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[On the 18th day, you successfully reached the Form Synthesis realm.]

[On the 25th day, you successfully reached the Tribulation Transcending realm.

You can activate the Grand Scholar treasure, the Morality Brush.]

[On the 30th day, you successfully reached the Ascension realm.

You still intend to continue cultivating and wait until you reach the Dao Transformation realm before leaving the world within the painting.

[However, your figure appeared from within the cave abode in an instant.

The door to the Immortal World opened wide, and Zhuge Qing smiled at you with an extremely friendly expression as he spoke to you.

“I, the successor of the Confucian School, am truly extraordinary.

In just a little over a months time, I was able to cultivate to the Ascension realm.

Your teacher can also be considered my disciple, so I will gift you a good fortune and help you ascend to immortality.”

[With that said, Zhuge Qing raised his hand and wrote a Confucian character in the air.

All the remaining Scholar Qi from when quasi-Sage Zhuge Qing had used to create this painting poured into your body.

[You broke through to the Mahayana realm.

[You broke through again and reached the Dao Transformation realm.

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[You broke through again and took the first step.

You follow the Confucian cultivation system, so you automatically reached the Grand Scholar realm.

[As Zhuge Qing drew out the Scholar Qi from the painting, the world in the painting gradually began to shatter.

Zhuge Qings clone slowly disappeared, and the two wordsMilky Way appeared on your wrist.

[Before you left, your large hand reached out toward the Tianwu Village and grabbed all 13 experts.

Then, you flew into the gate of the Immortal World.


[You landed in the forest again and casually threw Widow Zhang and the others to the side.

Then, you said to them, “I brought you to the Immortal World.

If you want to survive, youll have to rely on yourselves.”

[Then, your figure disappeared.

[On the 31st day, you brought those people out of the world in the painting not out of good intentions, but because you wanted to see if these people would have any way to escape from this place.

[Even if you have the strength of a Grand Scholar and hold a Confucian treasure in your hands, you still wouldnt dare to charge into the great shamanic tribe head-on.

[Given your level of cultivation, you can easily determine the positions of the 13 people in their peak state.

The truth is as you thought.

After ascending to the Immortal World, the 13 people didnt move together.

Instead, they all split up and left.

[Two of them even wanted to join forces to kill Granny Sun and eat her to increase their cultivation level.

However, Granny Sun wasnt simple either.

She directly escaped through the ground.

[You observed the 13 people for a day.

Other than one unlucky person who encountered a Dao Transformation demonic beast and was eaten, the rest of them were very cautious and survived.

[On the 32nd day, everyone found a foothold in the forest and began to investigate the situation around them.

You werent impatient and just watched quietly.]

[On the 35th day, during the three days, everyone had a general understanding of the situation in the forest and knew that there were tribes around them.

However, after two people went to investigate the great shamanic tribe, everyone learned the dangers of the great shamanic tribes and began to search for a way out.]

[On the 41st day, out of the 13 people, only 5 were still alive.

You no longer have any hope for them.

[Faced with the encirclement of the great shamanic tribes, even these old fogeys who have lived for tens of thousands of years have no way to escape.

[Widow Zhang successfully hugged the thigh of a peak-stage Dao Transformation gorilla in the forest and continuously absorbed the gorillas cultivation.

At present, she is already at the peak cycle of the Mahayana realm.

[Granny Sun has directly turned into ordinary ginseng and took root in the soil to cultivate.

Obviously, she doesnt intend to leave and is cultivating in the forest.

[Butcher Zhang finally couldnt stand it anymore.

After his cultivation reached the middle cycle of the Mahayana realm, he turned into a 3,000-meter crow and wanted to fly out of the forest.

However, when he passed by a great shamanic tribe, he was shot down by an arrow and was cooked.

[Blacksmith Zhang was very steady.

After spending a few days, he took materials from the ground and refined a huge iron furnace.

Carrying the iron furnace in one hand, he strode into the Heavenpunisher tribe and successfully became a tribesman.

Due to his outstanding forging skills, Heavenpunisher personally met him and gave him the essence blood of a Great Shaman and turned him into a shaman.

[You deeply feel the importance of a craft.

[The person who gives you the most hope of escaping is Carpenter Li.

[From the moment he landed until now, Carpenter Li has been carving evil god statues.

One after another, he has already carved hundreds of evil god statues.

Moreover, Carpenter Li has been constantly tearing his own soul and attaching it to the evil god statues.

As long an evil god statue escapes, he will successfully escape as well.]

[On the 52nd day, Carpenter Li has carved more than 10,000 evil god statues.

There is a trace of Carpenter Lis soul on each of them.

However, because there are too many evil god statues, the cultivation base of each evil god statue has been greatly reduced.

Each evil god statue only has Ascension cultivation.

[Carpenter Li did not disappoint you.

He controlled the evil god statues and charged in the direction of the Bai Qi tribe.

You also turned into an evil god statue and pretended to be one of Carpenter Lis evil god statues.

[After charging all the way and getting close to the Bai Qi tribe, all the evil god statues scattered and fled in all directions.

Naturally, the Bai Qi tribesmen noticed such a huge commotion.

However, when they discovered that the people who attacked them were only a few thousand Ascension statues, many shaman generals returned to the tribe with no interest.

[Only a few shamans who had yet to reach adulthood stayed to kill the evil god statues.

[You managed to escape from the Bai Qi tribe, but a bolt of lightning struck down at the last moment.

You could only expose your cultivation and dodge the lightning attack.

[When you turned around, an acquaintance appeared in front of you.

Its that old fox, the village head, again.

[You couldnt help but be furious.

A man can live once, and a god can compete for an incense stick.

This old fox has tricked you time and time again.

You have decided that you must kill him.

[You took out the Morality Brush and circulated your spiritual power.

That activated the Morality Brush, and you started to write a war poem in the air.

“Draw the bow to be strong, and use the arrow to be long.

“Shoot the horse before you shoot the man, and capture the leader before you capture the thief.”

[Streams of Scholar Qi soared into the sky.

A long scarlet-gold arrow condensed into form midair and instantly shot toward the old village head.

[The old village heads face was instantly filled with shock.

The power of this attack had already reached the peak of the first step.

[A figure suddenly appeared in front of the old village head and sent the long arrow flying with a palm strike.

The incomparably terrifying pressure instantly caused one to spit out a mouthful of blood.

A murderous aura filled the sky.

It was none other than Bai Qi, the Great Shaman of the Bai Qi tribe.

“I said, this arrow will definitely hit.”

[You have made up your mind.

Even if you die today, you must kill this fellow.

That long arrow that was sent flying by Bai Qis palm strike instantly disappeared into the air.

The moment it reappeared, it had already pierced through the old village heads heart.

[You turned around and ran.

You then used the Morality Brush to write quickly.

“The desert is like snow, and the moon on Swallow Mountain is like a hook.

“Why do you have the golden collateral Hurry up and walk through the clear autumn.”

[With the Scholar Qis support, your speed instantly increased by ten times.

[Bai Qi did not chase after you.

Instead, he stood there and watched you leave with a playful look in his eyes.]


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