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Kong Xinyues father and grandfather had used many methods, but they were unable to help her cultivate even a little bit of Spiritual Qi.

Her body seemed to reject all cultivation systems.

She had originally given up until she obtained all of Zhao Haos information from her father, Kong Delin.

After all, the Kong family would have certainly investigated Zhao Haos background before allowing him to pick a Confucian treasure.

When Kong Xinyue read through Zhao Haos information, her first thought was that this man seemed to be able to give her hope—a chance to successfully cultivate!

Although the chance was slim, she would give it a try as long as there was a slight chance.

Kong Xinyue had already thought of a countermeasure.

She was just a little girl, so she could just pester him.

Given her identity, she would definitely not be beaten to death.

Of course, if Zhao Hao coveted her body…

Kong Xinyue could not help but blush upon having such wild thoughts.

She began to secretly look at Zhao Hao, who was not much older than her.

He was indeed quite handsome and had a great temperament.

If he really wanted to eat her, then it wasnt impossible for her to accept him.

Zhao Hao was unaware that they had already started a touching love story in the heart of this loli disciple.

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At that moment, Zhao Hao was thinking about how to help Kong Xinyue to cultivate.

After all, she had already kowtowed, and her Master had also acknowledged her.

How could he not think of a way


Unfortunately, Zhao Hao had no viable solutions for now.

He could only hope that the simulator could simulate a talent that could be imparted.

Perhaps it could help Kong Xinyue enter the world of cultivation.

Thinking of Kong Xinyues special constitution that cut off her cultivation path, Zhao Hao could not help but use the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to check her attributes.

Name: Kong Xinyue

Race: Innate God

Cultivation: None

Description: She is the reincarnation of the Lunar Goddess.

She possesses the top-grade Lunar Constitution, a constitution perfect for dual cultivation.

A supreme being was unable to kill her, so they sealed her true spirit.

The reincarnated soul hasnt awakened the past memories and cannotcultivate any cultivation technique.

Zhao Hao was dumbstruck.

Just the name of the race, Innate God, was enough to shock anyone.

Having experienced so much until now, he was absolutely certain that had anything to do with the name of Innate God was definitely an incredible existence.

“Master~ Master~ Master~”

Before Zhao Hao could recover from his shock, a few soft cries sounded in his ears.

A pair of small hands gently pushed him twice, and only then did Zhao Hao regain his senses.

“Ah… Whats wrong” Zhao Hao asked Kong Xinyue.

“Master, can you teach your disciple to cultivate”

Kong Xinyue used the classic move of acting coquettishly.

Her body was pressed against Zhao Haos arm, and she was still swaying slightly.

Feeling the softness on his arm, Zhao Hao felt as if half of his body had been electrocuted, and there was a trace of numbness.

“Eh, wait for me for two days.

Ill think of a way to help you successfully cultivate…”

Zhao Hao was confused as to why Kong Xinyue was shaking, but he still agreed to her request.

He had a cheat, so it wasnt that difficult to find a talent that could be imparted.

“Is it really possible Master is so amazing! I knew Master could definitely do it!”

Kong Xinyue was exhilarated.

After experiencing countless blows, she had no idea how excited she was after receiving Zhao Haos guarantee.

“Alright, alright, Dont disturb me.

Go back obediently.

I need some peace and quiet.”

Zhao Hao pushed Kong Xinyue out of the room.

Not only did he have a new loli disciple for no reason, but he also had an additional mission.

It was needless to mention how depressed Zhao Hao was.

‘Although Kong Xinyue had a soft voice, a soft body, and was easy to push… Hmph…

‘I, Zhao Hao, am definitely not a lecherous person! I simply took the Confucian treasure of the Kong family and felt ashamed.

After chasing away the little troublemaker, Zhao Hao finally calmed down.

The cooldown of the cultivation simulator had already ended.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Hao decided to simulate two more times to learn more about the outside world.

[To enable the simulation, you may select only three of the following Cultivation Talents.]

[Paper Binding Hand (Gold Talent): Your intelligence increases by 150.

You can simulate any living creature through paper.

They are vivid and lifelike and can be controlled through spiritual sense.]

[Great Weapon Job (Gold Talent): Your stamina increases by 500.

You have extraordinary talent.

Theres no need for much introduction.

Mastering a craft is simple and easy.

A mans essential talent.

Are you tempted]

[Five Βlessings to the Door (Gold Talent): Your luck increases by 300.

Patriotism, wealth and strength, harmony, friendliness, and dedication—five blessings.

Good luck!]

[The Cultivation Simulation begins.]

[On the first day, you descended to the world as a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Because you carried a Confucian treasure, the Morality Brush, the great Moral Dao descended from the sky and poured into your body.

[Your cultivation broke through to the peak cycle of the Soul Formation realm, and more than a dozen figures rushed toward you.

[The huge seal character in the sky enveloped you and brought you out of the village.

[Zhuge Qings clone appeared in front of you…]

[On the 63rd day, you successfully arrived at the Jade Gate Pass.

You did not reveal your Confucian treasure, but instead, you released Scholar Qi.

The Milky Way mark on your wrist is enough to prove your identity…

[Your arrival did not attract the attention of the Jade Gate general, Chu Shanjun.

After the vice general finished his inspection, you successfully walked out of the Jade Gate Pass and entered the Western Chu Empire.]


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