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Just like that, Zhao Hao successfully rose from a member who had yet to join the Spirit Brigade to the vice-captain of the Supernatural Special Forces.

He also successfully obtained Kong Qingshans approval.

He could go to the Confucian Temple in Qufu and pick any Confucian treasure.

One only needed to look at Kong Qingshan to understand how much a Confucian treasure added.

Kong Qingshan was only in the late stage of the Nascent Soul Realm.

With the Confucian treasure in his hand, he defeated Meng Tian, who was in the initial stage of the Incarnation Realm.

This was because Kong Qingshans talent level was not very high.

If it was Zhao Hao…

However, Zhao Hao did not have the intention to immediately go to the Confucian Temple to get the Confucian treasure.

What if Confucian treasure entered the simulator together with him after taking it

With the degree of hatred that the people of the Tianwu Village had toward Confucianism, he reckoned that he would not be able to live for even a day.

The moment he descended, all the villagers would attack him!

After having a detailed discussion with a few big shots, he finally sent them off.

Zhao Hao looked at the time.

It had already been three hours.

He could not help but sigh.

These people were really talkative.

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He hurriedly opened the cultivation simulator.

Time could not be wasted.

Although he had already extracted his red talent today and the god of killing was still alive, wasnt this opening a new map He needed to go in and investigate properly.

Especially that terrifying forest-side tribe.

They could seriously injure him, who was in the path transformation realm and knock him out with one palm.

Furthermore, he didnt wake up for three days and three nights.

Such an expert was probably at least two realms higher than Zhao Hao.

With the mood to explore, Zhao Hao directly opened the cultivation simulator.

[To enable the simulation, you may select only three of the following Cultivation Talents.]

[Mahayana Holy Body (Red Talent): All your basic attributes increase by 300.

This is a unique physique that is rarely seen in a million years.

It is the strongest sacred body in the martial arts world.

Your aptitude to practice all kinds of Cultivation Methods is the worlds highest.

Your attack power is twice the original attack power.]

[Born Arhat (Red Talent): All your basic attributes increase by 300.

You were born an Arhat, a candidate for a Buddha.

You can comprehend Buddhist divine skills on your own and cultivate all kinds of Buddhist cultivation techniques.]

[Descendant of Daoist Trinity (Red Talent): All your attributes increase by 500.

All the Spiritual Roots in your body are Heaven Spiritual Roots.

Youre an Orthodox Daoist with an inherent cultivation technique “The Classic of the Ways Virtue”.

You can cultivate all Daoist cultivation techniques.]

[Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes (Red Talent): Your spiritual power increases by 500.

You are able to see through all illusions in the world, and the information of people you see becomes available to you.]

[Asura in the World (Red Talent): Your killing intent increases by 1,000.

Killing one is a crime.

Killing thousands makes you a hero.

After killing 9,000,000 lives, you are a hero among heroes.

You are the Asura in the world.

You can increase your cultivation through killing.

There is no upper limit to your cultivation base.]

[Buddhas Reincarnation (Gold Talent): All your attributes increase by 100.

You have the memories of Buddhas previous life.

If you encounter a bottleneck, you can directly break through and cultivate to the Mahayana realm.]

[Fusion (Gold Talent): You can fuse two Cultivation Talents.

Effect Unknown.]


[Cang Dragons strength (Gold Talent): Your strength increases by 200.

The damage you inflict to non-humans increases by 200%.]

[Ding! The effect ofFusion has been activated.

The Cultivation TalentsBorn Arhat andAsura in the World will fuse.]

[Ding! Fusion successful.

You obtained the Cultivation TalentPut Down the Butchers Knife and Immediately Become a Buddha.]

[Put Down the Butchers Knife and Immediately Become a Buddha: As the current God of Slaughter, you are unwilling to swing the butchers knife.

If you have never killed any living beings before crossing the heavenly tribulation, you can immediately reach the Buddhist Arhat realm and obtain the Arhat Fruit.]

“What You can do this!”

Zhao Hao was instantly dumbfounded.

He had never thought that the random Fusion talent he had picked would have such a perverse effect.

Zhao Haos mind was momentarily filled with various thoughts.

Although he did not know what kind of strength the Buddhist Arhat realm was, he thought that it was definitely stronger than the Dao Transformation realm.

If he wanted to explore the outside world, he first had to ensure his own safety.

Secondly, he had to be powerful.

Although it was difficult to not kill any living beings before crossing heavenly tribulation, he could stay in the Tianwu Village and cultivate in seclusion.

With his Nascent Soul cultivation and his current talents, he could reach the Tribulation Transcending within 30 days.

Of course, Zhao Hao also turned on his phone and checked the many opportunities he had memorized.

If he didnt cross the heavenly tribulation within 30 days, he would have to look for opportunities to improve his cultivation.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hao immediately initiated the simulation.

[Cultivation simulation begins.]

[On the first day, you descended into the world with early-stage Nascent Soul cultivation.

You didnt make any movements and obediently stayed in the house.

You used your power to form a protective barrier around yourself, ensuring that no insects could get close to you.

You began to cultivate wholeheartedly.]

[On the third day, your cultivation reached mid-stage Nascent Soul.]

[On the fifth day, your cultivation reached late-stage Nascent Soul.]

[On the seventh day, your cultivation reached peak-stage Nascent Soul.

Under the influence ofBuddhas Reincarnation, your cultivation didnt have a bottleneck.

[You broke through to the Soul Formation realm.]

[On the 12th day, your cultivation reached peak-stage Soul Formation.

[Under the influence ofBuddhas Reincarnation, you broke through to the Profound Void realm.]

[On the 30th day, your cultivation reached peak-stage Profound Void realm.

[Under the influence ofBuddhas Reincarnation, you broke through to the Form Synthesis realm.

[When you sensed that the heavenly tribulation was coming, you left the Tianwu Village to look for the opportunities that you had recorded.]

[On the 35th day, you came to Nine Serenity City.

First, you snuck into the biggest auction in the city.

You did not find the six Spirit Foxes as it was not time yet.

You snuck into the treasure pavilion of the auction and almost got killed by a Tribulation Transcending cultivator.

You managed to escape successfully.]

[On the 37th day, before you came to the small river, you found the Fairy River God.

Under your coercion and enticement, the River God brought you to Old Man Qiankuns secret realm.

you successfully passed the three tests left by Old Man Qiankun with your

superb skills and obtained his inheritance and a Tribulation Transcending cultivators Fire Seed of Origin

[On the 39th day, you successfully refined the Tribulation Transcending cultivators Fire Seed of Origin and reached the late cycle of the Form Synthesis realm.

You came out of seclusion and went straight to the thousand-mile poison swamp in your memory.

[On the 43rd day, you reached the thousand-mile poison swamp and started a great battle with the 10,000-year-old Venomous Flood Dragon.

You relied on many divine abilities to capture the Venomous Flood Dragon that was holding the Buddhist treasure.

You didnt kill it.

You only took away its 10,000-year Demon Core and left it alive.

You obtained the immortal artifact and Buddhist treasure, the Glazed Demon-Subduing Pestle.]

[On the 48th day, you refined the 10,000-year Demon Core and reached the peak cycle of the Form Synthesis realm.

[Under the influence ofBuddhas Reincarnation, you broke through to the Tribulation Transcending realm.

You successfully fulfilled the requirement of your talent.

[At that moment, endless Buddhist light surrounded you, and a golden avatar of yours appeared.

It sat cross-legged in the air, and everyone in the world could clearly see that a mysterious sense of compassion was slowly spreading around you.]


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