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At Mount Tai…

Zhao Haos figure flashed across the sky.

After flying for thousands of kilometers, even he, a great Nascent Soul cultivator, felt a little tired.

Since the Red Talent had been extracted today, there was no need to be too anxious to simulate the cultivation.

At the peak of Mount Tai, Zhao Hao stood on a huge rock.

The Lonely Shadow of Hanjiang, an old friend of the… No, it should be: he would be the top of the mountain, overlooking the small mountain.

[Ding! Due to your special location, I thought you were letting the sun guide you.]

“Googke Maps, navigation for you.

This area is too complicated.

I thought you had switched to McApple Maps…”

Zhao Hao looked at the phone in his hand and fell into a deep silence.

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Flying and relying on the GPS, Zhao Hao arrived at Mount Tai.

However, perhaps because he had been flying too fast, the signal couldnt keep up with him, resulting in a deviation in his location.

This made it so that Zhao Hao couldnt find the Three Sovereigns Temple near Mount Tai.

Yes, the Three Sovereigns Temple was the reason Zhao Hao dared to come this time.

Since he could extract a Red Talent from the statue of Daoist Trinity and Buddha, there was no reason that the Three Sovereigns of the human race didnt have any talent in cultivation.

Finally, the signal from his phone stabilized, and the GPS returned to normal.

Following the navigation prompt, Zhao Hao finally arrived in front of the Three Sovereigns Temple.

It was different from the Daoist Temple and the Buddhist Temple, where the incense was at its peak.

The Three Sovereigns Temple on Mount Tai had basically no incense offerings since the feudal imperial system had been abolished.

Even for tourists, very few people would notice it.

Still, it was an ancient building.

The government had specially repaired it, and one needed to buy a ticket to enter.

There were also vendors selling souvenirs in front of the gate.

Zhao Hao didnt act cool and took out his identification card.

Instead, he bought a ticket and three sticks of incense before walking into the Three Sovereigns Temple.

Zhao Hao respectfully lit the incense in front of the three stone statues and inserted it into the censer.

He didnt kneel or kowtow.

Although the Three Sovereigns were the emperors of the human race, the karma on Zhao Haos body was too great.

He was a Buddha, a Daoist, and a Scholar.

If Zhao Hao kowtowed, they would suffer great karma for no reason.

Therefore, in order for the Three Sovereigns to enjoy their old age, Zhao Hao didnt kowtow.

He just bent down to show respect.

[Ding! the Red Cultivation Talent pool has been expanded.]

[Ding! the Red Cultivation Talent pool has been expanded.]

[Ding! the Red Cultivation Talent pool has been expanded.]

Three notifications sounded, and Zhao Haos eyes couldnt help but light up.

Sure enough, everything was as he had expected.

The Three Sovereigns all had powerful cultivation talent.

Zhao Hao bowed respectfully to the Three Sovereigns statues once again and turned to leave.

Zhao Hao was already extremely satisfied with obtaining three Red Talents.

Next, Zhao Hao went straight to the Confucian Temple in Qufu.

As they were all in the same province, he arrived at the Confucian Temple in a short while.

It was obvious that the temple guards had received news about Zhao Haos visit, so they let him walk into the Confucian Temple.

Zhao Hao was shocked when he stepped into the Confucian Temple.

His spiritual power and Nascent Soul cultivation were sealed in an instant.

He had turned into a mortal.

Seeing the shock on Zhao Haos face, the middle-aged scholar who was guarding the door smiled and said, “Theres no need to panic.

Anyone who enters the temple of the Sage will have their cultivation sealed.

Of course, except for the descendants of the Confucian School.”

Zhao Hao saw that the Confucian scholar also had a dignified appearance, so he habitually used his Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes.

Name: Kong Delin

Race: Human

Cultivation: Early-Stage Nascent Soul

Introduction: The son of Kong Qingshan, the head of the Kong family.

He is upright and not good at scheming.

Due to his failure in officialdom, he was sent by Kong Qingshan to guard the Confucian Temple to temper his character.

Through the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes, Zhao Hao confirmed that Kong Delin was an upright gentleman.

He would never take advantage of the fact that Zhao Haos cultivation had been sealed to attack him.

Only then did he enter the Confucian Temple.

As Zhao Hao walked in, he asked Kong Delin, “Is this seal only effective in the Confucian Temple What kind of cultivation base will be sealed here”

Zhao Hao was quite curious about this instant method of sealing ones cultivation base.

Kong Delin did not hide anything and explained in great detail to Zhao Hao, “Well, this seal can not only cover the Confucian Temple.

If it is really activated, the entire Qufu can be completely covered.

However, this place will isolate all spiritual power.

non-Confucian practitioners will be like mortals here.”

Zhao Hao could not help but click his tongue when he heard this.

He could not help but admire that the descendants of Sages were indeed blessed by nature.

Just by relying on a single seal, they could ensure the longevity of the Kong family.

As Zhao Hao had already extracted his Confucian talent, he did not obtain anything else in the real Confucian Temple.

After paying respects to the statue of Confucius, Kong Delin brought Zhao Hao to the pavilion where the scholarly treasures were stored.

In the past dynasties, anyone who became a third-step scholar would descend to the Confucian Temple after their death.

However, in the Chaos Era, the Spiritual Qi wasnt enough to allow the great scholars to exist, so there werent many scholarly treasures in the pavilion.

“You can choose any of the Confucian treasures inside, but dont touch the two treasures at the top.

If you touch them, youll be responsible for the consequences…”

Kong Delin didnt enter with Zhao Hao.

He had known the treasures inside since he was young, so he wasnt curious.

On the other hand, Zhao Hao was like Grandma Liu entering the Grand Temple Garden.

He looked east and west, not knowing which one to choose.

Item: Carving Knife for Historical Records

Level: Exalted Scholar Treasure

Description: This is the carving knife Sima Qian used for historical records.

After being nourished with literary aura and fate power, it finally became an Exalted Scholar treasure.

Item: Qing Xin Inkstone

Level: Exalted Scholar Treasure

Description: This is the Inkstone used by the Exalted Scholar Zheng Xuan, who founded the Zheng School.

After being nourished with literary aura, it finally became an Exalted Scholar treasure.

Item: Yang Xiong Brush

Level: Exalted Scholar Treasure

Introduction: This is the brush Exalted Scholar Yang Xiong used.

After being nourished with literary aura, it finally became an Exalted Scholar treasure.

Zhao Hao was astonished by the dazzling array of Exalted Scholar treasures.

If it were possible, Zhao Hao would like to take them all with him.

However, it was obviously not possible.

Zhao Hao looked up at the two treasures at the top out of curiosity.

One of them was a book.

Item: Xun Zi

Level: quasi-Sage Treasure

Description: quasi-Sage Xun Zi wrote this book.

It contains supreme Scholar Qi.

This book can suppress the long river of time and space and is the foundation of the Confucian Temple.

‘Damn! A quasi-Sage treasure can protect the entire Confucian Temple Who can fight their way in!

Zhao Hao could not help but sigh in his heart.

Having lived in the world outside the painting, Zhao Hao understood what great scholars represented and what a terrifying existence a quasi-Sage expert was.

If a quasi-Sage treasure was really activated, it would not take much effort to destroy the entire planet.


The other text treasure was a jade pendant.


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