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[For a moment, the sky shook, and the wind and clouds surged as sky flowers fell, and the earth surged with golden lotuses.

The gate to the Immortal World appeared, and an enormous amount of fate power surged from the outside world and entered your body.

This is the Arhat Fruit you have attained, and it is augmented by Buddhist fate.

[You have directly reached the Buddhist Arhat cultivation.

In front of the gate to the Immortal World, Zhuge Qings face was filled with disbelief.

Even though he was a quasi-Sage clone, it was really hard to understand how the world in the painting could give birth to a Buddhist Arhat.

[Without waiting for Zhuge Qing to speak, you directly smashed Zhuge Qing into ashes with a single slap.

After that, you shattered the gate to the Immortal World and stepped out.

[You didnt lose consciousness and directly walked out from the void.

Only then did you realize that you were standing in the air above a forest.

A painting scroll was slowly closing up before disappearing above your head.

[You used your Buddhist power to search, but you didnt find any trace of that scroll.

You couldnt help but sigh.

As expected of a quasi-Sage treasure.

Even if you thought that you were an Arhat, you wouldnt be able to find it.

[You started to check the forest.

With your Buddhist Arhat cultivation, you soon finished checking the forest.

You found a hunter dressed like a barbarian and captured him.

You used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes on him and got all the information.

Name: Ah Gu

Race: Shaman

Cultivation Base: Dao Transformation (Middle)

Introduction: A member of the great shamanic Heavenpunisher tribe.

He was located in the desert in the far west of the continent.

During the great war between humans, daemons, and shamans, because the human race had the support of the three religions, the shaman race suffered a crushing defeat.

Then, they were exiled to the far west.

Every shaman had a great hatred for the human race.

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[You captured Ah Gu and read his memory with your powerful strength.

[Only now do you know that this world is the true world of immortal cultivation.

At present, the human races three religions are dominant on the continent.

Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism stand side by side.

There are Sages living in this world.

[You have finally figured out the classification of cultivation realms.

[Above the Dao Transformation realm, there are three steps.

Above the three steps is the realm of Sages.

The quasi-Sage Zhuge Qing of the Confucian School is a third-step mighty figure.

Through Ah Gus memories, you learned that the number of third-step mighty figures in the entire world could be counted on one hand.

Even in big religions like Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism, there are only two or three quasi-Sages.

[Your Arhat realm is above the Dao Transformation realm.

The first step corresponds to the Heaven Immortal World in Daoism and the Grand Scholar realm in Confucianism.

[The three steps in Daoism are: Heaven Immortal, Golden Immortal, and Grand Luo Immortal.

[The three steps in Buddhism are: Arhat, Bodhisattva, and Supreme Buddha.

[The three steps in Confucianism are: Grand Scholar, Exalted Scholar, and quasi-Sage.

[Each realm is divided into several levels.

Depending on the path of cultivation, there will be different levels of augmentation.

[The cultivation system of the entire world is very complicated.

You only have a rough idea from this shamans memories.

[However, what is before you is an almost unsolvable problem.

According to Ah Gus memories, the forest you are in is the hunting forest that the Heavenpunisher tribe lives in.

There is a great shamanic tribe in every direction around the entire forest.

[Every great shamanic tribe has a Great Shaman guarding it.

A Great Shaman is an existence comparable to a third-step mighty figure.

You cant fight against them with your current Arhat cultivation.

[You plan to hide in the forest first and train hard to see if you can raise your cultivation as soon as possible.

[On the 55th day, after seven days and seven nights of training, you still havent been able to break through to the 1st Sky of the Arhat realm.

Youre very troubled.

Even if you have amazing talent and supreme cultivation techniques, the path of Buddhism youre cultivating follows the path of incense.

Without the slightest bit of incense, youre unable to raise your cultivation.

[Youve also thought of abolishing the Buddhist path and starting cultivating The Classic of the Ways Virtue again, but this forest is also filled with dangers.

‘Im afraid that youll be buried in the mouth of a beast in less than two days after I discard my cultivation…

[Helpless, you can only continue cultivating and hoping that you can break through.]

[On the 85th day, after a month of unremitting efforts, you successfully broke through a small realm and reached the 2nd Sky of the Arhat realm.

During that time, you killed two more shamans who went hunting in the forest and obtained quite a lot of useful information.

[In this forest, there are great shamanic tribes in the east, south, west, and north.

The strongest shamans are in the east, where the Heavenpunisher tribe is located, the Wind tribe is in the west, and the Nine-Neonate tribe is in the south.

As for the north, when you heard its name, you were immediately shocked.

‘Its actually called the Bai Qi tribe!

[According to the information you received, the shamans originally dominated this world.

It wasnt until 2,000 years ago, during the great war between the shamans, that Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism appeared out of nowhere and joined the human race.

[At the crucial moment of the great war between the shamans, the three religions suddenly intervened and defeated the Great Shamans in one fell swoop, becoming the current overlord

[Based on the fact that less than 2,000 years have passed, you infer that the people who suddenly joined us are most likely those cultivators who left Earth that year.

[However, there is one thing you dont understand.

Hundreds of thousands of years have passed in the world in the painting.

Could it be that the flow of time in the outside world was different from the flow of time in the world in the painting

[Thinking about the quasi-Sages means, you cant help but believe your guess.

[You also received a shocking piece of news from a shaman of the Bai Qi tribe.

Recently, a new human had arrived in the Bai Qi tribe.

Bai Qi personally conferred the title of the High Priest of the Bai Qi tribe, and he went by the name of Gu Tianji.

[You didnt expect that you would meet Old Man Tianji, the old village head who had escaped from the world in the painting.

This old fellow had tricked you several times.

You decided to head to the Bai Qi tribe first to seek revenge on the old village head, and second, you thought that, after all, Bai Qi was from your country.

When Bai Qi saw a fellow countryman, his eyes would well up with tears.

Wouldnt he immediately release you]

[On the 87th day, you hunted a big peak-stage Dao Transformation bear.

You planned to give it as a gift to your fellow countryman.

The moment you arrived near the Bai Qi tribe, you were surrounded by a group of Bai Qi shaman soldiers.

[You were just about to explain when you heard a shaman soldier shout, “This is the human that the high priest said would bring a curse to our tribe! Everyone! Attack together and kill him to offer sacrifices to the Ancestral Shaman.”

[In an instant, thousands of shaman soldiers attacked together.

Dozens of them were shaman generals, who were even stronger than you.

[You instantly guessed that it must be Old Man Tianjis doing.

‘I dont know what method Old Man Tianji used to gain Bai Qis trust and become the High Priest of the tribe! Now, hes using a shamanic tribe to hunt me down!

[Youre only a 2nd Sky Arhat expert, so how can you be a match against this swarm of shamans Soon, your four limbs were severed, your cultivation was sealed, and you were brought to the altar.]


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