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[Finally, more than 100 powerful warriors above the Ascension realm walked out of the world in the painting.

You took a step forward as well.

As you had told us a long time ago, everyone hid their presence and did not act rashly, so they were not exposed yet.

[You went straight to Bai Qis tribe.

With your second-step cultivation, you soon met Bai Qi.

You released your killing intent and told Bai Qi everything once again.

You successfully gained Bai Qis trust.

[Just as you were about to kill Ge Tianji, you discovered that the old man had actually run away earlier this time.

You have no choice but to give up.


[You and Bai Qi became sworn brothers once again.

You told Bai Qi about your plan and received his full support.

Bai Qi gathered all the shamans in his tribe and wanted them to join you.

[However, your Human Emperor talent was not very effective with shamans.

Shaman Generals even had a strong resistance to you.

[You guessed that the Human Emperor talent was obviously ineffective against a shaman, so youre not in a hurry.

You plan to stabilize yourself in the Bai Qi tribe for a while and raise the overall strength of your subordinates.]

[On the 31st day, after more than ten days of rest, many of your subordinates have advanced one after another.

Compared to the world in the painting, this real world is simply a precious place for cultivation.

[Widow Zhang has even successfully entered the early cycle of the Dao Transformation realm.

All the Ascension experts have also entered the Mahayana realm.

[Your strength has increased to the peak cycle of the Void Nirvana realm.]

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[On the 45th day, under Bai Qis personal guidance, the strength of your subordinates has greatly increased.

Everyone from the Tianwu Village has entered the Dao Transformation realm.

Widow Zhang has also reached the peak cycle of the Dao Transformation realm.

[All the Mahayana experts have reached the peak cycle of the Mahayana realm.

[Your strength has successfully entered the early cycle of the Void Spirit realm.]

[On the 60th day, you discovered a problem.

There were too few experts under you.

After breaking through to the Void Spirit realm, the improvement of your subordinates would only have a slight effect on you.

[You bade farewell to Bai Qi and wanted to enter the human world to develop your own forces.

[Bai Qi agreed with you and personally escorted you to Jade Gate Pass.]

[On the 65fth day, you and Bai Qi arrived at the Jade Gate Pass.

Bai Qi still promised you that you could run back to find him if you ran into any danger.

You accepted it willingly and sighed at the fact that you made a good sworn brother.

[After that, you brought those 100-something subordinates and headed to the Jade Gate Pass…]

Even though there were only some shamans outside the Jade Gate Pass, there had been quite a number of humans who stayed in the shamans territory for long periods.

After all, shamans were not skilled in pill concocting and weapon forging.

There were quite a number of rare treasures in the far west of the land.

Hence, when the shamans did not usually attack, the gate to Jade Gate Pass was also open.

The protective rune was not activated.

[When the guards saw you bringing your team here, they instantly went into a state of alert.

Since such a large force was returning from the shamans territory, there should be powerful experts among them.

[There is not the slightest hint of fear in you.

Spiritual Qi erupted from your entire body as you took out the Morality Brush and activated this Grand Scholar treasure.

[This is your proof of identity.

The Jade Pass general, Chu Shanjun, has personally come down to greet you.

An Exalted Scholar who holds a Grand Scholar treasure will be respected wherever he goes.

[You politely declined Chu Shanjuns invitation to the banquet and left out the wordMilky Way on your wrist.

Since the academy had a mission for you, you left with your men.

[Chu Shanjun frowned as he watched you leave, as well as your followers.

However, considering your realm, the Grand Scholar treasure in your hand, and the Milky Way Academy behind you, he chose not to investigate.

Obviously, Chu Shanjun was not willing to meddle in other powerful peoples business.]

[On the 77th day, after you entered the territory of the Western Chu Empire and began to expand your influence in a big way.

You even personally led a team to annex one weak sect after another.

Your influence soared in a short period.

[Your force consisted of 1,000 Dao Transformation experts, 100 first-step experts, and even 4 Void Nirvana experts.

[Your strength increased greatly and reached the early cycle of the Void Spirit realm.]

[On the 89th day, your influence gradually grew, and the number of human experts you recruited multiplied every day.

As you succeeded in increasing your strength, you also attracted the attention of the Western Chu Empire.

They even labeled your influence as a heretic sect and sent an army to kill all of you.

[You didnt panic at all.

You went straight to the Lin Hai Academy and met an Exalted Scholar who was loyal to the previous dynasty, Lin Fenghai.

[You relied on the natural intimacy of the Human Emperor talent and your understanding of Lin Fenghai to easily form an alliance with him.

[Lin Fenghai launched his 1,000-year plan.

The 800 disciples he nurtured are now scattered in the major cities of Western Chu.

Some had become City Lords, while others had become city guards.

With your arrival, Lin Fenghai carried the banner of supporting the Human Emperor.

For a time, the world rebelled and openly attacked Western Chu in the name of supporting the Human Emperor.

[In just one night, the Western Chu Empire lost 1/3 of its cities, and all the armies rushed toward the capital of the Western Chu Empire.]

[On the 103rd day, under your personal leadership, the army swept through everything and won every battle.

Because of your Human Emperor talents effect, the level of the experts under you rose very quickly, and second-step experts were born in the war.

[You had gathered 3,000,000 soldiers under your command by the time you arrived at Shengjing City.

The lowest among them was at the Dao Transformation realm.

There were tens of thousands of first-step experts and dozens of second-step experts.

[Your strength has reached the peak cycle of the Void Spirit realm.

You are only one step away from the third step.

You have been pondering over the great Dao that you will condense.

[You can clearly feel the summoning of several great Daos.

Among them are Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, the Dao of Slaughter, and the Physical Dao1.

[Each Red Talent corresponds to incomparably powerful great Daos.

These great Daos can evolve and integrate into your own body, turning you into a third-step expert.

Moreover, your strength will definitely not be weak.

[However, you sensed an incomparably illusory and incomparably huge great Dao in the dark.

That great Daos might seemed to reach the heavens, yet it was also faintly discernible.

It seemed to be summoning you, yet it also had some resistance, making it impossible for you to touch upon its secrets.

Therefore, you decided to wait a bit longer and not rush your breakthrough.

[You personally led your army and arrived at the capital of the Western Chu Empire.

Under Shengjing City, millions of troops were in formation, their killing intent shaking the heavens.

[The Western Chu Empire also gathered all its forces in Shengjing City.

A war is about to break out!]



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