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[As expected, two figures flew out of the teleportation formation after a short while.

They were the two Daemon Saints who were chasing after them.

When the two Daemon Saints saw Bai Qi and Feng Bo, they were both shocked and subconsciously wanted to turn around and return to the teleportation formation.

[Bai Qi used a killing intent fluctuation to block the activation of the teleportation formation.

Then, he looked at the two Daemon Saints with gloomy expressions and calmly asked, “Ji Meng, Hua Fang, the two of you actually dared to come to our territory.

Dont tell me that you think that we have forgotten about the grudge of slaughtering our fellow shamans”

[Bai Qis words were calm, but his killing intent was strong.

[During the great war, both sides suffered heavy casualties.

Otherwise, the human race would not have taken the opportunity to rise up.

[These two subordinates of Daemon Saint were naturally stained with the blood of countless shamans.

[Bi Fang retorted with some fear, “Our side has formed an alliance with your shaman race, and both sides are willing to forget the past and fight against the human race together.

Are you trying to break the agreement”

[The human race dominated the world, and both the daemons and shamans race lived under oppression.

Naturally, they could not continue fighting as their entire races would probably be exterminated.

[Killing intent swirled in Bai Qis eyes.

He really detested these Daemon Saints.

They were not strong, and their abilities were not high.

However, their ability to escape is top-notch.

Bai Qi had not agreed to form an alliance with such teammates from the beginning.

[However, this was the result of the Great Shamans mutual choice.

Even someone as strong as Bai Qi couldnt change this.

[Seeing that Bai Qis killing intent was truly aroused, Feng Bo took a step forward and said to the two Daemon Saints, “Why are the two of you here”

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[Ji Meng replied, “To capture the daemon traitor.” After saying that, he pointed at Zhao Hao beside Bai Qi.

[Bai Qis aura suddenly exploded, and boundless killing intent even suffocated them.

He angrily said to the two Daemon Saints, “This is my sworn brother.

How dare you chase after him!”

[After that, Bai Qi directly attacked.

His long spear was like a dragon as he attacked the two Daemon Saints.

The two Daemon Saints were also greatly shocked.

They didnt expect that the master of Green Flood Dragon Mountain was actually Bai Qis sworn brother.

[Had they known about this, they definitely wouldnt have teleported over.

They originally thought that it was just an ordinary daemon traitor, and the shamans would definitely give them face.

Now, they were afraid that both of them were in danger.

[Bai Qi and the two Daemon Saints were battling in the air.

Although they were all third-step experts, Bai Qi completely suppressed the two Daemon Saints.

The two Daemon Saints didnt have the slightest ability to fight back.

[After exchanging more than 100 moves, numerous Great Shamans appeared around the Feng Bo tribe.

A battle between third-step experts was enough to shatter space and shatter mountains.

Such a huge commotion would naturally alarm the Great Shamans nearby.”

[However, the Great Shamans did not make a move.

Feng Bo had already transmitted his voice to them and told them everything that had happened.

The Great Shamans looked at you carefully and did not say anything else.

They naturally saw through your peak-stage Void Insight cultivation.

[Since you were Bai Qis sworn brother, there was no need for them to stop Bai Qi from making a move for you.]

[On the 137th day, the battle went on for a full day and night.

Bai Qi was awe-inspiring and wore a dazzling blood-colored armor.

After a long battle, he did not lose even a trace of his aura.

Instead, he seemed to be getting stronger and stronger.

[As for the two Daemon Saints, if Ji Meng had not taken out an innate spiritual treasure that was comparable to the Morality Brush, the Black Tortoise Shield, they would have been killed by Bai Qi long ago and scattered their blood all over the shamans territory.

[Finally, under Bai Qis heavy blow, the Black Tortoise Shield could no longer withstand it and was sent flying with a single spear strike.

[Ji Meng and Bi Fang appeared.

At that moment, the two daemons revealed their true forms, and their bodies were covered in wounds.

[Bai Qi was just about to kill the two daemons when a few Great Shamans acted together and blocked Bai Qis attack.

They all advised Bai Qi not to kill the Daemon Saints.

If he did, the alliance between the shamans and daemons would be no more.

At that time, they would fight on their own.

Sooner or later, they would probably be exterminated by the humans.

[You suddenly felt an enormous killing intent surging into your body.

You seemed to be able to unleash an incomparably terrifying attack.

You looked in Bai Qis direction.

After receiving confirmation from Bai Qis eyes, you instantly understood.

[Your figure instantly disappeared.

The moment you reappeared, you had already arrived beside the two Daemon Saints.

[The Great Shamans did not pay any attention to you.

By the time they discovered you, it was already too late.

You transformed into the Moonslaying Wolf battle form and struck out with your two claws.

That enormous killing intent instantly erupted from your claws.

[Two explosive sounds rang out as the heads of the two Baemon Sagess were blown.

Their daemon souls wanted to escape, but they were also instantly devoured by you with your Daemon Devouring talent.

[Your actions displeased many Great Shamans.

Just as they were about to attack and kill you, five-colored light erupted from your body, and wispy immortal voices spread through the world.

Boundless Spiritual Qi surged into your body, and many strange phenomena appeared.

[All the Great Shamans cast sidelong glances at you, and even Bai Qi did the same.

All the people present know that this is the phenomenon that appeared when you reached the third step.

[After you killed the second Daemon Saint, you received a great boost to your cultivation.

You also used your Daemon Devouring talent to refine the cultivation bases of the two Daemon Saints.

Naturally, you broke through and successfully entered the third step.]

[On the 198th day, you woke up in midair.

[Once one breaks through to the third step, they will need a long period of time to stabilize your cultivation.

[You had spent dozens of days, and all the Great Shamans had left.

Only Bai Qi was waiting for you quietly below.

[If you were just a powerful second-step daemon and destroyed the shaman-daemon alliance, the Great Shamans would naturally kill you.

Even Bai Qis sworn brother might not be able to escape death.

You would not receive such treatment since you became a powerful third-step daemon.

[Bai Qis sworn brother is naturally a member of the shaman race.

You can only become an actual shaman when the Ancestral Shaman bestows you with his blood essence.

Every race has a great tolerance toward powerful third-step experts.

[When Bai Qi saw that you were clear-headed, he immediately laughed out loud and congratulated you.

Then, he brought you back to the Bai Qi tribe.

[You still dont know how third-step experts differentiated between realms, so you asked Bai Qi a question.

Bai Qi was a little surprised, but he still explained it to you, “After the third step, there is no realm.

There is only the competition of the great Dao.

From the second step to the third step, you have your own great Dao.”

[As he said that, Bai Qi manifested his understanding of his Dao of Slaughter, and a 10,000-meter-long blood-red river appeared in the void.

[Bai Qi pointed at the Dao of Slaughter behind him and explained, “When a second-step expert reaches the peak, they will enter the stage of exploring their great Dao.

They will enter the third step only when they have condensed their own Dao.

The manifestation of the great Dao of a newly-promoted third-step expert will be over 100 meters long.

As one cultivates and their cultivation increases, the longer the manifestation of their great Dao will be.”]


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