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Emperor Shis order was quickly passed to Meng Tian.

Meng Tian immediately started to awaken the Qin warriors sealed within the Terracotta Warrior statues without any hesitation.

The densely packed Terracotta Warrior statues started to shatter, and the Qin warriors who had once conquered six states and fought with great strength broke out of the Terracotta Warrior statues.

The 300,000 warriors lined up neatly, and a cold wind blew as their killing intent soared into the sky.

They did not say much, and everyone knew their next mission.

They had been waiting for this moment for over 2,000 years.

Standing on the city walls, Meng Tian wore black and gold armor and a helmet as he slowly pulled out the longsword at his waist.

“Today, let the people of this world see how sharp Great Qins soldiers are.”

“Great Qin!” The 300,000 soldiers cried out in unison, their voices reverberating throughout the entire underground.

In Xianyang Palace…

When Emperor Shi heard their roars, a rare smile appeared on his serious face.

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All the civil and military officials were shocked as well.

These two simple words seemed to have inspired the fighting spirit of these people.

“Your Majesty, your subject requests to fight!”

“Your Majesty, even though my cultivation hasnt recovered, I can still fight!”

“Your Majesty…”

All of the civil and military officials who had once been famous in Great Qin stood out.

No one could understand why whenGreat Qin these two words were spoken, the blood in the hearts of the old Qin people burned.

This was the glory of the empire, the glory of wiping out the six states, and the glory of uniting the whole world…

Emperor Shi laughed and said, “Hahaha! This is the true glory of Great Qin! The fear instilled in ones hearts and bones! How is this a habit of the Qin people All of you, please follow Us and come with Us.

Lets see the glory of the elite Qin soldiers of the past.”

Then, he waved his dragon robe and flew out of the imperial palace.

After that, nine huge figures instantly appeared in front of Emperor Shi.

They were nine Flood Dragons, each with deep scales and ferocious horns on their heads.

Among them, the one in the middle was covered with golden scales and was surrounded by a brilliant divine glow, as if it was burning with a golden flame.

Unlike the other eight Flood Dragons, this one had two distinct dragon horns on its head, growing out of the sides of its body, and a golden glow surrounded them.

It looked very handsome and mighty as if it was about to transform into a true dragon.

Emperor Shi sat upright on the jade chariot pulled by the nine dragons.

The nine Flood Dragons instantly understood their masters intention and began to walk toward the army of 300,000 soldiers Meng Tian had led out of Xianyang City.

After Emperor Shis departure, all the civil and military officials in Xianyang Palace came out as well.

Some of them summoned their mounts, while some soared into the sky, following closely behind Emperor Shis footsteps and heading outside.

“Great… Qin…”

A loud and clear chant echoed from Mount Li.

All the paranormals and soldiers who were resting in the camp opened their eyes simultaneously.

It was midnight, and there were still a few hours before daybreak.

It was the time when the strange phenomenon was at its strongest.

At the same time, a loud chanting echoed from Mount Li, which had been silent all this while.

How could these people not be vigilant

Zhao Hao was still cultivating.

He had indeed heard the chanting sounds, but he was currently on the verge of breaking through.

Originally, he was only at the late cycle of the Golden Core realm.

After several hours of wholehearted cultivation, his cultivation was already on the verge of reaching the peak-stage Golden Core.

The great battle was about to begin.

If his strength increased by a single bit, it would greatly strengthen himself.

Therefore, Zhao Hao did not pay any attention to it.

The sound of alarms rang throughout the entire Mount Li camp.

Within two minutes, all the soldiers entered battle mode and arrived at the designated location.

All the paranormals received the notice at the first moment and quickly gathered to prepare for the battle.


The Spiritual Qi also stimulated Zhao Haos body.

He successfully broke through to the peak of the Golden Core realm.

Zhao Haos door was opened from the outside.

Bai Bing, wearing a tight-fitting battle suit, ran in and said to Zhao Hao, “Why are you still here Hurry up and gather with the others.

Youre the only one left.”

Bai Bing held Zhao Haos hand and rushed out of the door as she said that.

Zhao Hao didnt resist.

He followed Bai Bing and arrived at the place where the group of paranormals gathered.

At that moment, there were many paranormals gathered on Mount Li.

Zhao Hao didnt know the exact number.

He only knew that there were four camps, one in the east, one in the south, one in the west, and one in the north.

At least 100,000 paranormals surrounded each camp, and each camp had at least one Level 9 and many Level 8 paranormals guarding it.

Ma Zhuisheng, a Level 9 paranormal and the Supernatural Special Forces chief captain, was standing in front of Zhao Hao, Bai Bing, and the others.

Seeing that all the paranormals had gathered, Ma Zhuisheng also spoke up.

“Just now, the detector warned us that 300,000 oddities are moving rapidly toward the periphery of Mount Li.

It seems that the oddities in the Qin Mausoleum will make a move.

“This battle concerns the lives of hundreds of millions of people in our country.

Therefore, we can only win this battle, and we can not lose.

“All paranormals will bravely kill their enemies.

Once the battle begins, they will fight to the death.

“Those who cower before the battle will be killed.

“Those who disobey orders will be killed.

“Perhaps there will be many people among you who have objections.

However, none of this matters.

There has never been a peaceful time in this world.

Only people like us always carry a heavy burden and move forward.

“When the battle begins, I, Ma Zhuisheng, will take the lead.

If all of you die, I will not live alone…”

Ma Zhuishengs words were extremely hot-blooded, carrying an incomparably solemn vibe.

Ma Zhuisheng didnt know what kind of terrifying existence he would be facing in this battle.

However, no one understood the terror of the Qin Mausoleum better than Ma Zhuisheng.

He had taken the risk to sneak in, but he had been detected before even getting close.

Then, he was casually slapped out by someone.

Although he was only slightly injured, Ma Zhuisheng knew that someone with such strength was definitely above Level 10.

In the current world, there was only one Level 10 powerhouse, and that was the founder of Mount Longhu, Zhang Tongxuan.

However, at this moment, Zhang Tongxuan was cultivating in seclusion to break through to the Soul Formation realm.

Even the current Celestial Master Zhang Zhiwei had no way to get in touch with him.

Although he had a last resort, the nukes, it was unknown whether they could really eliminate the oddities inside.

There was no need to mention the consequences of this method.

He had a similar experience before.

Although a nuke could eliminate the oddities on a large scale, some special oddities could experience a mutation due to the nukes effect, evolving them into a stronger existence.

As such, the dense explosion of the nukes was the last resort.

Influenced by Ma Zhuishengs words, all the paranormals suppressed the fear in their hearts.

Then, their killing intent surged while their fighting spirit soared.

At that moment, a loud sound echoed.

Gravel started falling down from the towering Mount Li as the city gate slowly opened from the inside.

Soon, the sound of orderly footsteps rang out.


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