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[On the 54th day, you charged out of the encirclement of the Bai Qi tribe.

You flew all the way north.

This place is located in the far west.

You naturally have to fly north if you want to see humans.]

[On the 59th day, you encountered quite a number of shamanic tribes along the way.

Some of them had Great Shamans guarding them, and some of them were a group of shamans.

You didnt alarm them and continued flying.]

[On the 68th day, the land in the far west is vast and boundless.

You flew for dozens of days, but you still couldnt reach the end of the world.]

[On the 83rd day, you successfully arrived before a majestic pass.

You closed the three big wordsJade Gate Pass.

[Your arrival caused the soldiers in the city to be on high alert.

Numerous ballistas with rune patterns were aimed at you.

If you made a single move, you would be instantly killed.

[You did not panic.

You took out your Confucian treasure and released the great Scholar Qi.

[A scholar.

The great Scholar Qi is their name card no matter where they are.

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[You were warmly received by the general of the gatehouse.

The general of the gatehouse is a second-step cultivator.

He offered to let you stay in Jade Gate Pass and take up the position of Military Advisor.

You politely declined on the excuse that you were going back to the academy to study.

[The general of the gatehouse was not angry.

He prepared a lavish banquet for you.

Before he left, he even gave you a luxurious carriage on the grounds that a scholar shouldnt walk.

Four peak-stage Dao transformation horse demons pulled the carriage for you.

[You were very grateful, but you sighed that there were still so many good people.

[After the generals explanation, you finally understood the division of cultivation in this world.

The previous three steps were just a summary of the major realms.

[Each step has many sub-realms.

[The first step is divided into the Yin Void, Yang Reality, Nirvana, and Pure Nirvana realms.

[The second step is divided into the Void Nirvana, Void Spirit, and Void Insight realms.

The general of Jade Gate Pass is a Void Spirit expert.

[As for the third step, even the general of the Jade Gate Pass doesnt know the specific realms.

He only knows that the power of a quasi-Sage is enough to destroy the world.

[Because you absorbed all the Scholar Qi of a quasi-Sage painting, your cultivation has reached late-stage Nirvana of the first step.

With the Confucian treasure in your hand, you can even fight against a Void Nirvana expert.]

[On the 85th day, you rested for two days.

You drove the luxurious carriage and left the Jade Gate Pass to roam the nine heavens.

Only now do you understand how vast this continent is.

The far west land is only the tip of the iceberg.

The area it occupies is not even one-thousandth of the entire continent.

[The entire continent is dominated by the human race.

The three religions coexist.

Although they do not invade each other, their teachings are different, and there are always conflicts.

[The continent is divided into five regions.

They are the Central Region, the Eastern Region, the Southern Region, the Northern Region, and the Western Region.

Five great empires coexist and control one region each.

[Among them, the Jade Gate Pass is located in the westernmost part of the Western Region.

It is responsible for guarding the shamans who are exiled outside.

The empire of the western region is called the Western Chu.

[Within the Western Chu Empire, hundreds of schools of thought contend with each other.

Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism all have their own branches here, and none of them are dominant.

Therefore, the entire Western Chu Empire is currently exceptionally prosperous.

Even other schools of thought are widely spread here.

[And the Milky Way Academy you want to go to is located in the Southern Region.

The Southern Liang Empire is an empire that only respects Confucianism.

[If you wished to rush from the Western Chu Empire to the Southern Liang Empire, even if your cultivation base is strong, just flying alone would take several months.

[You didnt head straight for the Milky Way Academy but chose to wander around the Western Chu Empire instead.]

[On the 89th day, you passed by a city called Luoshen City.

You suddenly felt something and slowly lifted the curtains of the carriage.

In an instant, a beautiful figure appeared in front of your eyes.

She was extremely beautiful, standing tall and straight.

Her red dress fluttered in the wind, exuding an aura that didnt belong to the mortal world.

[You are quite curious as to how you met this beauty.

You alighted from the carriage and slowly walked forward.

You discovered that her skin shimmered with a crystalline luster when you approached her.

It was snow-white and delicate, like white jade.

[This womans red robes fluttered in the wind.

Her black hair naturally fluttered in the wind, making her skin appear even more crystalline.

Her eyes were very big, and her eyelashes were very long, giving off a spiritual aura.

Her neck was as beautiful as a white swan, and her small waist couldnt be held.

Her legs were long and straight, and her figure was slender and graceful.

She was perfect, like a fairy who had descended from the mortal world, exuding an aura that seemed to have come out of the mortal world.

[This woman stood in the middle of the crowd, attracting the attention of the people around her.

You slowly walked forward and couldnt help but recite a poem to that woman.

“There are beauties in the south, peerless and independent…

“A single glance can topple a city, and then a single glance can topple a country…”

[You successfully attracted the attention of that woman.

However, before you could go forward to chat, a large group of people blocked your path.

The red-clothed woman slowly walked into the carriage, supported by the old woman beside her.

She suddenly stopped and smiled sweetly at you as she was about to enter.

She suddenly stopped and smiled sweetly at you before saying.

“My name is Yueyue…”

[After that, she entered the carriage, and the large group of people slowly left.

[You were just about to follow closely when the old woman beside Yueyue emitted a terrifying aura and forced you to retreat.

[You didnt continue to go forward, but that figure in red has already imprinted itself into your mind and cant be removed.]

[On the 91st day, you searched for two days in the city, but in the end, you couldnt find any clues about the woman in red, so you had no choice but to leave.

You are very depressed.

[Perhaps it was a marriage in your previous life, or perhaps it was fate.

Three lives had been fixed under the Three-Life Stone1, and the womans figure kept appearing before your eyes.

[You began to be infatuated with drinking.

You didnt use any spiritual power to sober, and you became intoxicated in the illusory dream.

[You dont know why, but you feel the pain of lovesickness.

In fact, that woman doesnt even know you, and this is happening because of your unrequited love.]


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