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[On the 131st day, your army occupied the entire territory of the Western Chu Empire.

You controlled the entire Western Region and established a new regime, naming it Xia.

[You are the first Sacred Emperor of the Xia Empire.

You can step into the third step, but you endured it and waited for an opportunity.

[The three religions have all sent third-step experts to discuss with you.

[On the surface, you warmly welcomed the experts of the three religions, but you have other plans.

You summoned the suppressed Hundred Schools of Thought into the palace.]

[On the 135th day, after many days of discussion, you ordered the three religions not to preach in the territory of the Xia Empire.

“Great Xia will set up the Jixia Academy for the Hundred Schools of Thought to preach in Great Xia.”

[For a time, the three religions experts were furious, while the Hundred Schools of Thought that had been under their suppression seemed to have regained their vitality.

Sect Leaders and bishots appeared in Shengjing.

[You met them one by one and promised that they could develop freely in the Xia Empire.

As long as they did not endanger the regime of the Xia Empire, you would fully support any religion.

[After revitalizing the Hundred Schools of Thought, Shengjing, which was originally dispirited due to the war, gradually began to recover its former prosperity.

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[The Hundred Schools of Thought had been suppressed by the three religions.

It was precisely because of this that you could see that the Hundred Schools of Thought would probably be reduced to ashes under the suppression of the three religions if they didnt increase their strength.

[Therefore, each school of thought has thousands of people gathered in Shengjing, naturally allowing Shengjing to restore its former prosperity.

[However, your behavior has attracted the serious dissatisfaction of the three religions.

The threereligions have already started to meet to discuss how to deal with the matters related to the Xia Empire.]

[On the 143rd day, Southern Nanliang, the empire that worshiped Daoism, took the lead to issue a notice to you.

“If the Xia Empire continues to ban Daoism, Great Nanliang will send troops to the Xia Empire to protect the dignity of Daoism.”

[On the 144th day, Northern Qi, the empire that worshiped Buddhism, issued a notice to you.

“if the Xia Empire continues to ban Buddhism, Great Qi will send troops to attack the Xia Empire to protect the dignity of Buddhism.”

[On the 145th day, Eastern Han, the empire that worshiped Confucianism, issued a notice to you.

“If the Xia Empire continues to ban Confucianism, Great Han will send troops to attack the Xia Empire to protect the dignity of Confucianism.”

[For a moment, the world was shaken.

The three great empires had issued a notice at the same time.

It was both an oppression and a shock.

Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism had been dominating the human race for thousands of years.

They had Sages behind them.

How could a newborn empire contend against them

[Everyone in the world also looked toward the Central Region, where the Zhu Empire was the ruler.

It was an empire that was not controlled by the three religions.

However, the Zhou Empire was also very harmonious with the three religions.

Being able to dominate the Central Region was the basis of its strength.

[You sent a letter to the Emperor of the Zhou Empire, asking to fight against the three religions together.

However, you did not receive any response.

[Everyone looked forward to it for a while.

When they realized that the Zhou Empire did not have any plans to act, they turned their attention back to the Xia Empire.

Everyone wanted to know what choice you, the Sacred Emperor of the Xia Empire, who might become a Sage, would make.]

[On the 155th day, ten days later, a piece of news shook the entire world.

Countless people exclaimed that you were a complete lunatic.

In the name of the Xia Empire, you issued a letter of challenge to the Southern Liang, Northern Qi, and Eastern Han.

You stated that once this battle started, either the Xia Empire would be destroyed or the three empires would be destroyed.

[Now that you had control over the entire Western Region and had billions of people under your command, the army alone had 10,000,000 soldiers.

Under the effect of your Human Emperor talent, the morale of all the soldiers was high.

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[The Hundred Schools of Thought are very dissatisfied with your reckless behavior, but now that things have come to this, most of them have chosen a path to walk to the end.

Many of the Hundred Schools of Thought have chosen to follow you.

[You are very satisfied.

Under the suppression of the three religions, the Hundred Schools of Thought nurtured third-step experts.

However, there are different strengths and weaknesses, and many of them are not suitable for the path of war.

[You have a total of 15 third-step experts under your command.

[Among them, the Mo familys Mo Di, the Zongheng familys Zhang Yi, the Cheng familys Cheng Qiuzi, and the Shen familys Shen Buhai are the four of the strongest experts.

They are all third-step experts who have 5,000-meter-long Dao manifestations.

[The remaining 11 are divided into groups of 100-meters and 1,000-meter-long Dao manifestations.]

[On the 163rd day, you personally led an army to battle against the three empires at Youtong Pass.

The three empires did not intend to use any conspiracies or tricks.

They broke the formation and sent out an army.

The three empires sent out a total of 20,000,000 soldiers, and the three religions sent out many third-step experts to accompany them.

The war was about to start.]

[On the 175th day, your army rushed to Youtong Pass.

The three empires army had yet to arrive, and your eyes flashed with excitement.

[Today, you will finally face the strongest power in the world.

In this simulation, you want to see just how strong the strongest power in the world is.”

[On the 183rd day, the armies of the three empires arrived at Youtong Pass.

You stood on top of the city wall and watched the three empires army.

You couldnt help but sigh at how rich and powerful the three religions were.

Each of the major religions had sent out 10 third-step experts.

Moreover, the leader was probably much stronger than the four strongest experts on your side.

[Without much fanfare, a great war broke out.

One side attacked while the other defended.

One side had the full support of the three religions, while the other side had the full support of the Hundred Schools of Thought.

[The flames of war were flying everywhere.

All kinds of techniques were used at Youtong Pass.

[The traps and techniques of the Mo family, the justice of the world of the legalists, and the joint camp of the Zongheng family—this was the first time that your eyes were opened like this.

[You witnessed the trump cards of one family after another, as well as their strengths

[Even in your eyes, the experts of a farming family who did not have the slightest fighting strength could throw down a handful of seeds with a wave of their hands.

Under the effect of the technique, the seeds grew instantly.

The grass and trees on the continent directly tied the enemies up, and the sharp branches directly penetrated through their bodies.

[The first confrontation lasted from early morning until late at night, and only then did both sides occupy the city.

The three empires had lost hundreds of thousands, while your side had suffered tens of thousands of casualties.]

[On the 184th day, the battle once again began.

This time, the three empires didnt attack the city like yesterday but sent out third-step experts from the three religions.

[A total of 30 third-step experts stood between heaven and earth.

As the immense pressure descended, everyone at Youtong Pass felt great pressure.

[The person in charge of the Buddhist camp, a Supreme Buddha, issued a challenge to you.

“Both sides will send out 10 third-step experts to fight to the death.

If one side doesnt die, the battle wont end.”

[You glanced at the Hundred Schools of Thought on your side and agreed to the Supreme Buddhas challenge.

Because of this, both sides withdrew their troops, and the armies of the three countries retreated a hundred kilometers, leaving a space for the third-step experts to fight.]


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