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[On the 132nd day, you personally led an army of 1,000,000 soldiers to battle with General Situ Wushuang of the Western Chu Empire.

The army flags fluttered, and the sound of war drums echoed.

[You personally led an army to charge forward and swept through everything.

You directly charged in front of Situ Wushuang.

You used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes and checked all the information about Situ Wushuang.

Name: Situ Wushuang

Race: Human

Cultivation: Void Insight (second-step mighty figure)

Introduction: He is the War God of the Western Chu Empire, the successor of the Situ family.

His battle techniques are profound, and he can fight across realms.

He once fought against the Daemon Sage and was undefeated.

He was given the title of theFirst Person under the Third Step.

[You have just entered the second step.

How could you be a match for Situ Wushuang You were blown away by his spear.

Fortunately, you gained a lot of benefits from the three religions.

You sacrificed the three Void Spirit puppets, which was why you stalled Situ Wushuang.

You were seriously injured and retreated.

The morale of the 1,000,000-strong army was weakened because of your serious injuries.

You will be defeated.”

[On the 135th day, the defeated army was like water that had broken through a dam.

Lin Fenghai led you all the way and managed to escape from Situ Wushuangs pursuit.

The city that you occupied was taken back by Situ Wushuang in a very short period.

[There are less than 10,000 people left under your command.

The Buddhists, Daoists, and Scholars have all retreated.

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[Lin Fenghai saw that the general situation was over, so he advised you to hide and organize your funeral ceremonies.

[You flatly refused and planned to fight to the death with the Western Chu Empire.

[However, your subordinates wavered.

On the same night, hundreds of them became deserters.

[On the 136th day, some of the deserters went to the Western Chu side to inform them.

The Western Chu pursuers quickly found your position.

You successfully escaped after a bloody battle, but more than half of your subordinates died.]

[On the 141st day, the world was so big that there was no place for you to settle down.

The Western Chu Empire issued a worldwide arrest warrant.

Those who take your head can choose a piece of land and be conferred the title of King.

They will be given three Confucian treasures.

[When your men heard this, many of them were eager to give it a try.

You know that you really have lost your power and are powerless to change the situation.]

[On the 143rd day, you and Lin Fenghai killed all the remaining turncoats.

Only the two of you were left.

You were disguised as a young master and an old servant.

You were prepared to go to Nanliang to hide.]

[On the 147th day, the two of you were surrounded by a group of people.

The leader was a Void Insight expert.

Lin Fenghai actually knew the newcomer.

He was also an old Sui official.

[However, which expert did not have Lin Fenghai at the center He brought people to capture the two of you and started to travel day and night.

[You used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes on that person and obtained all his information.

Name: Wu Tianshu.

Race: Human.

Cultivation: Second-step void Mystic Realm

Introduction: He is an old Sui official.

He was ordered to guard the secret treasury of the former emperor.

The Sui Dynastys former power had long disappeared.

He wanted to monopolize the treasure, but he could not enter the treasury because he did not have a direct bloodline.

Upon learning about your identity as the orphan prince of the former Sui Dynasty, he originally wanted to rely on you and deliver the secret treasury to you when you were doing great things.

At that time, he would definitely receive a lot of rewards based on merits.

Unfortunately, you lost too quickly.

Before he and his men arrived, you were defeated.

Now that you were down and out, this person was greedy and wanted to monopolize the treasures.

[On the 153rd day, you traveled day and night and arrived at the depths of a mountain.

Under the guidance of Wu Tianshu, you passed through layers of mechanisms and arrived in front of a huge door.

[There are two huge stone statues in front of a huge door.

The door is engraved with mysterious patterns.

It is the secret treasure vault left behind by the former Sui Dynasty.

[If you are not a royal family member, the two stone statues will awaken if you touch the door.

The strength of the stone statues is comparable to that of a third-step expert.

[All these years, Wu Tianshu has tried countless methods, but he has been unable to open the door.

[You slowly walked toward the door.

The blood in your body seemed to have received some kind of summoning.

Your hand slowly touched the door, and countless rays of light were emitted from the door.

[The Sui Dynastys treasury, which has been sleeping for 1,000 years, has been completely opened.

[Wu Tianshu laughed loudly and directly walked into the treasury.

There were countless spiritual stones, immortal weapons, and armors piled up like mountains.

There were more than 10 Confucian treasures.

At the top of the treasury, an emperors robe was floating in the air.

[You seized the opportunity and launched a sneak attack while Wu Tianshu was immersed in the treasures.

Lin Fenghai even got close to him and fought with Wu Tianshu without caring about his injuries.

[With the two of you working together, you killed all the subordinates of Wu Tianshu, but it was still difficult for you to defeat Wu Tianshu.

[At the last moment, Lin Fenghai turned himself into a rope and tied Wu Tianshu with all his cultivation.

Then, you gnashed your teeth and self-detonated the Morality Brush.

[You underestimated the power of the self-detonation of a Grand Scholar treasure.

You, Wu Tianshu, and Lin Fenghai all died in the explosion.

[Youre dead.]

[This Cultivation Simulation is over.

You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[The simulation has ended.

Simulation Time: 153 days.

System Cooldown Time: 153 minutes.]

Zhao Hao looked at the information on the interface with a conflicted expression.

Although thisDynastys Orphan was a Gold Talent, the additional effect was undoubtedly perfect.

Not only did he have a devoted Exalted Scholar subordinate, but just the secret treasury of the Sui Dynasty alone was enough to make ones heart beat faster.

There were more than ten Grand Scholar treasures and the emperors robe floating in the air.

With one look, one could tell that it was definitely not an ordinary item.

However, it was only a Gold Talent.

After thinking for a long time, Zhao Hao finally gave up on this talent.

There was no other way.

Although some of the five Red Talents he had now did not look as practical as thisDynastys Orphan, from a long-term perspective, the potential of each Red Talent was much stronger than this talent in the long run.

With more than two hours of cooldown time, Zhao Hao planned to cultivate properly and try to break through to the Soul Formation realm.

The recovery of Spiritual Qi seemed to have sped up.

Zhao Haos cultivation base naturally increased due to his freakish state and the five heaven-defying talents.

Zhao Haos phone suddenly rang.

Zhao Hao took out his phone and realized that it was Bai Bing.

His heart immediately had a bad feeling.


Zhao Hao was the vice-captain of the Supernatural Special Forces now, so he had to pick up the phone.

“Zhao— Vice Captain, hurry back! Something big has happened.

Strange events are happening all over the world.

“On the Japanese side, 10,000 ghosts have awakened.

On Mount Fuji, there are terrifying great demons.

All kinds of high-level ghosts and demonic beasts have gone crazy and started to attack the city.

“The higher-ups are requesting us to deal with them as soon as possible.

Captain Ma has already gone to Mount Changbai to suppress a Beast King.

And we also have our hands full with a number of tasks here.”



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