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[On the 90th day, you returned to the Daliang Kingdom.

At present, you have grown wings and begun planning to exterminate the cultivation sects.

According to your intelligence, the entire cultivation world is vast and boundless.

There are dozens of top-tier sects alone, and each of them is guarded by an Ascension expert.

This is also the reason you havent been killing cultivators in a frenzy.

[Fortunately, there were endless conflicts between the sects in the cultivation world.

There were also conflicts between the righteous and the evil side.

Great wars often broke out.

You began to scheme against the nearby sects and sent your subordinates to pretend to be disciples of the righteous and the evil sects, exacerbating the conflicts between the two sides.]

[On the 93rd day, you personally led 10,000 God-Slaying soldiers to pretend to be the top force of the righteous sects, the Green Cloud Sect.

You launched a sneak attack on a city of the Nine Serenity Sect and successfully slaughtered them all.

You deliberately let a Form Synthesis Nine Serenity Elder escape.

[On the 94th day, you used the same trick again.

You pretended to be the Nine Serenity Sect and ambushed the Green Cloud Sects branch headquarters.

You massacred all of them and intentionally let an elder escape.

[On the 101st day, after your continuous operations over the past few days, the conflict between the righteous and evil sects became more serious.

The major sects also began to summon their disciples back.

The entire cultivation world was like a volcano that was about to erupt.

[On the 102nd day, to speed up the volcanos eruption, you snuck into Nine Serenity City as the Holy Son of the Azure Cloud Sect and killed the Nine Serenity Sect Leaders son.

The flames of war were completely ignited, and a great war broke out between the righteous and evil sects instantly.]

[On the 108th day, the flames of war spread throughout the entire cultivation world.

You led the God-Slaying Army to attack from both sides.

During the great war, you destroyed one cultivation sect after another.

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[Your peak-stage Dimension Sundering cultivation broke through, and you reached the Tribulation Transcending realm.

[On the 130th day, you led your subordinates to follow the Green Cloud Sect and broke through Nine Serenity City.

You wiped out the millions of cultivators in Nine Serenity City.

[You reached late-stage Tribulation Transcending.

[The Green Cloud Sect Leader personally met you and wanted you to join the Green Cloud Sect.

For this reason, he was willing to give you the position of Vice-Sect Leader.

You readily agreed.

[While the Green Cloud Sect Leader was happy, you suddenly attacked and killed him.

Then, the God-Slaying Army suddenly attacked from the back and killed all the Green Cloud cultivators in Nine Serenity City.

[You reached peak-stage Tribulation Transcending.]

[On the 137th day, the righteous and evil sects had suffered heavy casualties after dozens of days of war.

They stopped their attacks, but you still led your troops to massacre them.

This immediately attracted the attention of the righteous and evil sects.

In an instant, your plan was exposed.

The righteous and evil sects joined forces to kill you.]

[On the 141st day, you first annihilated the 18 allied armies of the evil sects and massacred tens of millions of cultivators of the evil sects.

Then, you annihilated the alliance of the righteous sects and massacred hundreds of thousands of cultivators.

[Your cultivation successfully reached the early cycle of the Ascension realm.

[After a series of battles, your army suffered heavy casualties.

At this point, there were only about 30,000 of you God-Slaying soldiers left.

However, your strength had greatly improved, and all of them had reached the Nascent Soul realm.

[On the 142nd day, your actions angered the people and the gods.

All the righteous and evil sects had Ascension patriarchs who wanted to kill you.

You personally led the God-Slaying Army and fought against many Ascension experts.

The more you fought, the stronger you became.

One Ascension expert after another died tragically at your hands.

Your cultivation soared, and you killed all the enemies who came.

[Your cultivation successfully reached the peak cycle of the Ascension Realm.]

[On the 150th day, you led the God-Slaying Army and swept through the cultivation world.

The entire world trembled because of you.

One by one, the top sects were exterminated.

Be it cultivators, commoners, or other races, they were all exterminated.]

[On the 155th day, your world-exterminating actions attracted many hidden experts.

They all tried to kill you, but you succeeded in killing them back.

Only now did you realize that there were still many experts in this world.

The strongest one had already reached the peak cycle of the Ascension realm.

[By killing many reclusive experts and half of the living beings in the world, you have successfully entered the middle cycle of the Mahayana realm.

[The 30,000 God-Slaying soldiers under your command have all reached the Form Synthesis realm.]

[On the 200th day, you killed all the living beings in the world.

Your cultivation reached the peak cycle of the Mahayana realm, and the 30,000 God-Slaying soldiers under your command all reached the Tribulation Transcending realm.

[You suppressed your cultivation to prevent the lightning tribulation from falling and led the 30,000 God-Slaying soldiers back to your starting point, the Tianwu Village.]

[On the 203rd day, you arrived at the Tianwu Village.

At this time, the Tianwu Village was already on standby.

Everyone in the Tianwu Village had heard of your reputation.

You were immediately attacked when you led the 30,000 God-Slaying soldiers to land.

[Widow Zhang, as the village head of the Tianwu Village, a mid-stage Mahayana expert, reverted to her true form and started a great battle with you.

[This is the first time you have seen a 30,000-feet-tall spider.

Moreover, there are over 100 spirits that have reached the Ascension realm around Widow Zhang.

Among them, there is another 10,000-feet-tall spider.

It is the most powerful, a peak-stage Ascension ghost.

[Only then did you understand what Widow Zhangs Hundred Devil Children Mother Patterned Spider meant.

It could enslave an existence that was killed by it and possess it.

[The strongest 10,000-feet-tall spider was Widow Zhangs previous dao companion.

The other Ascension ghosts were also existences that Widow Zhang once devoured.

[You casually killed more than 10 Ascension ghosts.

When Widow Zhang saw this, she directly sucked all the ghosts into her stomach.

Then, her cultivation instantly reached the peak-stage Mahayana, and she started a great battle with you.]

[On the 206th day, you and Widow Zhang fought for three days and three nights.

The 30,000 God-Slaying soldiers had all died in the hands of the experts in the village.

The 12 peak-stage Ascension experts in the village all watched the battle from afar.

The big battle between you and Widow Zhang was not something they could interfere with.]

[On the 210th day, the big battle lasted for 10 days and 10 nights.

You finally succeeded in killing Widow Zhang, and your cultivation base instantly broke through to the early cycle of the Dao Transformation realm.

[You waved your hand and killed 11 experts at the peak of the Ascension realm.

Then, you raised your hand and grabbed Granny Sun.

Under your control, Granny Sun turned into a five-colored ginseng, and you swallowed it.]

[On the 213th day, your cultivation base has fully recovered.

You summoned the gate of the Immortal World to face the heavenly tribulation.

[Because you slaughtered the entire world, the endless sinister karmic strings coiled around your body.

Heaven and earth dont allow people like you to exist.

The lightning tribulation was so great that it could destroy heaven and earth.

[Zhuge Qings quasi-Sage clone also acted, declaring, “Such a bloodthirsty person cannot be a part of my Confucian School.”

[Under the combined attacks of the heavenly lightning and Zhuge Qing, you used all your methods, first breaking the heavenly lightning, then slashing Zhuge Qing.

[You successfully killed Zhuge Qing and smashed the gate of the Immortal World with one punch.

You were seriously injured and walked toward the endless black hole in a sorry state.

[As you left, the whole world in the painting collapsed instantly.]


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