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[On the 68th day, you arrived at Luoshen City but didnt see a red-robed figure.

You felt a little regretful and began to investigate if there were any larger academies nearby.

[The Milky Way Academy is too far away, after all.

And with your current cultivation level, you might not encounter anything in the middle if you want to go there.

You believe that with your talent, you are qualified to enter any top-tier academy in the world.

[Youve found out that there is a White Deer Academy in the Western Chu Empire.

Legend has it that it was built by a quasi-Sage of the Confucian School, and it is extremely strict in accepting disciples.

A total of three Exalted Scholars have been nurtured, and they are the strongest force of Confucianism in the Western Chu Empire.

[Your heart yearns for it, and you are heading all the way to the White Deer Academy.]

[On the 72nd day, as you were hurrying along, you suddenly felt the fluctuations of a battle.

You carefully leaned forward to watch.

A second-step Void Nirvana expert is currently fighting with a Void Nirvana demonic beast.

[You couldnt help but wonder why there was a daemon1 in the Western Chu Empire.

However, you didnt have time to think about it.

The two parties in front of you used their strongest attacks simultaneously and perished together.

[You went forward to clean up the battlefield and looted the Void Nirvana experts belongings.

You also collected the Void Nirvana daemons carcass.]

[On the 75th day, you learned from the Void Nirvana experts storage ring that he was from the Western Chu Empire.

During the Inspection Divisions gold medal inspection, when investigating the daemon spy, they discovered that the very famous Hundred Flowers Cathouse in Shengjing City was actually the daemons nest.

The daemon spy discovered him before he had the time to report it, and both parties fought and perished together.

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[You have two choices:

1) Ignore it.

In any case, you have already obtained the benefits.

2) Decisively report it.

Not to mention that humans and daemons are enemies.

What benefits would there be if you reported it

[You chose to ignore it and secretly left the benefits behind.]

[On the 90th day, after traveling through mountains and rivers for 15 days, you finally arrived at the imperial capital of the Western Chu Empire, Shengjing.

[You found the location of the White Deer Academy and were about to rush there, but you saw a monk and a scholar debating scriptures.

[There were many onlookers.

After listening for a while, you understood that one of them was the Head Acolyte of the Spring Zen Temple, and the other was the Eldest Disciple of the White Deer Academy.

Both of them were among the top disciples of the current generation.

Today, the two of them met again and had a simple competition.

[Soon, the result was out.

Although Buddhism was more eloquent, the Head Acolyte of the Spring Zen Temple was obviously not proficient in this way.

[When the Eldest Disciple took the upper hand, the Head Acolyte was rendered speechless and attacked in a fit of anger.

[You had already checked their cultivations.

They were both first-step powerhouses.

The Eldest Disciple was a Nirvana Grand Scholar, while the Head Acolyte was a Profound Nirvana Arhat.

[Although it is only one small realm higher, both of them are prodigies.

This small realm difference is enough for the monk force to suppress the scholar.

[Seeing that the Eldest Disciple was about to be defeated, you made a move to repel the monk and successfully established a friendship with the Eldest Disciple of the White Deer Academy.

[When he heard that you wanted to join the White Deer Academy, the Eldest Disciple proudly brought you to the White Deer Academy to meet his Master, an Exalted Scholar.

Name: Wang Shouyi

Race: Human

Cultivation: Void Insight (Exalted Scholar realm)

Introduction: He is the deputy dean of the White Deer Academy.

Because he created the Trideca-Incense Battle Art, he was famous in Western Chu.

His battle prowess is formidable, and it can be said he is invincible under the third step.

[When you met such a fierce person, you wanted to acknowledge him as your Master on the spot.

However, when Wang Shouyi saw the wordsMilky Way on your wrist, he did not agree to take you in as a disciple.

He only let you study in the White Deer Academy.

[Although you were a little disappointed, you finally found the first backer in this new world.]

[On the 95th day, you studied in the academy every day.

Your knowledge of Confucianism and Daoism improved greatly, and your cultivation became more and more stable.

Although you had reached the late cycle of the Nirvana realm, your cultivation was like a castle in the air due to the enlightenment of the quasi-Sage Zhuge Qing.

Under the teaching of the three Exalted Scholars, you made rapid progress.]

[On the 108th day, you were diligent and eager to learn.

You enjoyed reading all day long.

Even when your classmates invited you to go out for a stroll or to look for flowers and willows, you politely declined.

[Only then did you realize that you were a natural when it came to studying.

In order to encourage your classmates to read, you even wrote down a poem to persuade them to learn.]


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