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[The great Daos have taken the initiative to invite you.

This is already a peerless opportunity that no one has ever had before or since.

If you want to invite all of the most powerful great Daos in the world today, it will definitely not be that simple.

[You can feel that they are all extremely compatible with you no matter which great Dao it is.

As long as you accept one of them into your body, you will instantly become a third-step mighty figure with a 1,000-meter Dao manifestation at the very least.

[However, you are very unwilling to accept this.

You possess a Colorful Talent, the Human Emperor.

If you become a third-step mighty figure just like this, youre afraid you will regret it in the future.

[Therefore, you directly severed the connection between all the great Daos.

Facing the supreme great Daos that countless people drooled over, you coldly said the word,”Scram”.

For a moment, heaven and earth shook.

The great Daos had a spirit, and all of them let out angry emotions.

[If it werent for the Human Dao phantom standing behind you, you were afraid that you would have been torn to pieces by these furious great Daos in an instant/

[Following the disappearance of the many great Daos, the third-step mighty figures in the crowd remained silent.

Looking at the high-spirited you below, everyone knew that you were a madman.

Either you would become a Sage, or you wouldnt be able to take another step forward for the rest of your life.

[You ignored the crowd on the horizon.

Ever since you revealed your talent, Lin Fenghai informed you that no third-step almighty expert would attack you.

In fact, you would even have a few more protectors.

[To cultivators, how could an empire be as important as the Dao of a Sage

[You began to command the army to attack the city.

For a time, the flames of war raged.

[On the 119th day, the battle lasted for 10 days and 10 nights.

Both sides suffered heavy casualties.

Luckily, you used the Human Emperor talents effect at the crucial moment to recover everyones strength and raise their cultivation level.

In the end, you managed to take over the city wall.

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[Still, the soldiers of the Western Chu Empire continued to put up a resistance, and many commoners volunteered to join the city defense team.

One after another, the Exalted Scholars took action.

Although they were in imminent danger, they resisted even more fiercely.

[Blood dyed the sky red, and the corpses of a large number of cultivators covered the entire land.

[With a wave of your hand, you shouted the word, “Release”.

[Behind you, countless cultivators drew their bows and arrows.

In an instant, endless arrows shot out from your direction, sweeping up the entire sky and outlining a huge black curtain that covered heaven and earth.

[These arrows and bows were specially made.

Even cultivators would be seriously injured if an arrow hit them.

[The entire Shengjing City could not see the sky.

There were only countless arrows.

Those arrows carried a terrifying speed and were densely packed.

They swept up the wind and sand in the sky.

Before they even landed in Shengjing city, they had already caused a terrifying phenomenon.

This was your final weapon to attack the city.

[The whistling arrow rain caused the souls of those trapped in Shengjing City to die.

[In White Deer Academy, the Eldest Disciple anxiously ran to the front of Exalted Scholar Wang Shouyi and anxiously said, “Master, Master, the rebel army is coming.

They are about to break through the city wall.

They cant take it anymore, so lets run…”

[In the huge school hall, countless scholars in white clothes couldnt help but run in all directions when the terrifying arrow rain came.

[Some arrows broke through the wall and shot into the ground of the academy.

Some arrows pierced through the windows and pierced the desks.

[There were also countless arrows, densely packed, covering heaven and earth.

They had yet to fall from the sky.

[At this time, an old man slowly walked out.

It was the deputy dean of the White Deer Academy, the peak-stage Exalted Scholar, Wang Shouyi.

[Unlike others, he was originally from Western Chu.

During this countrys crisis, he couldnt escape from Shengjing and abandon Western Chu like an ordinary expert.

[When all the students saw Wang Shouyi, they also calmed down.

He was the teacher of all the students.

[At this time, Wang Shouyis hair and beard were all white, and his eyes were somewhat turbid, but there was also a single flash of brilliance.

[Wang Shouyi looked around.

The students who hid not far away from him all had fear and unease on their faces.

There was a fear of death but also a fear of the unknown.

[As for Wang Shouyi, his expression was as calm as ever as he slowly spoke.

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“All of you must remember that no matter how strong the rebel army is, they can destroy the cities of Western Chu and destroy Western Chu.

However, they will never forget the strength of our Western Chu Empire.

They will never be able to destroy the hearts of the people of Western Chu.

“Today, all of you must learn the essence of the people of Western Chu, the essence carved into our ancestors bones.”

[Wang Shouyis words were like a bright lamp on the sea, lighting up both himself and everyone else.

[For a moment, all of the students forgot about the arrows that filled the sky and followed Wang Shouyi into the academy.

[Wang Shouyi sat cross-legged on the podium, using a tree branch as a brush and a box filled with sand as a piece of paper.

[He began to write slowly with one stroke after another.

[As for the many White Deer students, they were all seated in their respective positions, not moving at all.

They followed Wang Shouyi as he wrote one stroke after another without any fear.

[Outside the academy, the arrows were endless like a downpour.

However, just as the dense rain of arrows was about to land on the academy, it was blocked by a great surge of Scholar Qi.

It stopped in mid-air and was unable to land.

[Inside the hall, Wang Shouyi spat out a mouthful of blood.

The Eldest Disciple beside him hurriedly stepped forward to support him but was pushed away with a wave of his hand.

[Wang Shouyi lifted the tree branch and completed the last stroke.

It was the words “Western Chu”.

[All the students followed suit and finished writing.

They all raised their heads to look at the incomparably majestic teacher at this moment.

[Wang Shouyi said faintly.

“All of you must remember todays lesson.

You are born in Western Chu, and even if you die, you must die for the soul of Western Chu.

I will personally make a move in a while to buy time for you.

Remember, dont forget this hatred of destroying the country.”


[All of a sudden, all the students fell to their knees and cried out loud.

The Eldest Disciple cried the most miserably.

He hugged Wang Shouyis thigh and refused to let go.

[Seeing that another round of arrow rain was coming from the sky, Wang Shouyi kicked the Eldest Disciple away.

Without saying anything else, he instantly shot up into the sky.

[The arrow rain that filled the sky actually stopped at that moment.

“This old man is the Trideca-Incense Exalted Scholar, Wang Shouyi.

Today, I am the Western Chu, worshiping Confucianism, and ready to reach the quasi-Sage…”

[Endless Scholar Qi gathered, and the Scholar Qii from the sky actually personally appeared.

Under the evolution of Wang Shouyi, a 1,000-meter-long manifestation of Confucianism slowly formed behind Wang Shouyi.

“I said, no arrows are allowed to shoot into Shengjing.”

[In a word, the arrows that were shot into the city all fell outside the city.

The invisible Scholar Qi seemed to have protected the entire Shengjing.

[Wang Shouyis figure appeared above the city wall.

[At this time, whether it was the millions of rebel soldiers that you led or the cultivators and common people of Western Chu, all of them were looking at this white-haired but high-spirited old man.]


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