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If an oddity were alone, there wouldnt be any strange phenomenon.

Even if it were a little more powerful, it would at most be the focus of the Yin Qi and lower the temperature.

However, once oddities appeared in groups and gathered together, there would be hundreds and thousands of strange phenomena.

For example, the wailing of ghosts and the howling of wolves.

At this time, the army of oddities had already gathered tens of thousands of beings, and many powerful oddities were among them.

Under the leadership of the Qing king, they were marching toward Jinling City.

The gathering of Yin Qi caused the sky to be covered by layers of dark clouds, and not a single ray of sunlight could shine out.

It looked like a big black ball rolling rapidly toward them from afar.

Kong Xinyue had never seen such a scene before.

At first, she was a little excited, but she was now scared.

Her little hand grabbed Zhao Haos sleeve tightly.

Zhao Hao naturally noticed the little lolis fluctuating emotions.

He smiled and flew back to Jinling City with her.

The army of oddities was still some distance away from Jinling City, and the civilians along the way had already retreated into the city.

As Bai Bing and the others hadnt arrived yet, Zhao Hao didnt decide to act immediately.

After all, the army of oddities was a group, and he didnt know how deep it was.

It was better to wait for everyone to arrive.

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The moment Zhao Hao landed on Jinling Citys wall, the mainland soldiers rushed up and surrounded him.

Zhao Hao casually took out the identity card Ma Zhisheng had handed to him and instantly became the person in charge of Jinling City.

This place had already entered a class-1 battle-ready state.

All the transportation vehicles were operating at high speeds and were continuously retreating.

Zhao Haos current status gave him the authority to command all the people in the vicinity.

Zhao Hao put Kong Xinyue down and said with some dissatisfaction, “Where are Jiangsus SSF personnel Are they all dead”

He had seen the army of oddities.

Since they had detected the army early on, they should have bombarded them with artillery.

At least, the Qing king would lose his army.

However, seeing the tens of thousands of oddities, it was obvious something had gone wrong.

At this moment, a Level 6 paranormal with a broken arm limped to Zhao Haos side and said with a salute, “Captain Zhao, its… We were careless…”

Zhao Hao didnt give him a good look just because he was injured.

“Tell me in detail what happened.”


At first, our detector detected a few hundred oddities gathering together, so the captain led us all out to destroy them as soon as possible.

But, when we were fighting with those oddities, the Qing king suddenly appeared.

“The detector warned us that the Qing king had gone beyond what we could deal with, so the captain wanted to retreat first…”

At this point, the man with the broken arm suddenly burst into tears.

“But who could have expected that the oddities wouldnt let go.

We kept retreating, and they kept chasing us.

Later, the captain really had no choice but to stay behind and let us retreat first… The captain…”

As he spoke, the two-meter-tall man broke into sobs.

When Zhao Hao heard this, he slowly nodded.

He could already deduce the rest of the plot.

Although the squad that lost their captain managed to escape, this army of oddities was too dangerous.

They chose to report it while mobilizing the nearby army to surround the army.

However, after losing their captain, no one in the squad was able to defend against the Qing king.

Hence, after a few attacks, they were all defeated.

“Enough, youre crying.

What do you look like Go and recuperate.

I will take revenge for you all.”

Zhao Hao patted the muscular man with a broken arm and sent some Spiritual Qi to treat his injuries.

Then, he stood on the city wall and looked into the distance silently.

Kong Xinyue seemed to have noticed that her Masters mood was not very good.

She stayed by Zhao Haos side and watched quietly.

Half an hour later…

Fighter jets landed one after another.

Bai Bing arrived with a large number of squad members.

Zhao Hao looked at them carefully.

There were 34 Level 5 paranormals, 13 Level 6 paranormals, 3 Level 7 paranormals, and 1 Level 8 paranormal.

A large number of troops had been assembled.

They were ready to attack as soon as Zhao Hao gave the order.

Bai Bing walked to Zhao Haos side, looked at his face, and reported, “Captain, everyone is here.”

“I remember that the main squad has more people than this.

Why are there so few of them Is there any movement in the Qin Mausoleum”

Due to the recovery of Spiritual Qi, many people in the main squad who had been stuck at a bottleneck had broken through, and their battle prowess had increased compared to a few days ago.

Zhao Hao remembered that there were 7 Level 8 paranormals, yet only one of them came this time.

Zhao Hao couldnt help but frown, thinking that there was something wrong with the Qin Mausoleum.

Bai Bing hurriedly explained, afraid that Zhao Hao would misunderstand, “No, more than half of the squad was dispatched here originally.

However, Celestial Master Zhang seemed to have run into some trouble, so he called for reinforcements.

Master Du Le brought some people to help him.”

“Du Le Wasnt he seriously injured Also, was he so kind as to help the priest”

Zhao Hao couldnt help but frown even more.

Although Du Le was a Buddhist, his personality wasnt very good.

If it werent for the fact that they lacked experts, Zhao Hao would have killed him after reaching the Nascent Soul realm.

However, when he thought of the many main squad members following him, Zhao Hao wasnt worried anymore.

They couldnt possibly be wiped out.

“Alright, inform everyone to follow me.

We must not let that army of oddities reach Jinling City.”

“Yes.” Bai Bing saluted respectfully and then began to command the people.

Zhao Hao didnt keep Kong Xinyue in Jinling City.

Instead, he asked Bai Bing to protect Kong Xinyue.

After all, if something happened to the eldest daughter of the Kong family, even Zhao Hao would panic.

Under Zhao Haos lead, the large group of people headed straight for the army of oddities that was less than 100 kilometers away from Jinling City.

Zhao Hao didnt fly.

Instead, he sat in the command vehicle.

As he walked, he looked at the detector.

Bai Bing asked Zhao Hao warily, “Captain, the detector shows that the strongest oddity of the army is Level 9.

Do we need to use nukes”

Although she knew that Zhao Hao was also a Level 9 powerhouse, he was promoted not long ago, so Bai Bing didnt really believe in Zhao Haos strength.

Even Bai Bing had never witnessed the terror of Level 9 with her own eyes.

“Use what To deal with a mere Level 9 oddity Dont I care about my face”

Zhao Hao rejected it.

What a joke! Even if a Level 10 oddity appeared in front of Zhao Hao, he would not choose to use a nuke.

If he only knew how to use a bomb to wash the ground every day, then he would be no different from a boor.

It was a performance of incompetence.


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