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As Master Du Le chanted, a streak of Buddhist light shot out behind his head, and a Buddha Dharma Idol faintly appeared.

This was the light of the Buddhist Dharma Wheel.

Under the illumination of the Buddhist light, golden scriptures surrounded Master Du Le as he struck out with his palm.

The countless Buddhist words gathered into a streak of golden light that headed straight for Emperor Shi.

“Hmph! A barbarian is a barbarian.

Since you dont want to submit, then go to hell.”

Emperor Shi gave a cold snort, then raised his hand and gave him a slap.

Master Du Le, who had a solemn look on his face and was using the Buddhist Dharma Wheel, was sent flying several tens of meters away.

He fell to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Master Du Le struggled to get up and spat out seven or eight big teeth.

“Amitabha Buddha, Ill fight you to the death.”

The originally dignified and compassionate Master Du Les face was almost distorted, and his eyes seemed to be emitting sparks.

“Acalanātha Dharma…”

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Following Master Du Les angry shout, a huge golden Dharma Idol appeared behind him.

It was a six-armed and six-legged Buddha Dharma Idol, and each arm held a Buddhist treasure.

It was the Acalanātha Dharma Idol.

Master Du Les body was bathed in blood.

Controlling the Acalanātha Dharma Idol, he swung his arm holding the Demon-Subduing Pestle and smashed it directly at Emperor Shi.

“Hmm, not bad.

This move is quite interesting.”

Emperor Shi did not receive the Demon-Subduing Pestles attack head-on.

He had received the nukes head-on, which had caused him several injuries.

Moreover, Emperor Shi could sense that several powerful presences were about to attack him.

The disturbance caused by their battle was a little too great.

At the same time, the smoke and dust had mostly dispersed, and the visibility had become a little higher.

Emperor Shi had come to retrieve the Imperial Jade Seal.

He did not want to fight with the people of this world right now, so he immediately activated the Imperial Jade Seal again and shattered the Acalanātha Dharma Idol with one strike.

Without caring about Master Du Les life or death, he turned his head and flew back to Mount Li.

When Kong Qingshan, Ma Zhuwei, Zhang Zhiwei, and the others arrived, they saw Master Du Le, who was covered in blood and unconscious from his serious injuries.

Zhao Hao fled all the way to the temporary camp.

Only then did he dare say he was safe.

That was definitely the closest he had ever come to death since he began cultivating.

Zhao Hao even thought that once Emperor Shi caught him, he would decisively surrender and not resist.

He would wait until he returned from his transmigration to seek revenge on Emperor Shi.

Fortunately, that monk was far more attractive than Zhao Hao, and he had helped Zhao Hao avert a crisis.

Soon, Zhao Hao saw Ma Zhuisheng and the others carrying back the thrashed Master Du Le and was instantly overjoyed.

This monk had wanted to trick him, but he had never thought that he would end up getting himself involved.

The explosion of 10 nukes could be considered to have ended the first collision between Great Qin and the real world.

Even though it was different from the plan, Mount Li was still standing perfectly.

It was obvious that Emperor Shi had taken the brunt of the hit.

However, such a terrifying power was enough to intimidate everyone in the mausoleum.

The following days would be more stable.

Nonetheless, no one let down their guard.

Many people knew that since Emperor Shi had withstood the nukes impact, there was a high chance that Wang Teng, the traitor, had not died.

As for Wang Teng, he had a library of information with him.

Once Great Qin fully digested all of his knowledge, it was likely that they would not only be facing the Qin armys ancient battle techniques.

Soon, the night passed, giving its place to dawn.

Sunlight shone down from the horizon.

The dust on Mount Li had already subsided, and a massive crater could be seen in front of Mount Li now.

Zhao Hao slowly opened his eyes.

After the battle, Zhao Hao didnt waste any time.

Instead, he went straight to the designated resting area, recovered, and immediately started cultivating.

He opened his eyes because he sensed that someone was approaching.

The tent door opened, and a familiar figure appeared in front of Zhao Hao.

If it werent Bai Bing, who else could it be

There had been too much going on last night.

As a high-ranking member of the Spirit Brigade, Bai Bing had only just finished dealing with all matters after a whole night.

After it was over, she hurried over to Zhao Haos place.

In Bai Bings eyes, Zhao Hao was her internal right-hand man.

Not only was he powerful, but he was also very obedient.

Naturally, she had to confirm Zhao Haos safety as soon as possible.

“Why are you here” Zhao Hao asked helplessly.

Zhao Hao had mixed feelings about Bai Bing.

If it werent for this woman, he would have been able to stay safe and sound, farming for talent and preparing to cross over.

It was because of this woman that he was dragged out time and time again to participate in various events.

Bai Bings cold expression changed, and she said in a relaxed tone, “Im here to see how youre doing.

I think you should cut your vacation short and just return to the squad.”

Zhao Hao was a little confused when he saw Bai Bings expression.

“Are you done with the Qin Mausoleums matters Why are you so happy”

Bai Bing had always had a very serious expression, but she was different now.

It was obvious that something had happened.

Bai Bing looked at Zhao Hao with some dissatisfaction and said directly, “Im sorry.

“Actually, Chief Ma already had a plan.

If we cant destroy them, well definitely have to negotiate with them.”

Zhao Hao exclaimed, “He already had a plan Why did he gather everyone here in such a grand fashion Couldnt he be more direct”

Bai Bing looked at Zhao Hao with disdain as she replied, “Of course, well have to talk, but we have to show off our muscles first.

Besides, you should know that its already very troublesome to open the Qin Mausoleum.

Who knows if other emperors mausoleums will open in the future We have to give everyone more training so that they can deal with such troublesome matters in the future.”

After listening to Bai Bings explanation, Zhao Hao finally understood.

Now that the Spiritual Qi had recovered, the number of strange things that would happen next would increase dramatically.

Not only would it be convenient to gather all the paranormals in advance, but it would also be easier to manage them.

It would also increase their overall power and, at the same time, intimidate the Qin Mausoleum.

It was a good idea.

Bai Bing stayed at Zhao Haos place for a while, then took her leave.

Zhao Hao didnt ask who they would send to negotiate.

He wasnt interested in this kind of thing, but he guessed that the mission wouldnt be too dangerous.

Even now, Great Qin would definitely preserve the integrity of the ancient people.

When the two parties fought, they wouldnt kill the envoys.

This was an unspoken rule that had existed since ancient times, and few people didnt abide by it.

Knowing that there wouldnt be any war in the short term, Zhao Hao began to cultivate in peace.

His cultivation had already reached the peak cycle of the Golden Core realm.

Even if his talent were outstanding, it would still take some time to break through to the Nascent Soul realm.

An entire morning quietly passed…

[Ding! The Cultivation Talent Pane has reset.]

After a system notification, Zhao Hao looked at the countdown on the screen in front of him.

96 hours had passed since his last simulation.


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