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The night passed in the blink of an eye, and the morning sun shone on Zhao Haos face through the window.

“Master, open the door! Master, Master, open the door…”

Zhao Hao was woken up by Kong Xinyues voice outside the door.

He ended his cultivation session and slowly stood up.

After a night of cultivation, Zhao Hao was still an early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator.

Looking at the time, it was only slightly past 6:00 a.m., and he couldnt help but sigh at how early the little loli woke up.

Zhao Hao walked to the door and opened it.

A short figure was in the midst of knocking on the door, but she hit empty air as the door was suddenly opened.

Her entire body instantly pounced into Zhao Haos embrace.


A cry of surprise sounded as Kong Xinyue left Zhao Haos embrace in embarrassment.

Zhao Hao was stunned, not because of Kong Xinyues sudden hug…


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“Master, Master, what are you looking at Isnt my maid outfit nice I bought it in black and white.

It should be very popular~”

Zhao Hao was at a loss for words.

“Oh right, master, look.”

Kong Xinyue said as she lifted one of her beautiful legs that was as smooth as jade, “I especially picked this one out.

Black silk fishnet stockings.

Its a perfect match for my maid outfit.

Master, do you think it looks good”


Zhao Hao was about to cry.

Wasnt this impure enough to kill him His disciples legs werent legs but the spring water by the Seine River.

Kong Xinyue didnt have any cultivation, but she could still play someone to death.

Kong Xinyues arrival made Zhao Hao feel a lot happier.

Not to mention anything else, just a beautiful little loli disciple standing in front of him, doing nothing, could still make people feel like a spring breeze.

Zhao Hao couldnt help but sigh as he ate the breakfast that Kong Xinyue had meticulously prepared.

It was indeed comfortable to have someone to serve him.

However, looking at Kong Xinyues happy face, Zhao Hao still felt a trace of worry.

He was going to transmigrate in five days.

If he couldnt find a talent that could impart cultivation base to others in these five days, then… After he transmigrated, he didnt know how sad Kong Xinyue would be.

Zhao Hao was prepared to work harder in order to find a way for Kong Xinyue to cultivate.

He sent Kong Xinyue away and prepared to carry out todays cultivation simulation.

Although the talent pool hadnt been refreshed yet, it was good to try a few more times and gather more information.

“System, activate the Cultivation Simulator.”

[To enable the simulation, you may select only three of the following Cultivation Talents.]

[Dynastys Orphan (Gold Talent): Your charm increases by 100.

You think that as the orphan of the declining dynasty, your blood can open the secret treasury of the dynasty.

Many people are looking for you.

Some are to protect you, and some are to kill you.]

[Immortal Method (Gold Talent): Your comprehension is increased by 100.

Your talent is unparalleled throughout history.

You have the potential to become an immortal.

Your cultivation speed will increase by three times.]

[Great Muddleheaded Monarch (Gold Talent): Your charm increases by 150.

Your body is imbued with Dragon Qi.

The more muddleheaded you become after becoming an emperor, the stronger your cultivation will be.]

[The Cultivation Simulation begins.]

[On the first day, you descended to the world as a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Because you carried a Confucian treasure, the Morality Brush, the great Moral Dao descended from the sky and poured into your body.

[Your cultivation broke through to the peak cycle of the Soul Formation realm, and more than a dozen figures rushed toward you.

[The huge seal character in the sky enveloped you and brought you out of the village.

[Zhuge Qings clone appeared in front of you…]

[On the 63rd day, you successfully arrived at the Jade Gate Pass.

You did not reveal your Confucian treasure, but instead, you released great Scholar Qi.

The Milky Way mark on your wrist is enough to prove your identity.]

[On the 65th day, a Void Spirit Exalted Scholar appeared in front of you.

He claimed to be an old official of the previous dynasty and worshiped you asHis Majesty.

The two of you hugged and wept.

You used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to check him.

Name: Lin Fenghai

Race: Human

Cultivation: Void Spirit (Exalted Scholar realm)

Introduction: He is an old official of the Sui Dynasty that received the favor of the previous emperor.

When the Western Chu Empire destroyed the Sui Dynasty more than 1,000 years ago, Lin Fenghai went into hiding to find the old masters orphan.

