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This worlds Spiritual Qi had been abundant back then, and one could even cultivate to immortality.

When the empires and kingdoms fought each other, they would rely on the reinforcement of military formations and the support of battle formations.

However, this battle formation method had long been lost in the current Chaos Era.

“Hmph! Who cares what battle formation method it is Pass down my orders.

All artillery regiments, prepare!”

Ma Zhuisheng could tell with a glance that this battle formation must be terrifying.

Nature was the most common way to deal with a large group of weirdos.

At this time, 150 artillery regiments—with a total of more than 300,000 artillery units, such as all kinds of rockets, cannons, and howitzers—were mobilized from the outskirts of Lishan.

Under Ma Zhuishengs orders, all of the soldiers stationed on the outskirts of Mount Li adjusted their cannons and aimed at the densely packed soldiers in the distance.

Once Ma Zhuisheng gave the order, they would immediately fire all of their cannons.

“Sir, are you really going to fight”

Killing intent appeared in Kong Qingshans eyes; he had never been slapped in the face by anyone before.

Meng Tian had chosen to go to war with them, not giving him any face at all.

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“Hmph! Just a mere Confucian School.

Back then, they were nothing more than Great Qins subordinates.

Now that theyve developed, have they forgotten about their former master”

Meng Tians orders were to go to war and see how powerful the outside worlds factions were.

How could he be scared by Kong Qingshan

Even though Kong Qingshan had the Confucian treasure, Meng Tian was still a valiant general.

With 300,000 soldiers, he was not afraid of Kong Qingshan.

“Good, good, good.

I want to see the advantages of your Qin army.”

Kong Qingshan was furious as well.

He waved his brush and used heaven and earth as paper to write.

“Will draw the bow like a full moon, look to the northwest, and shoot the Sky Wolf.”

A golden poem appeared in the air, and great Scholar Qi1 followed it.

A golden arrow instantly appeared, and killing intent surged into the golden arrow.

This arrow became half-gold and half-red, and it shot toward Meng Tian.

Meng Tian saw the arrow that could threaten his life, but he did not dodge or retreat.

Killing and taking the head of a Qin general was simply a pipe dream.


The 30,000-meter-long black dragon suddenly opened its mouth, and a black light shot out of it.

The black light instantly hit the arrow formed from Scholar Qi.

It did not knock it down, but it blocked it, preventing it from moving forward.

Seeing this, Meng Tian smiled.

Just as he was about to wave his sword and command the army to attack, Kong Qingshans words came from the sky.

“This old man said that this arrow will definitely hit.”

The sound of an arrow piercing through ones body echoed.

The half-red and half-gold arrow disappeared on the spot.

The moment it reappeared, it had already pierced through Meng Tians chest!

“A divine ability of the Confucian School The Law of Speech—”

Meng Tians hand was tightly clenched on the long arrow that had pierced through his chest.

He could not help but spit out a mouthful of black blood.

After being heavily injured, he immediately pulled out the arrow and shouted, “Attack!”

In an instant, 300,000 Qin soldiers madly charged toward the central army camp.

The cavalry charged forward while the sword-shield soldiers followed closely behind.

The spearmen used this to attack, and tens of thousands of archers started to fire arrows.

Seeing this, Ma Zhuisheng decisively gave the order.


In an instant, 10,000 cannons fired simultaneously, and the cannonballs accurately bombarded the Qin army.

Even though the 30,000-meter-long black dragon swayed left and right, destroying many cannonballs, the waves of cannonballs were simply too ferocious and massive.

After defending against tens of thousands of cannonballs, the 30,000-meter-long black dragon was blasted into smithereens.

Below them, the 300,000 Qin soldiers were also blasted into ashes by the dense barrage of shells.

A deep crater was blasted into the ground, and countless cries of pain reverberated in the night sky.

Just as Kong Qingshan was about to take down the heavily injured Meng Tian, a massive black hand instantly rushed out of Mount Li, grabbing Meng Tian in its hand and dragging him back into Mount Li.

Kong Qingshan frowned when he sensed the power of the Emperor Dao.

The person who had just attacked was undoubtedly Emperor Shi, Ying Zheng, and the power of the Emperor Dao gave Kong Qingshan a sense of crisis.

This was no longer an ordinary Emperor Dao.

In front of Confucianism, the ordinary Emperor Dao was merely a relationship of cooperation and mutual growth.

The aura of the Emperor Dao just now actually made Kong Qingshan feel a faint sense of submission.

“Emperor Shis Emperor Dao seems to be somewhat different from the others…”

After muttering this sentence, Kong Qingshan did not attack again.

Although it seemed like he had easily injured Meng Tian, he was only at the advanced cycle of the Nascent Soul realm.

He was barely able to do all of this by relying on the Confucian treasure.

His old life would probably end here if he were to continue using it.

However, this battle could be considered a victory.

Looking at the quiet Mount Li, Kong Qingshan knew that there should not be any problems with the Qin Mausoleum for a short period.

He had severely injured Meng Tian and then used artillery to destroy 300,000 Qin soldiers.

This was undoubtedly a resounding slap to the proud Qin army, and it was like a bucket of cold water being poured down on them, causing the lofty-minded Great Qin lords to calm down.

However, things didnt go as smoothly as Kong Qingshan had thought.

If Emperor Shi could be frightened by this, he would not be worthy of being called theFirst Emperor.

The great Qin dynasty would not lose its will to fight just because it had lost 300,000 soldiers.

Such actions would only arouse Great Qins desire even more.

They had been invincible for too long, and they truly desired the appearance of a powerful opponent.

Just as everyone thought that the battle was over, a carriage suddenly drove out of Mount Li.

“Is… Is this Emperor Shis carriage”

A Level 8 paranormal looked at the carriage driving out of Mount Li with his mouth agape, and his tone was filled with complicated emotions.

His question was not answered because the expressions of the people around him were almost the same as his.

The carriage itself was incredibly gorgeous.

Just the 9 Flood Dragons pulling the carriage were enough to make everyone present look at them.

Even Zhao Hao was shocked.

Each Flood Dragon had an extremely powerful aura.

Zhao Hao could clearly see the level of the Flood Dragons—8 peak-stage Nascent Soul Flood Dragons and 1 mid-stage Soul Formation Flood Dragon.

The Dragon race had been extremely rare since ancient times.

They had basically disappeared during the Qin dynastys reign.

The fact that Emperor Shi could find 9 Flood Dragons to ride on was not only a symbol of imperial power but also a symbol of how powerful he was.

The carriage slowly stopped in the center of the battlefield.

Instead of looking for Kong Qingshan, the carriage faced all of the paranormals and soldiers.

A figure slowly walked out of the carriage and stood on it.

He opened his hands and raised them into the sky.

“Hahaha! Heaven and earth have returned!”


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