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A terrifying aura erupted from the body of the First Emperor, Ying Zheng.

Everyone present retreated in shock.

Kong Qingshan had a grave expression on his face.

In that instant, his Confucian Dao had been completely suppressed.

This was something that had never happened since ancient times.

Among all the great Daos, Confucianism was ranked at the forefront.

At most, they were at the same level.

But now, they were completely suppressed.

This made Kong Qingshan, who was originally very calm, have an ugly expression on his face.

Zhao Hao stared at the domineering Emperor Shi, who was not far away and used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes.

‘No matter how strong you are, let me understand you first..

Streams of light appeared in Zhao Haos eyes, and all the information about Emperor Shi appeared on the interface.

Name: Ying Zheng (Qin Shi Huang, Shi Huangdi, First Emperor of Qin, Emperor Shi)

Race: Human

Cultivation: Early-Stage Profound Void (Early-Stage Tribulation Transcending)

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Introduction: The First Emperor.

In order to establish a supreme immortal dynasty, he destroyed the Qin dynastys Dragon Vein, turned it into the Yin Dragon Vein, and cultivated into the Human Emperor.

However, his real purpose was to survive the Chaos Era and wait until the right time to unify the human race, consolidate the Dao of the Human Emperor, abolish the current emperor, and rebuild the Human Emperors prestige.

Although his strength had not recovered yet, he could merge with the Yin Dragon Vein and unleash the power of an early-stage Tribulation Transcending expert.

‘Early-Stage Profound Void

The nervousness in Zhao Haos heart decreased.

In Zhao Haos heart, the overall strength of Emperor Shi had probably far surpassed the highest level in this world.

Even if they used the nukes, they might not be able to kill him.

And from the information obtained from the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes, it seemed that during the Chaos Era, where there was no Spiritual Qi, Emperor Shis cultivation had also dropped.

However, Zhao Hao was also a little surprised.

He was sure that Emperor Shi definitely had a Red Talent, and it was definitely not a simple Red Talent.

‘But, how can I get close to him A Profound Void expert is not something that can be easily touched…

Zhao Hao was still deep in thought.

At the center of the scene, Emperor Shi spoke to everyone present.

“We, First Emperor of Qin, Ying Zheng, will definitely unify the human race no matter what dynasty you are in.

If anyone is willing to submit to Us, you can enter Mount Li directly.

When the world is unified, all of you will be kings and marquises.”

Emperor Shi had no intention of making a move.

The destruction of 300,000 soldiers had showcased the strength of the current era.

However, this was only the beginning.

The Spiritual Qi was already recovering.

By the time his men and his strength fully recovered, he would no longer have any problems facing those powerful offensive weapons.

The reason Emperor Shi came out at this moment was to announce his return to the world and say what he had just said.

He believed that even though more than 2,000 years had passed, the Qin dynastys reputation would definitely not be bad.

With his promise, many people would definitely have the idea of joining their side.

The emperors schemes were truly terrifying.

Just a single sentence of his had caused many people to look excited.

In this era, there were no longer any kings and marquises.

Splitting the earth and becoming a king was the dream of many people.

No one doubted the words of Emperor Shi.

As the first emperor of all time, what he said was the final word.

Once Great Qin unified the human race, those who joined Great Qin would be able to enjoy at least 1,000 kilometers of land.

“Hmph! Who do you think we are Ill kill you today…”

At that moment, a figure suddenly shot out and charged toward Emperor Shi.

Everyone present was incredibly shocked.

When Emperor Shis aura exploded out, everyone knew how terrifying his strength was.

Hadnt that fellow seen that those Level 9 experts didnt act on their own How could there still be someone as reckless as this individual

Zhao Haos expression was one of puzzlement because he had checked the information about that figure at the first moment.

Name: Wang Teng

Race: Human

Cultivation: Level 7 Claircognizance Paranormal (Mid-Stage Golden Core)

Introduction: The captain of the staff squad of the Supernatural Special Forces, nicknamed The Walking Library.

Relying on his powerful mental power, he memorized all the books in the National Library.

He is sinister, cunning, and good at speculation…

“Not good! He wants to defect to the enemy…”

The moment Zhao Hao finished reading the introduction, he shouted about Wang Teng, who was about to arrive in front of Emperor Shi.


Bai Bing had been standing beside Zhao Hao the whole time.

She immediately understood why the timid Wang Teng would rush out when she heard that.

Thinking of the importance of Wang Teng, Bai Bing immediately gave the order.

“Cover the area with artillery fire and kill Wang Teng.”

The soldiers on the outskirts immediately fired artillery shells at Wang Teng.

Ma Zhuisheng also brazenly attacked, unsheathing the longsword at his waist and slashing at Wang Teng.

Putting aside the fact that Wang Teng had defected to the enemy, just the books in the library that Wang Teng had recorded would be quite troublesome if the enemy obtained them.


Emperor Shi looked at Wang Teng, who had already reached him, and felt quite satisfied.

He looked at the various attacks aiming for Wang Teng and casually waved his sleeve.

Rays of black light shot out, and the attacks that covered the sky and earth were instantly stopped.

Emperor Shi said to Wang Teng in a friendly manner, “Youre not bad.

Whats your name In the future, when We unify the world, youll be the Qi King and take over all of the old Qis fiefdoms.”

Wang Teng immediately knelt down and bowed.

“Your Majesty, my name Is Wang Teng.

Thank you for Your Grace, Your Majesty.”

With a wealth of knowledge and books, Wang Teng understood ancient rites thoroughly.

His actions were smooth and made Emperor Shi very satisfied.

Ma Zhuisheng picked up the walkie-talkie and ordered loudly, “Damn it! Fire 10 Dongfeng No.

51 nukes at them.

Even if I blow up Mount Li, I will not let that Wang Teng live.”

Bai Bing also cooperated and said, “Everyone, retreat 100 kilometers at the fastest speed!”

In an instant, whether it was the paranormals or the soldiers, they all changed direction and ran away from Mount Li.

Zhao Hao also turned his head and ran at the first moment.

He felt the power of the nukes at a close distance.

Even though he was now a peak-stage Golden Core cultivator, he didnt dare to have any thoughts of trying.

In just half a minute, the crowd that had surrounded Mount Li had completely dispersed.

Wang Tengs face was unsightly.

He was well aware of the power of Dongfeng No.

51 and was about to warn Emperor Shi.

But then, Emperor Shi said with a smile on his face, “Is this what the people of the current era rely on As expected, We now have a sense of danger…”

Looking at the 10 huge specks of light flying rapidly toward him from afar, Emperor Shi revealed a rare trace of fear.

For many years, he had never felt such a feeling of impending death.

“Your Majesty, dont underestimate it! This is the strongest weapon in the world, and it can easily destroy an area of 100 kilometers,” Wang Teng warned him, still worried.


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