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[The sound of war drums filled the sky.

In Shengjing City, armored shuttles and powerful experts at step two were scattered around the city walls.

[As a powerful empire that occupied a continent, its foundation was still very deep even if it was established less than 2,000 years ago.

Even at such a critical time, the current Western Chu Emperor was still in the palace watching his objects singing and dancing.

[You once again saw your former opponent, Situ Wushuang.

You didnt order to attack the city but to challenge Situ Wushuang to a one-on-one battle.

[This was exactly what Situ Wushuang wanted.

He also wanted to use the decapitation plan to kill you, and then the chaotic army would definitely scatter.

[Thus, Situ Wushuang flew down from the city and wanted to fight with you.

[Your cultivation had reached the peak of the second step and coupled with your many innate techniques, you were not afraid at all and started a great battle with Situ Wushuang.

[Dark clouds covered the sky as thunder and lightning constantly appeared in the sky.

You successfully killed Situ Wushuang and the city guards with your overwhelming strength.

The morale of the Shengjing city guards of the Western Chu Empire plummeted greatly.

[Just as you were preparing to seize the opportunity to attack the city, a powerful pressure erupted from the city wall.

An old man soared into the sky and rushed toward your direction.

[You are astonished.

The person who acted was actually a third-step expert.

Initially, you thought that even if there were a few third-step experts in the Western Chu Empire, they would definitely act at the last moment.

However, it wasnt the same.

Just after killing Situ Wushuang, a third-step expert acted.

[You hurriedly used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes and obtained all the information about this old man.

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Name: Situ Zhongda

Race: Human

Cultivation: Physical Dao(third-step body refiner)

Introduction: He is theWestern Chu Empires Imperial Preceptor, father of great general Situ Wushuang.

He has been a third-step expert for 1,000 years and has comprehended the Physical Dao.

His raw strength is extraordinary, and his Dao manifestation is 500 meters long.

[After reading the information, your pupils couldnt help but constrict.

Although Bai Qis Dao of Slaughter was 10,000 meters long, a third-step expert with a 200- to 300-meter Dao manifestation would be considered normal based on your understanding.

For someone like Situ Zhongda, who had cultivated for 1,000 years and had a 500-meter Dao manifestation, he was definitely talented and powerful.

[Now that youve killed his son, he will naturally make a move against you.

You felt an unprecedented sense of danger when facing a third-step expert.

[Luckily, the Human Emperor talent allows you to have sufficient confidence.

At this moment of danger, you roared, “Everyone, clench your right hand!”

[In an instant, the millions of experts under your command clenched their right hands.

The Human Emperor talents effect was activated, and your subordinates strength could be absorbed into your body during battle.

[In an instant, all the experts under your command lost all their strength and fell to the ground.

All their strength entered your body.

[Golden light flashed explosively on your body.

You did not enter the third step, but the terrifying energy within your body was not the slightest bit weaker than a third-step expert.

[A bright golden great Dao vaguely appeared behind you.

It was the incomparably powerful great Dao that you had sensed a little earlier but refused to appear.

After merging your subordinates strength with yours, you were actually pulled by a thread and glimpsed an illusory image of it.

[At that moment, you finally understood that this dao is called the Human Dao

[Although you havent condensed the Human Dao, the illusory image of the Human Dao that you summoned also faintly transmitted power to you.

Your strength instantly increased greatly, and you engaged in a great battle with Situ Zhongda.

[The great battle between third-step experts is terrifying.

Even the sky continuously shattered because of your battle.

The great army under your command and the great army on the city walls suffered heavy casualties because of your battle.

[Situ Zhongdas fleshly body is indestructible.

Under the support of humanity, you can unleash an incomparably terrifying attack.]

[On the 106th day, the three days and three nights of battle attracted countless experts to spectate from afar.

A battle between third-step experts was something rarely seen in the entire world, especially a battle of life and death.”

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[Be it Buddhists, Daoists, Scholars, experts from hundred schools of thought, and all sorts of other sects, all of them were spectating from afar.

[No one interfered, not even the major powers behind the Western Chu Empire.

Everyone who came saw the illusory image of the great Dao behind you.

Perhaps ordinary people wouldnt be able to understand it, but they understood that this was a great Dao similar to Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism.

It could be called the foundation of Ten Thousand Daos.

This was the Dao of a Sage.

[Everyone looked at you with ambiguous gazes.

The Dao of a Sage was not so easy to appear.

For countless years, there were only a few Daos of a Sage in the entire world.

Each Dao of a Sage could reach 1,000,000 meters and allow countless people to cultivate.

[It can be said that when you summoned the Human Dao, the overall situation was already set.

No one would think of offending a future Sage.

[Only the spies of the shamans and daemons would think of killing a future Sage of the human race.]

[On the 109th day, you and Situ Zhongda fought for six days and six nights.

In the end, you punched his head and shattered his soul.

For a moment, the sky and earth became dark, and blood dripped down.

This was the death of a mighty third-step figure, and heaven and earth shared the same grief.

[After killing Situ Zhongda, your Asura in the World talent instantly absorbed a powerful killing aura.

Your great Dao of Slaughter evolved and wanted to enter your body.

[The great Dao evolved automatically and wanted to enter a cultivators body.

This kind of situation was simply unheard of.

For a time, countless onlookers were stunned.

[The great Dao of Slaughter is not weak.

Even in the entire world, among the thousands of great Daos, it was ranked at the top.

[The most famous person that comprehended this Dao is the God of Slaughter, Bai Qi.

He is unafraid of all third-step experts.

He even killed the widely recognized number two Confucian expert, Xun Zi.

[Now that the great Dao of Slaughter has taken the initiative to invite you and has even completed its evolution, it wants to fuse into your body.

Everyone present thinks that you will choose the great Dao of Slaughter.

After all, the Human Dao in the void has not evolved.

Who knows how many years it will take if you really want to evolve it It is even more likely that you will never be able to fuse with it in your entire life.

[The manifestation of the Dao of Slaughter should at least be 1,000 meters long.

[However, before everyone could snap out of their daze, numerous great Daos manifested in the sky.

Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, Physical Dao, Divine Ability Dao…

[All the great Daos that are famous in the world appeared.

Each of them consciously evolved and wanted to fuse into your body!]


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