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[Daemon Devouring (Gold Talent): Your mental strength increases by 100.

You can devour demonic beasts/daemons and absorb their cultivation.

You can refine the cultivation you absorbed or store and give it to others.

After devouring demonic beasts/daemons, your appearance will constantly change in accordance with the demonic beasts/daemons you devour.]

[Scholar (Purple Τalent): Your intelligence increases by 50, while Spiritual Qi recovery speed doubles.]

[Lucky Star (Gold Talent): Your luck increases by 100.

You are injured in every battle.

According to the degree of injury, your cultivation will be superimposed.

After you win, it will be increased in one go.]

[On the first day, you descended to the world as a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Because you carried a Confucian treasure, the Morality Brush, the great Moral Dao descended from the sky and poured into your body.

[Your cultivation broke through to the peak cycle of the Soul Formation realm, and more than a dozen figures rushed toward you.

[The huge seal character in the sky enveloped you and brought you out of the village.

[Zhuge Qings clone appeared in front of you…]

[On the 33rd day, you used your Daemon Devouring talent to absorb the cultivation base of a large number of daemons.

You even devoured Widow Zhang.

Your cultivation reached the peak of the Dao transformation realm.

[Zhuge Qing appeared once again, but his expression was extremely gloomy.

He had never expected that a disciple of a scholar would actually switch to the path of daemons.

However, he did not kill you.

Instead, he wanted you to abolish your cultivation base and walk on the path of righteousness.

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[You resolutely refused and activated the Morality Brush, killing Zhuge Qing and entering the gate of the Immortal World alone.

[On the 34th day, you once again came to the forest of the outside world.

This time, you were not in a hurry to leave.

Instead, you began to hunt in the forest.

Your hunting was not to kill those demonic beasts but to be defeated by all kinds of demonic beasts, severely injuring you.

[You fully utilized the Lucky Star talent.

You were defeated a total of 183 times.]

[On the 38th day, all the demonic beasts above the Dao Transformation realm in the entire forest had heavily injured you.

You were defeated a total of 3,752 times.

Your body was accumulating a huge amount of cultivation base.

You were only waiting for a victory.]


[On the 41st day, after you killed a peak-stage Dao Transformation demonic beast.

You obtained a victory, and the Lucky Star talents effect was triggered.

All the accumulated cultivation base was integrated into your body.

You broke through all the way and successfully reached the peak of the first step, the Pure Nirvana realm.]

[On the 43rd day, you killed all the demonic beasts in the entire forest and then used yourDaemon Devouring talent to absorb all their cultivation.

You successfully reached the second steps Void Nirvana realm.

[Since the last daemon you devoured was a Dao Transformation Flood Dragon, your current appearance is that of that Flood Dragon.]

[On the 45th day, you finished your cultivation and charged directly in the direction of the Bai Qi tribe.

You killed several shamans.

When you detected the old village head, you killed him with one claw.

[Just as you were about to escape, a long spear suddenly stabbed toward you.

You narrowly dodged it and discovered that a human figure had already blocked your path.

You sensed the enormous power and hair-raising killing intent that came with it, and you knew who the person was.

You used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes on him and obtained all his information.

Name: Bai Qi

Race: Shaman

Cultivation: Great Shaman (third-step mighty figure)

Introduction: Lord Wuan of the Qin dynasty.

Over 2,000 years ago, he followed the Sages of the human race and escaped from Earth, arriving in this world.

At that time, the humans were at war with the shamans, and many Sages joined the human camp.

Bai Qi, who had comprehended the Dao of Slaughter, joined the shaman camp.

He received the blood essence of the Ancestral Shaman and became a shaman.

During the great war of the shaman, he killed countless daemons.

In the end, when he fought against the human camp, he killed the quasi-Sage Xun Zi.

His cultivation base was unfathomable.

[Youre numb.

The last time you saw Bai Qi, although you sensed that he was very powerful, you didnt know he was that powerful.

He had killed the quasi-Sage Xun Zi! This is a terrifying battle record.

Most importantly, Bai Qi is still alive.

‘He killed the personal disciple of a Sage, but hes still safe and sound.

Hes a ruthless person.

[When Bai Qi saw you snorting coldly, he said, “A mere Pure Nirvana Flood Dragon dares to come here It just so happens that I havent eaten dragon meat for a long time, so Ill sacrifice you to my mouth.”

[Just as Bai Qi was about to make a move, an idea occurred to you.

You activated the boundless killing intent you had accumulated through the Asura in the World talent.

After killing for so many days, it had reached a significant level.

[Bai Qis expression changed.

He immediately transformed into his shamanic form and grabbed you into his hands.

He then asked, “Why did you inherit my Dao of Slaughter”

The Dao of Slaughter was a great Dao.

However, everyone who practiced it had a different Dao of Slaughter.

The cultivation talent that Zhao Hao had obtained was naturally connected to Bai Qis.

[You were helpless, so you told Bai Qi about your experience.

This was also the first time you told the truth to someone you met in a simulation.

[Bai Qi was surprised, but he didnt refuse to believe it.

He then brought you into the tribes camp and treated you warmly.

[You asked Bai Qi in surprise why he trusted you, but Bai Qi told you that you had the aura of time and space.

[You didnt quite understand, but you didnt ask.

Instead, you asked a question that you were very concerned about, and that was why Bai Qi had appointed the old village head as the High Priest

[Bai Qi hesitated for a while, then he said to you, “Ge Tianji has the same aura as you.

You dont understand…”

[Bai Qi is a very forthright person.

“In this foreign world, I feel like meeting a fellow countryman when I meet someone that carries this aura.

[You also accompanied this Asura for a meal.

During the meal, Bai Qi proposed to become your sworn brother, and you accepted it gladly.

Of course, you would hug such a thick thigh.

[You two drank to the point of foolishness.

[In the shamanic tribe, two generations of Asuras became sworn brothers…]

[On the 47th day, the shamanic tribes strong alcohol was very fierce.

Even with your cultivation, you were drunk for two days before waking up.

[Bai Qi came to find you again and asked what your plans were.

You had become brothers with Bai Qi, but you did not trust him that much.

Hence, you suggested to him that you wanted to go to the daemons land to take a look.

With your current identity, there will definitely not be any problems.

[When Bai Qi heard that, he did not stop you from going.

He also knew that the daemons territory was a long way away and that the shamans and daemons had always been in contact.

Both parties had set up teleportation formations.

[Bai Qi brought you there and activated the teleportation formation.

Before he left, he told you that you could come to him for help no matter what happened.

You were really moved and bade farewell in tears.]

[On the 52nd day, you walked out of the daemons teleportation formation and were interrogated by a few great daemons.

They didnt find anything special about you, so they let you choose your own territory.

After all, second-step daemons were considered the mainstay in the daemon camp.

They could have their own territory and recruit their own subordinates.]


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