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The current Mount Li was like an ancient city.

A large number of Qin soldiers who had woken up from the Terracotta Warrior statues walked out of the mountain in orderly steps.


“How is this possible!”


“How is it possible to create an army”

Whether it was the paranormals or the soldiers guarding the outermost perimeter, all of them cried out in disbelief.

It was not unusual for an army to be formed, but low-level monsters did not have intelligence.

The Dragon-Defying Rivers ghost soldiers were quite strange, and they only retained their battle instincts.

However, the Qin soldiers were not like that.

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The army was uniform, and it was obvious that they had retained their consciousness and could fight on their own.

Meng Tian rode an incredibly mysterious savage beast and slowly appeared in front of the army.

This beast looked like a ferocious tiger, but it had an elephant-like body and a long horn on its head, with faint sparks flickering from time to time, and it looked incredibly handsome.

The strange beast stepped on lightning, and with each step, its hooves didnt even land on the ground.

Its hooves stepped on lightning, three inches above the ground, and a terrifying aura exploded out.

It was clear how powerful and terrifying this beast was as it stepped on the air.

Meng Tian sat upright on it, not leaking out the slightest trace of aura.

Still, his strong body and the bright gold and black armor he wore were enough to give everyone present a great sense of pressure.

Meng Tian looked left and right, but there wasnt any surprise in his eyes.

Even when facing millions of enemies, he still had a trace of arrogance.

He looked at all of the enemies nearby with disdain.


Following Meng Tians gentle wave of her arm, the 300,000 Qin soldiers stopped in their tracks.

Their orderly movements caused the ground near Mount Li to tremble.

Meng Tian rode on his strange beast and slowly moved forward.

He looked in the direction of the main tent, which had the largest number of people and the most experts.

“I, General Meng Tian of Great Qin, ask the person in charge to come out and answer…”

Her simple words contained a strength comparable to that of a Soul Formation cultivator.

Her voice reverberated for hundreds of kilometers, causing everyone present to frown.

They were about to face the great Qin dynasty 2,000 from years ago.

Everyone present had undoubtedly made up their minds about the famous generals and soldiers of the great Qin dynastys era.

However, the strength Meng Tian had displayed was simply too powerful.

Even though Meng Tian could be ranked at the top among the Qin generals, he was definitely not the strongest.

Nonetheless, Meng Tian was already at the Soul Formation realm.

On the other hand, most of the people present were at Level 7, 8, or 9, so how could they deal with him

Luckily, a figure instantly rose into the air and flew less than 100 meters away from Meng Tian.

This person was dressed in Confucian robes, and even though his hair was snow-white, his scholar aura seemed to be able to fight against Meng Tians massive aura, and he even seemed to be able to suppress it.

“Eh A descendant of Duke Yan”

Meng Tians eyes instantly narrowed as he slowly placed his hand on the hilt of his sword.

Although the Confucian School had not been as powerful as the later stage of the Han dynasty, it had always been ranked in the top three, even during the Qin dynastys era.

There had never been a lack of experts from ancient times until now.

Confucianism had been passed down for a long time, and there were many experts.

No matter how one looked at it, it was the right thing to do.

“General Meng, I am honored to meet you.

I wonder what you are here for”

Kong Qingshan gave Meng Tian a respectful bow.

Even though he could easily deal with Meng Tians Soul Formation cultivation, the Qin dynasty was still behind Meng Tian, and its strength was unknown.

This conversation between the two of them was equivalent to the first conversation between two of the most powerful empires, which had spanned over 2,000 years.

Naturally, they had to treat each other with respect.

Meng Tian bowed to Kong Qingshan before coldly harrumphing.

“Hmph! Great Qin is about to be reborn, and youve gathered your troops here.

Do you want to fight against Great Qin”

Even though they valued the strength of this leader of the Confucian School, they didnt need to show him much face.

The unrivaled Confucian School had also submitted to Great Qins cavalry back then.

Kong Qingshans expression was also quite serious.

They had finished their meeting not too long ago and had two different opinions about Great Qins rebirth.

One opinion belonged to the Hawk faction: “How could we allow others to sleep in our beds Since the Qin dynasty is about to reappear, there is only one word: Fight!”

Even if they had to activate the nukes and blow up the entire Mount Li, they would not hesitate.

Of course, there were also some more moderate factions.

Considering the price they had to pay to destroy the Qin Mausoleum, as well as the strange scenario that the Qin Mausoleum would remain intact after the nukes explosion, that would undoubtedly become a huge disaster for the entire world.

Thus, the main peace faction still wanted to deal with them through negotiations.

After all, both sides were of the same origin.

If they could join forces, it wouldnt be impossible.

The two factions were at loggerheads and had yet to come to a conclusion.

Kong Qingshan belonged to the neutral faction.

He didnt have any radical thoughts, nor did he show any signs of fear.

Being the descendants of the sacred Duke Yan alone were enough to guarantee his and his familys eternal glory.

Even if he was defeated and Emperor Shi seized the world, he could still return to the Kong family in Qufu.

The Confucian Temple of the Kong family had the statue of a Sage and three quasi-Sage treasures.

From ancient times until now, no faction had been able to force its way in.

“I dont care if Great Qin is about to reemerge in the world, but Ive been ordered to come here.

I cant let you leave until I show results.”

Kong Qingshans tone was neither humble nor arrogant as he slowly took out a brush.

It was a supreme quasi-Sage brush.

Dong Zhongshu had abolished the Hundred Schools of Thought and worshiped Confucianism back then.

He had used this brush to write and bear this karma.

This brush had always been enshrined in the Confucius Temple in Qufu, and it was the one with the heaviest killing power.

Just that terrifying killing aura alone made Meng Tian, who was 100 meters away, feel terrified.

The strange beast beneath him trembled in fear and did not dare to go forward.

“Alright, then Ill let you all experience the splendor of our Qin warriors.”

Meng Tian directly pulled out the longsword at his waist, and in an instant, the Qin army roared in unison, “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

The threeFight sounds resounded through heaven and earth.

The Qin dynastys people were all fearless on the battlefield.

No matter how strong the opponent was or how many millions of enemies they faced, the Qin army would annihilate them on the battlefield.

The 300,000 Qin soldiers started to move in an instant, forming a massive army formation.

Rays of black light roamed within the army formation, and a ferocious black dragon that was 30,000 meters tall faintly gathered in the air above the army formation.

Ma Zhuisheng looked at the 30,000-meter-tall black dragon that had turned from illusory to real and said with a serious expression, “Its the legendary battle formation technique.”


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