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“Reporting, the army of oddities is less than 20 kilometers away from us,” a scout reported to Zhao Hao.

Zhao Hao calmly nodded and asked Bai Bing, “Did you bring the anti-ghost missiles this time”

Bai Bing nodded.

“We did, but we only brought 50 because we were in a rush.”

The East F35 anti-ghost missile was a missile specially developed to deal with oddities.

It contained all kinds of substances that were extremely destructive to ghosts and monsters, such as cinnabar, sulfur, sarira powder, Daoist charms, pepper water, garlic…

Anyway, they were basically capable of killing Level 6 oddities.

Once a missile was fired, the threat was guaranteed to turn into ashes.

Last time, because the ghost passenger plane kept flying in the air, Bai Bing had no other choice but to launch the missile.

The production of the missile was very troublesome due to the sarira powder.

They couldnt just kill a few monks to refine the sarira for the sake of making the missile, right

“Okay, use 20 first.

Target the big black ball in front.

I want to check the effect first,” Zhao Hao causally ordered.

Bai Bing didnt refute.

Zhao Hao was the number one commander in the army.

A large army should avoid having two commanders.

Hence, Bai Bing resolutely carried out Zhao Haos orders.

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20 East F35 missiles were instantly fired, heading straight for the army of oddities not far away.

The sound of air being torn apart echoed.

The missiles were swift, and they accurately hit the army of oddities.

The East F35 missiles exploded simultaneously, and the entire army of oddities was instantly blasted apart.

At least a few thousand oddities died tragically under the explosion.

Zhao Haos eyes were fixed on the army, and after seeing the effect, he spoke again.

“Release the remaining 30 missiles at the same time.”

30 East F35 missiles shot into the sky.

However, the army of oddities had already reacted and was prepared.

The moment the missiles attacked, a black hand instantly reached out from the strange black ball.

It crushed all 30 missiles with its bare hands, not harming the army of oddities in the slightest.

Bai Bing also saw the huge pitch-black hand and could not help but shout out in shock, “How is this possible!”

Bai Bing was extremely clear about the power of the East F35 missiles.

To be able to destroy 30 of them so easily, the oddity within was definitely abnormally powerful.

“Hehe, dont worry.

If he hadnt made a move, I would still have some reservations.

Now that hes made a move, I dont have any.”

Zhao Hao finally revealed a smile.

He had just used the missile to attack because he wanted to force the Qing king to make a move.

There was no way to determine the true strength of the Qing king within the tens of thousands of strange black balls.

Sure enough, the 30 missiles and the Qing kings counterattack allowed Zhao Hao to gauge his opponents cultivation.

He was just a late-stage Nascent Soul ghost cultivator that wanted to attack the city with numbers.

Those who didnt know would think that he was a Soul Formation ghost cultivator.

“Eh” Bai Bing was dumbfounded.

She really couldnt understand what Zhao Hao meant by this sentence.

Zhao Hao didnt explain anything to Bai Bing.

Instead, he stood up.

Under Kong Xinyues admiring gaze, he got off the command vehicle and flew toward the army of oddities.

In mid-air, Zhao Hao looked at the army of oddities below and slowly raised his hand.

As he knew a lot of things, Zhao Hao thought for a moment before gathering his spiritual power and smacking his palm down.

He used the Buddhist divine ability, the Merciful Hand.

A huge Buddhist hand appeared, blotting out the sky and covering the sun as it slapped down at the army of oddities.

Countless golden rays erupted, and a surge of merciful intent appeared.

It was as if a palm was about to turn the ghosts into pure souls.

The black hand that had blocked the missiles shot out from within the strange black ball and headed straight for the Buddhist palm.

An explosion sounded out, and the black hand instantly dissipated.

The Buddhist palm pressed down, causing dust to fly into the air, and the entire strange black ball was instantly dispersed.

Zhao Haos attack sent to reincarnation over 10,000 of the oddities.

A burly man wearing a Qing gown and an official hat appeared in the air.

He glanced at Zhao Hao coldly, then turned around and ran into the distance.

Zhao Hao was stunned.

He originally thought that this Qing king would rush up and fight with him, but he did not expect him to be so cowardly and run away.

“You guys clean up these small fries.

Ill go kill him,” Zhao Hao shouted to the large group below and then directly chased in the direction of the Qing king.

Zhao Haos attack had already broken the aura gathered by the oddities, and in addition to the strength of the SSF members, this enormous threat was soon completely eliminated.

The Qing king was running with all his strength, and even Zhao Hao had to chase after him for a long time.

When he was about to catch up, he found that the Qing king had already entered an underground tomb.

“Hmm Has he run back to his hometown”

Zhao Hao stopped in the air and looked at the tomb below, feeling conflicted for a moment.

Logically speaking, a mere late-stage Nascent Soul brat wasnt enough to make Zhao Hao worry.

However, he was still a Qing king.

If the tomb were riddled with traps, it would still be a little dangerous.

The cautious Zhao Hao never put himself in a dangerous place.

However, this question wasnt difficult for Zhao Hao.

Zhao Hao immediately took out his phone and dialed Bai Bings number.

“Hello, its me.

Do you have any shells that can blow up a crater dozens of meters deep in the ground Yes, yes, yes.

It doesnt need to be very powerful.

Just a single crater will do.

“What For mining It can blow up to 100 meters Okay, okay, okay.

Its him.

Just lock onto the location of my phone and shoot it directly.

“What Youre afraid that the explosion will hit me Its fine.

Just shoot it directly.”

Zhao Hao hung up the phone with a smile and stood quietly at the top of the tomb.

“Little fella, youre still too inexperienced to play tricks with me.”

Zhao Hao didnt have to wait for long before a ray of light flew over from the distant horizon.

Looking at the rapidly approaching missile, Zhao Hao soared into the sky.

The missile accurately hit the spot where Zhao Hao had just stood.

A huge explosion followed, and the area below was destroyed.

Under the bombardment of this special missile, the entire tomb collapsed, and dust flew everywhere due to the explosion.

Amidst the dust, the Qing king shot up into the sky, holding a crescent blade in his hand as he slashed toward Zhao Hao.

Zhao Hao did not panic.

Golden light enveloped his body, and the Golden Light Curse was activated automatically.

He reached out and grabbed the crescent blade in his hand.

Looking at the Qing king in front of him, he said with a playful expression, “Whats wrong Did your hometown get blown up Are you in a good mood Want to play with me Play with a big blade”


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