After searching for 1,000 years, his original intention did not change.

He took it as his responsibility to help the Sui Dynasty and was extremely loyal.]

[On the 68th day, you trusted Lin Fenghai a lot because you had looked at his information.

Lin Fenghai brought you to the academy that he had established.

The Lin Hai Academy was called an academy, but in the dark, it was the former group that followed him.

A large number of people gathered to prepare for the uprising.

[You looked around with the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes and found that out of these thousands of people, Lin Fenghai was the strongest.

The rest were just shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

Other than Lin Fenghai, there was not even a second-step expert.

[You know very well how powerful the Western Chu Empire is.

You feel that if you stay with these people, you will be finished sooner or later.

You look for an opportunity to escape.]

[On the 73rd day, the thought of escaping is still on your mind.

However, Lin Fenghai is always by your side, leaving you with no chance at all.

Over the past few days, Lin Fenghai has been sending messages to the outside world.

It seems that he has contacted many of his compatriots and is preparing to rise up against Western Chu.

You know very well the danger of an uprising, but you are helpless against it.]

[On the 88th day, everything happened so suddenly.

Perhaps Lin Fenghai had been waiting for 1,000 years and had long lost his patience.

Your anti-Western Chu cause has been put in motion.

{An Exalted Scholar has been wholeheartedly planning for 1,000 years, and the effect is terrifying.

[You finally know Lin Fenghais trump card.

For the past 1,000 years, he has nurtured 800 disciples, and now they are scattered in all the big cities in Western Chu.

Some have become city lords, and some have become city guards.

With your arrival, Lin Fenghai made the name of Great Sui known again.

For a time, the world rebelled, and in the name of supporting the former Sui prince, he openly attacked Western Chu.

[The Western Chu Empire lost 1/3 of its cities overnight, and the rebel army marched to the capital, Shengjing.]

[On the 103rd day, you realized that the situation was not as bad as you thought.

You began to accept the reality and personally led an army to attack a city.

You were the strongest force among the rebels and gathered over 1,000,000 rebels.

After many days of fighting, you were unstoppable, and many experts joined you.

You successfully gathered dozens of first-step experts at step one, three second-step Void Nirvana experts, and two second-step Void Spirit experts.]

[On the 108th day, you led your army to attack King City.

As the resistance of the cultivators and civilians in the city was too high, they were not friendly to your army.

You ordered them to massacre the city for three days.]

[On the 111th day, King City became an empty city as countless people had lost their lives.

You successfully reached the second step, the Void Nirvana realm.

However, due to the heavy killing, you did not become an Exalted Scholar, just a mere Void Nirvana expert.

[On the 115th day, under the leadership of General Situ Wushuang, the Western Chu army successfully eliminated many rebellions.

Situ Wushuang led an army of 1,000,000 soldiers and came to fight with you.]

[On the 123rd day, the great war was about to begin.

A guest came to your camp.

He is a peak-stage Void Insight Bodhisattva.

He has great hope of attaining the third step and becoming a Supreme Buddha.

[Your power has successfully attracted the attention of Buddhism.

They want to bet on you in exchange for Buddhism to become your national religion when you succeed.

This Bodhisattva thinks highly of you and is willing to help you personally.

He has also supported you with 100,000 Buddhist soldiers.

Your strength has instantly soared.]

[On the 125th day, another guest came to your camp.

He is a peak-stage Void Insight Golden Immortal.

Your faction has successfully attracted the attention of Daoism.

They want to bet on you in exchange for your dynasty to worship Daoism when you succeed.

This Golden Immortal has provided you with three Void Spirit puppets.

Your strength has soared again.]

[On the 128th day, two Exalted Scholars came to your camp.

They have been friends with your number one civil official, Lin Fenghai, for many years.

Apparently, they also came to rope you in on behalf of Confucianism.

They gave you an Exalted Scholar formation map and the 32 scrolls of the art of war.

Your strength increased greatly once again.

[That night, Lin Fenghai appeared in your camp with a worried expression.

He asked you with a sad face why you accepted all the benefits of the three religions.

[Your eyes were burning with passion.

Facing your most loyal subjects, you said frankly, “I wont rely on anyone.

I want all the benefits.

The three religions havent suffered a loss for a long time.]


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