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[On the 43rd day, you were only in the middle cycle of the Profound Void realm.

How could you face the Grand Elder of the Nine Serenity Sect, a late-stage Tribulation Transcending expert Helpless, you could only seal your cultivation and hide in the mortal kingdom, the Daliang Kingdom.

[On the 44th day, you strolled around the capital of the Daliang Kingdom and saw a recruitment notice posted on the roadside.

When you went up to take a look, you discovered that the Daliang Kingdom was actually preparing to start a war against the neighboring western barbarian kingdom.

You suddenly had a good idea.

[In the cultivation world, if you continue to exterminate sects, you will definitely be hunted down by the powerhouses of the major forces.

This is very disadvantageous to your growth.

If you join a force and fight for it, you will have less trouble.

[You only revealed your Golden Core cultivation, but the emperor of the Daliang Kingdom successfully summoned you.

He conferred you the title ofGeneral and commanded you to lead an army of 100,000 and fight against the western barbarian kingdom.”

[On the 48th day, you led an army of 100,000 soldiers and attacked cities and strongholds along the way, successively seizing 72 cities of the western barbarian kingdom.

You discovered that the souls of the soldiers under your command and the people you killed could actually enhance your body.

[Along the way, you carried out the path of slaughtering cities and destroying countries, massacred 72 cities, and killed millions of civilians.

[Your cultivation reached late-stage Profound Void.

[Youve been blacklisted by all the surrounding countries and obtained the nicknameButcher.]

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[On the 51st day, your army arrived at the capital of the western barbarian kingdom.

The entire capital was thrown into chaos because of your arrival.

[The monarch hanged himself in the imperial palace.

Before his death, he had the concubines accompany him and set the entire palace on fire to escape humiliation.

There was no resistance.

You led your army into the capital and carried out a massacre for three days.]

[On the 54th day, the entire western barbarian kingdom, which originally had a flourishing population, was annihilated because of your arrival.

Your actions caused the cultivators passing by to be dissatisfied.

They launched an assassination attempt on you as you led the army back.

You easily killed the cultivators and returned to the Daliang Kingdom.

[On the 55th day, the emperor personally arranged a banquet for you.

During the banquet, you saw that there were actually 500 assassins hidden outside your residence.

You directly threw the cup in your hand to the ground.

The 500 assassins instantly rushed out, intending to kill you.

You easily killed all 500 assassins.

In The Classic of the Ways Virtue, you found the controlling technique and successfully put the emperor under your control.

[On the 56th day, under your control, the emperor issued a declaration of war against the eight neighboring countries.

The name Daliang rose to fame in the mortal world for a time.

Even many cultivation sects took note of the Daliang Kingdom.

[However, the cultivation sects were high and mighty, and they had long-established rules that they were not allowed to interfere with the war between the mortal countries.

No cultivator made a move to stop your actions.

[On the 57th day, because of your fame and reputation—having destroyed the western barbarian kingdom with a wave of your hand—the Daliang people trusted you a lot.

Everyone signed up to join the army when they heard that you would personally lead the troops and send them out to fight.

You effortlessly built up an army of 500,000 soldiers.

[On the 58th day, the eight countries decided to build up an alliance army with 2,700,000 soldiers because of your fame and reputation.

They were called the Octanation Alliance Army, and they charged straight at Daliang.

You led 500,000 new soldiers to fight them head-on.”

[On the 61st day, the two sides officially met.

Without any words, a huge battle broke out.

During the battle, you sneaked into the enemys tent and killed all the leaders of the Octanation Alliance Army, paralyzing its command system.

The 2,700,000 troops were instantly defeated.

You personally led your troops to chase after them for hundreds of kilometers and beheaded hundreds of thousands.”

[On the 63rd day, you led your troops to pursue and kill all the enemies and those who surrendered.

You annihilated all the remaining troops of the Octanation Alliance Army.

[You successfully reached peak-stage Profound Void.

[You obtained the title ofGod of Slaughter.

The eight countries sent letters to the sects behind them.

They would kill you as soon as possible.]

[On the 65th day, the cultivation sects rarely meddle in the affairs between mortal countries.

However, what you did was a little overboard, so three sects sent their experts to kill you.

The Goldstone Sect, the Green Thunder Temple, and the Five Element Sect were the three sects.

They are all second-rate sects with a Form Synthesis expert overseeing them.

[On the 66th day, you led your troops to exterminate two countries.

You still followed the policy of exterminating and slaughtering all.

You killed the heads of the two countries, causing blood to flow for thousands of kilometers.

[You successfully broke through peak-stage Profound Void and reached the Form Synthesis realm.

[On the 67th day, you killed the experts sent of the three sects.

You ordered your troops to continue attacking the other countries while you went alone to look for those sects.]

[On the 69th day, you wiped out more than 10,000 Goldstone cultivators and plundered all their books and treasures.

When the cultivators nearby saw you, none of them dared to face you.

[You left a message: “If you dare to interfere in the affairs of the mortal countries again, you will cease to exist.]

[On the 73rd day, you annihilated the other two sects and returned to the army.

At this time, the army had annihilated three countries, but they still carried out your orders.

You are quite satisfied.

These 500,000 soldiers have awakened the killing intent because they slaughtered tens of millions of lives with you.

[Under the wing of the God of Slaughter, everyone can cultivate.

You have rewarded all the materials collected by the three sects and let them cultivate well.]

[On the 81st day, you annihilated all the eight countries near the Daliang Kingdom.

You slaughtered hundreds of millions of lives and successfully reached late-stage Form Synthesis.

Your 500,000 troops were affected by the killing intent, and they all reached the Foundation Establishment realm.

You personally conferred them the title ofGod-Slaying Army.]

[On the 85th day, your killing behavior attracted the attention of the Blood Demon Sect.

The Blood Demon Sect Leader personally came to invite you to join the Blood Demon Sect.

You gladly agreed and led the 500,000 soldiers of the God-Slaying Army to the Blood Demon Sect.]

[On the 88th day, the Blood Demon Sect was a first-rate force.

There was a Tribulation Transcending expert in the sect.

However, you didnt hesitate at all and directly led the army to the Blood Demon Sect.

You even killed the peak-stage Form Synthesis Blood Demon Sect Leader with one palm.

[The God-Slaying Army slaughtered the Blood Demon disciples crazily, who hesitated due to the killing intent that everyone cultivated.

The soldiers could fight across ranks with their combined attacks.

With the reinforcement of the army formation that you taught them, the entire Blood Demon Sect was powerless to resist.

[The Tribulation Transcending Blood Demon Patriarch personally attacked.

He wanted to directly kill your 500,000-strong army, but you stopped him.

[You, a late-stage Form Synthesis cultivator, started fighting against the mid-stage Tribulation Transcending Blood Demon Patriarch.

Blood mist filled the battlefield, and killing intent soared to the sky.

You crossed a large realm and successfully killed the Tribulation Transcending Blood Demon Patriarch.

[The Blood Demon Sect was exterminated, and your cultivation reached peak-stage Form Synthesis.

Your reputation was widely spread in the cultivation world.

[Everyone knows that a great killer is rising from among the mortals.]


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