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[You raised your head and looked at the old man standing above the city wall.

Wang Shouyis great name is still very clear in your memory.

In one simulation, you were once this persons disciple.

[But you also didnt expect that this person would actually become a quasi-Sage in one step, and he even had a 1,000-meter manifestation of Confucianism.

[Just as you were about to step forward and speak, you saw Wang Shouyi speak directly to you.

“This old man created the Trideca-Incense Battle Art.

Today, Ill let you experience it.”

[After he finished speaking, a writing brush instantly appeared in Wang Shouyis hand.

Just by looking at its might, one could tell that it was an Exalted Sage treasure.

[Using heaven and earth as paper, Wang Shouyi waved his brush and wrote an incense character.

[For a moment, the fragrance of flowers spread over 1,000 kilometers, intoxicating ones heart.

However, it was an endless accumulation of killing intent in your eyes.

The incense character flew toward you.

[You instantly connected to the illusory Human Dao and once again used the Human Emperor talents effect to absorb all the strength of your subordinates.

Your body leaped up and landed a punch on the fragrance character.

[The fragrance character was instantly shattered into pieces with an explosive sound under the force of your punch.

[Just as you raised your head to look at Wang Shouyi, 11 different incense characters were already before him.

Each character floated around Wang Shouyi, turning into beautiful flowers with terrifying power.

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[Just as Wang Shouyi was about to write the 13th fragrant character, a mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth.

The hand that was holding the brush could no longer hold it, and it fell to the ground.

[Touching the blood at the corner of his mouth, Wang Shouyi widened his eyes and said through gritted teeth, “I… cant accept this…”

[However, there was no use in being unwilling.

The 1,000-meter-long manifestation of Confucianism behind Wang Shouyi began to collapse, and Wang Shouyis spirit, essence, and body began to decline.

[He hadnt reached the quasi-Sage realm naturally.

Instead, he had sacrificed the Scholar Qi he had cultivated for 1,000 years, as well as his spirit, essence, and body.

He had sacrificed everything to obtain a short moment to reach the quasi-Sage realm.


[Using his last bit of strength, Wang Shouyi struck out with the 11 incense-shaped petals beside him.

[The 11 incense-shaped petals turned into streaks of light that flew in your direction.

[You were shocked.

Just as you wanted to dodge, you realized that there was no way to do so.

The 11 incense-shaped petals had already locked onto your aura.

Even if you soared in the sky or drilled into the earth, you would still be struck by the final blow.

[Helpless, you circulated all the power in your body and charged toward the 11 incense words.

[Countless explosions rang out.

Under the dust in the sky and Wang Shouyis expectant gaze, you slowly walked out of the dust.

Although you were in a sorry state, covered in dust and dirt, and only the back of your hand..

had been blown into ashes, you had undoubtedly blocked this move.

[Wang Shouyi could not hold on any longer, and he slowly closed his eyes.

“Western Chu… Western Chu…”

[These were the last words Wang Shouyi left before death.

[You returned your cultivation to the army and ordered them to attack the city.

You slowly walked up to Wang Shouyis corpse, and after a moment of silence, you said, “Misters integrity is admirable.”

[After a while, Lin Fenghai came to you and reported excitedly.

“Sacred Emperor, your subject led the army to attack the city and captured the emperor of Western Chu alive.

The Empress Dowager of Western Chu handed over the jade seal and the military talisman.

All the nobles of Western Chu surrendered.”

[After listening to Lin Fenghais report, you turned around and looked at the originally prosperous Shengjing City, which was half destroyed.

[You calmly said, “Today, Western Chu is destroyed…”

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[Under the protection of the army, you majestically entered Shengjing City.

On both sides of the long street, countless people of Western Chu, who were restrained by soldiers, knelt down.

[Only a small portion of the nobles were dressed in gorgeous clothes.

Most of them were ordinary people, and more or less half of them were children.

There were also women and old women, but not many men.

[The men had already been enlisted and died during the war.

“Take pity on these commoners,” you instructed Lin Fenghai.

“After being trapped for so many days, the commoners in the city have not eaten a single grain of rice.

They are suffering beyond words.

This battle is already over.

Fenghai, go find some food and distribute it to these commoners.

From now on, they are all my people.”

[Lin Fenghai naturally followed your orders.

He brought a large amount of food with his subordinates and distributed it to the many starving people.

[However, among the people of Western Chu, there were many nobles or people dressed like students who struggled to get up and continuously cursed at you.

“Beast! D*mn traitor! You are shameless to the extreme…”

“I will never surrender! If you have the ability, kill us all…”

“I will not surrender even if I die…”

“I will make you pay with blood in the future…”

[The curses of the Western Chu people resonated with everyone.

[The scene was chaotic.

There were even death warriors hidden in the crowd who took the opportunity to rush out and assassinate you.

“Kill the traitor, protect me, Western Chu…”


[Under the shouts of the death warriors, the Western Chu people who were already kneeling on the ground began to struggle.

The starving people who had just been given food, even the children, took the food that Lin Fenghai had just given them and threw it fiercely in your direction.

[They even shouted, “Kill the traitors, kill the traitors!”

[You and your powerful guards effortlessly took care of the death warriors, and the chaos was only pacified with a wave of a hand.

[The Western Chu people who were causing trouble were all decapitated.

[You frowned and walked in front of a child.

This childs face was ashen, and the soldiers behind him firmly suppressed him.

[However, his gaze was extremely fierce as he stared and shouted at you, “Western Chu will not die.

In the future, I will definitely make you traitors pay back a hundred, a thousand, a thousand times over!”

[The childs eyes were bloodshot as he shouted at the top of his lungs.

This was not a temperament that he should have at his age.

[You were silent for a long time because of the childs words.

[Then, you shook your head and sighed as you spoke to Lin Fenghai.

“Kill all Western Chu nobles.

Kill all the aristocratic clans.

Kill all the commoners as well.

Since they dont want to be my people, then let them follow the Western Chu soldiers who died in battle.”

[When you said this, Lin Fenghai, who was cupping his hands to listen to the order, was shocked.

Then, he understood.

[You sighed a little.

In fact, if there was enough time, you could completely subdue these people through the Human Emperor talent.

Unfortunately, the simulation time was tight, so you absolutely could not waste time on this kind of thing.

[Cutting the Gordian knot with a quick knife was undoubtedly the best way.]

[On the 125th day, the battlefield outside Shengjing City had been cleaned up.

In the wilderness, many graveyards protruded out, and one could not see the edge at a glance.

The ones buried there were Western Chu nobles and civilians.

[You lived in the Shengjing Royal Palace, and one order after another was issued.

The army moved according to the order.

At present, you control more than half of the territory of Western Chu and are taking over other territories.]


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