhas, quasi-Sages, and Grand Luo Immortals for fun.

[The great war would be held for ten days, one battle per day.

You brought 15 third-step experts of the Hundred Schools of Thought into the tent to discuss.

In the end, you chose ten representatives to fight against the three religions.

[The ten third-step experts were Mo Di, Zhang Yi, Cheng Qiu, Shen Buhai, Lu Qinghou, Xu Jingyou, Yuchi Wei, Gongsun Long, Bian Sheng, and Ji Changshou.

[These ten were the strongest third-step experts among the Hundred Schools of Thought.

[On the 185th day, the strongest expert among the Hundred Schools of Thought would naturally fight the first battle.

[Mo Di would be fighting against a quasi-Sage.

Both sides had a feud, so they unleashed their full strength at the start of the battle.

The quasi-Sage held a quasi-Sage inkstone.

Mo Di also controlled an ink ruler, and its power is no less than a quasi-Sage treasure.

[The great Scholar Qi roamed heaven and earth.

However, under this enormous Scholar Qi, the basic power of the Dao of Ink—love, harmony, frugality, wisdom, and heavenly will—was not inferior to the great Scholar Qi at all.

In space, it was like a white force and a black force collided with each other, yet they were entangled with each other.

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[You watched quietly.

Even with your current strength, without the addition of the Human Emperor talent, you would not be able to see clearly the two people fighting in the sky.

[An hour later, a stream of light descended from the sky.

Heaven and earth instantly turned gray, and blood rained down.

A third-step expert had died.

[You raised your eyes and looked over.

You were looking forward to the result of this first battle.

When that black light appeared, you would know that the victor of this battle was determined.

[The Hundred Schools of Thought versus the three religions.

In the first battle, Mo Di won.

[For a time, the Xia armys morale was high, and the three empires armys morale was low.]

[On the 186th day, the Cheng familys son, Cheng Qiuzi, fought against Supreme Buddha Boundless Light.

After half a day, Cheng Qiuzi stained the battlefield with blood, and Supreme Buddha Boundless Light won.

[On the 187th day, the Zongheng familys Zhang Yi fought against Grand Luo Immortal Xuanji.

The battle lasted until dusk, and Zhang Yi won.

[On the 188th day…]

[On the 195th day, after ten days, other than Mo Di and Zhang Yis victories, your side lost the other eight battles.

There had been a total of 15 third-step experts.

Eight of them had died, and only seven remained.

[On the other hand, on the side of the three kingdoms army, the original 30 third-step experts had been reduced to 28.

[The situation instantly became overwhelming.

On the Xia Empires side, although you had the Human Emperor talents support, their morale was still low.

[The three kingdoms army took the chance to attack the city, and you commanded the army to fight.]

[On the 198th day, the three kingdoms army attacked for three days, and your side suffered heavy losses.

The original 10,000,000-man army lost 1,000,000 soldiers, and the three kingdoms army also lost 1,000,000 soldiers.

However, you knew that if this continued, you would definitely lose.]

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[On the 213th day, the three kingdoms army continued to attack.

There was even a third-step expert who launched a sneak attack.

Your army had already lost 5,000,000 men, and the morale of your men was low.

If not for the Human Emperor talent, they would have already been defeated.

[You did not have any worries, and your eyes were shining.

Your reinforcements had arrived.

[On the 214th day, the three empires army attacked the city as usual.

However, this time, they were not facing the Xia army, whose morale was low in the past/

[Instead, they were facing groups of shamans and an army of daemons.

[The moment you had declared war against the three empires, you had sent someone to deliver a message to Bai Qi.

You were going to attack the world together with the shamans and daemons.

[You had secretly taken control of the Jade Gate Pass.

Under your orders, your subordinates opened the city gates.

The daemons even sent a large number of demonic beasts through the teleportation formation.

They were led by many Daemon Saints to join forces with the shamans.

[Then, they rushed out of the Jade Gate Pass straight to Youtong Pass/

[No one expected that you would release the shamans and the daemons to wreak havoc in the world.

It was a heinous crime.

[However, it was too late to say anything.

When Bai Qi took the lead and killed a Supreme Buddha, a quasi-Sage, and a Grand Luo Immortal, the three empires army was defeated and began to flee in all directions/

[The Daemon Saints turned into their true forms, blotting out the sky and covering the sun.

They swallowed tens of thousands of soldiers in one go.

[The great war that shocked the entire world also turned into a race war because you sought the shamans and daemons help.

[Even the Zhou Empire of the Central Region condemned you and declared they would send an army to attack you.

The other three kingdoms did the same.

The three religions used all their strength to destroy all of you.]

[On the 218th day, you led the Xia army and the shaman-daemon alliance army to attack Nanliang and seized a large number of cities.

Your forces expanded again.

However, because you went against your will and betrayed the human race, the effect of your Human Emperor talent was greatly reduced.

Even the shadow of the Human Dao could not be summoned.

[On the 219th day, your army successfully reached the capital of Nanliang.

Just as you were about to command your army to attack the city, a rainbow slowly appeared in the sky.

The shadow of a Daoist sat cross-legged on the Rainbow Bridge/

[When they saw this persons appearance, both Great Shamans and Daemon Saints expressions changed.

[Bai Qi was a little afraid at first, but then he took a step forward and spoke to the Daoist in a loud voice.

“Sage, you all once said that you would no longer interfere with the affairs of the mortal world and that Sages were not allowed to make a move.

Why have you appeared now”

[Only a peerless God of Slaughter like Bai Qi would have the courage to question a Sage.

[The old man in the Daoist robe did not even glance at Bai Qi.

Instead, he stared at you for a long time before he spoke to you.

“You have taken the wrong path.”

[When he was done speaking, you could feel the space around you begin to shatter.

In an instant, you were plunged into eternal darkness…]


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