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Great Qin could no longer bask in the glory of wiping out the six states and unifying the world.

However, the treatment of envoys still retained the respect handed down from ancient times.

To represent the state of China, the envoy to Great Qin naturally could not be a mortal.

It was the Commander-in-Chief of the Supernatural Special Forces, Ma Zhuisheng.

Ma Zhuisheng walked all the way to the Qin Palace.

When he saw the two people standing in front of the generals, he could not help but feel shocked.

Meng Tian, who was ranked second in the general rank, had clearly been injured by Kong Qingshans Confucian treasure during the battle last night.

Thus, he had not expected he would recover so quickly.

As for Wang Jian, who was standing at the very front, Ma Zhuisheng felt that he was powerless to resist.

Ma Zhuisheng did not kneel and pay his respects.

He only gave a slight bow, elegantly and gracefully.

“How dare you!”

“How dare you!”

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“Dont you know how to show respect”


Angry shouts came from among the officials.

In the hearts of the Qin officials, the First Emperor of Qin was an existence that was even more revered than a god.

“We do not mind,” Emperor Shi said directly.

Then, Emperor Shi looked at Ma Zhuisheng and said with some interest, “We know why you are here.

We are sure you are not prepared to fight us with all your strength.

You can discuss the matter of peace with Li Si and Wang Teng.”

Emperor Shi turned around upon saying that and left without paying any attention to the others.

At this moment, he urgently needed to recover and improve his cultivation.

The current world gave him a great sense of insecurity.

On the other hand, Ma Zhuisheng looked at the two people in front of him with a grim expression.

Great Qins Prime Minister, Li Si, and the traitor, Wang Teng…

Although Ma Zhuisheng had heard of Li Si, he was not afraid.

However, Ma Zhuisheng hated Wang Teng so much that his teeth were itching.

He could not wait to kill this traitor of the Supernatural Special Forces.

Ma Zhuisheng was certain that Great Qin did not have much information about the real world, and with Wang Teng joining them, it would not take long for them to connect with the real world.

Once the books that Wang Teng had recorded in his mind were distributed and absorbed by the Qin officials, it would not be surprising if they deciphered the nukes creation.

Just like that, after a friendly exchange, Great Qin and China signed a three-year non-aggression pact.

Great Qin promised that no one would leave Mount Li within three years.

They also promised that if there were any special circumstances, Great Qin could form an alliance and send its army to cooperate with China.

Ma Zhuisheng had taken into account the fact that the Spiritual Qi had already recovered.

In the future, when other dynasties opened their mausoleums, he could not just use nukes to destroy one.

Just the 10 nukes they released not long ago had already caused great trouble for China.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, who would want to put these things on their own territory

Ma Zhuisheng was the person in charge, so he had to return to the capital to take the blame after this negotiation…

After the negotiation was over, Li Si invited Ma Zhuisheng to take a look around Xianyang City.

It was obvious that he wanted to show off Great Qins foundation, so Ma Zhuisheng gladly accepted and walked around Xianyang City with Li Si.

Only now did he realize that Great Qin was far more powerful than they had imagined.

Putting everything else aside, just looking at the tens of millions of Terracotta Warriors made Ma Zhuishengs scalp go numb.

It wasnt that Ma Zhuisheng had never seen Terracotta Warriors, but he had never seen Terracotta Warriors that could breathe…

Li Si was quite satisfied with Ma Zhuishengs expression.

Even though Great Qin would find it difficult to defeat the current era, they would have to pay a steep price if they wanted to destroy Great Qin.

Just like that, Ma Zhuisheng left Great Qins underground palace and returned to the main camp.

Soon, everyone received the order to retreat.

The government would send a large army to seal this place and build a stronghold.

Of course, they also sent a large number of SSF experts to guard this place.

Zhao Hao felt quite distressed.

He had just stabilized his cultivation when someone rushed over.

It was the leaders of the Supernatural Special Forces” various bases.

After hearing that Zhao Hao had become the vice-leader of the Supernatural Special Forces, they all came to congratulate him with generous gifts.

Some gave spirit herbs and spirit fruits that could increase ones cultivation level, while some brought antique calligraphy scrolls and paintings.

Before leaving, they all left a card behind.

In just a short while, Zhao Hao had gone from a person with a load of hundreds of thousands to a billionaire.


This is a bad feudal habit.

Its too evil…”

Zhao Hao sighed as he kicked a few black cards into his arms and ate the spirit fruits.

Bai Bing walked into the room and said helplessly when she saw the room full of gifts, “Vice-captain, please take a look at your phone.

Theres a notice saying that Chief Ma is going back to the capital to be reprimanded.

The job arrangement here is up to you.”

After Bai Bings reminder, Zhao Hao remembered that he had been too engrossed in his cultivation and hadnt paid attention to his phone when it rang.

He took out his phone, and sure enough, there were dozens of missed calls.

Zhao Hao couldnt help but ask Bai Bing, “Why do you want me to do this job I dont know how to make any command arrangements.”

He was a newly promoted vice-captain, so how could he do this

Bai Bing rolled her eyes at Zhao Hao and immediately reminded him, “Theres no need to do anything.

All the members of the main team will stay here.

You just need to randomly assign a regional team.

Although the negotiation has ended, we still cant let our guard down here.

We need a Level 9 powerhouse to guard this place.”

Bai Bing couldnt help but say the wordsLevel 9 in a more serious tone.

She had never imagined that a newly awakened paranormal would be able to raise their strength to Level 9 in just three days.

However, Bai Bing had already become Zhao Haos subordinate.

Naturally, she didnt have the courage to dig deeper.

“Oh, okay.

I understand.

Bai Bing, youve been temporarily recruited.

Youre in charge of helping me settle SSFs trivial matters.

I need to go out for a while.

If theres anything important, remember to give me a call.”

After saying that, Zhao Hao flew out of the tent.

When Bai Bing reacted and rushed out of the tent, Zhao Haos figure was already far away.

Zhao Hao definitely couldnt stay on Mount Li.

He still had five days to cross over.

How could he waste his time here

The Nascent Soul Zhao Hao flew much faster now.

He didnt go to the Confucian Temple to get the Confucian treasure first.

Instead, he thought of a few places that could produce Red Talents and rushed over.

Although he had collected a lot of Red Talents, the more Red Talents he had, the better.

If there were any that werent suitable, they would have to be replaced.


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