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Written on the stone tablet was “White Horse Temple Branch founded by the White Horse Group Co.



Although he was a little speechless, Zhao Hao still walked right through the main door.

This branch of the White Horse Temple did not look very grand, but apparently, particular care had been devoted to the decor.

There were imitations of everything that the original temple had here.

After buying a ticket, Zhao Hao walked straight into the main hall in the middle.

Looking at the several Buddha statues enshrined there, Zhao Hao suddenly had an idea.

Since Cultivation Talents could be captured from antiques, there was no reason that they could not be captured from Buddha statues.

As Zhao Hao thought of this, his face suddenly lit up with joy.

He walked straight to a statue of Guanyin.

[Ding! The Gold Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

Zhao Hao was right.

His heart was instantly filled with excitement.

Since a Gold Cultivation Talent had been captured through a statute of Guanyin, there must be higher-level talents around here.

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He quickly walked around the Buddha statues.

[Ding! …]

[Ding! …]

[Ding! …]

He had collected over ten Cultivation Talents along the way.

Even the most inferior one was an Orange Talent.

The Cultivation Talents captured through these Buddhas were all great, indeed.

Finally, after collecting Cultivation Talents through almost all the Buddha statues, Zhao Hao walked to the Rulai Buddha statue in the middle.

However, he received no system notification.

With a confused look on his face, Zhao Hao stepped over the fence, went to the front of the Rulai Buddha statue, and slapped his palm right on it.


His slap formed a palm print on the Rulai Buddha statue, even though the statue was made of pure metal.

[Ding! The Red Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

“Phew… Hmph, you would still be keeping it from me if I didnt get physical, huh”

Zhao Hao started to admire his brain.

Suddenly, Zhao Hao felt something.

He immediately raised his head to look up at the Rulai Buddha statue.

At that moment, it was as if the statue had come to life and was looking down at him.

It felt like time and space froze instantly.

“Sir, sir.

Youre not allowed to go in there.

Please come out now,” a novice monk of the White Horse Temple rushed over and called out to Zhao Hao when he saw him cross the fence and run to the Rulai Buddha statue.

That pulled Zhao Haos mind back to reality.


Got it.

I just wanted to take a closer look at the mighty Rulai Buddha statue.”

Feeling a little strange, Zhao Hao shook his head while turning around and walked right out of the temple.

However, Zhao Hao did not notice that the palm print he had just made had vanished and that the Rulai Buddha statue had automatically returned to its original appearance.

After leaving the White Horse Temple, Zhao Hao suddenly had a brilliant idea.

Since a Red Cultivation Talent could be captured from a Buddhist temple, there was no reason that he could not capture more from other religious sites.

However, after he did some thinking, he realized that the White Horse Temple was already the largest religious site in this city.

It was a small city, after all.

If he wanted to visit larger religious sites, he would have to go out of this city.

Anyway, Zhao Hao had already collected a Red Cultivation Talent today, so he was in no hurry to leave.

He just had a quick lunch outside and went home right after.

[Ding! The Cultivation Talent Pane has reset.]

Having heard the system notification, Zhao Hao looked at the countdown timer on the light screen.

Exactly 24 hours had passed.

“System, activate the cultivation simulation.”

[The Cultivation Simulator has been activated.]

[To enable the simulation, you may select only three of the following Cultivation Talents.]

[Currently available Cultivation Talents: “Eminent Buddhist Monk”, “Vajra Body”, “Lotus-like Body”, “Reincarnated Buddha” …]

“D*mn, the average quality of this batch of talents is so high.

But why isnt there a Red Talent”

Most of the Cultivation Talents that appeared this time were purple and orange, and there were even two gold ones.

Unfortunately, there was no Red Talent.

Zhao Hao looked at them for a while and picked the three best talents.

[Mahayana Holy Body (Red Talent): All your basic attributes increase by 300.

This is a unique physique that is rarely seen in a million years.

It is the strongest sacred body in the martial arts world.

Your aptitude to practice all kinds of Cultivation Methods is the worlds highest.

Your attack power is twice the original attack power.]

[Reincarnated Buddha (Gold Talent): Your comprehension ability increases by 150.

Your intelligence increases by 70.

Your speed of learning Buddhist Cultivation Methods increases by 10.

Your favorability among Buddhists increases by 60.]

[Vajra Body (Gold Talent): Your physical qualities increase by 200.

Effect of physical Cultivation Methods doubles.]

[The simulation starts now.]

[On the first day, you transmigrated to a small village at the foot of the Tianwu Mountain.

You were determined to become a Great Cultivator and live forever.

However, you knew that there were monsters in the ruined temple in the mountain, so you did not act rashly.]

[On the second day, you snuck into the dwelling of Widow Zhang, found the untitled sword-fighting manual, and started to focus on your training.]

[On the third day, you picked up the sword skills very quickly by virtue of your extraordinary talent.

In just one day, you comprehended several streaks of Sword Energy and mastered the art of sword-fighting.]

[On the fourth day, a bandit came to raid the village.

You killed him and obtained an Iron-Slashing Sword.]

[On the fifth day, you suddenly remembered that there were other families in the village.

You snuck into the residence of the village head and found a manual on a Buddhist Cultivation Method, the “Vajra Body Defending Divine Skill”.

You kept practicing it after you went home.

With your talent in Buddhist Cultivation Methods, you mastered the skill with great success.]

[On the sixth day, you continued to practice the Vajra Body Defending Divine Skill.]

[On the 15th day, you practiced the Vajra Body Defending Divine Skill to perfection.

Now your bones and muscles were as strong as iron and steel, as your body had achieved invulnerability.]

[On the 16th day, you walked into the mountain as you wanted to gain some practical experience there.

You killed the demons and the Evil God in the ruined temple.]

[On the 17th day, you were still full of fears for the outside world.

You were determined to train yourself in the mountain.

After killing dozens of demons there, you discovered another magnificent temple deep in the mountain.]

[On the 18th day, you walked into the temple and found that it was an Evil God temple.

The Evil God you had previously killed in the abandoned Evil God temple had only been a doppelgänger of the Evil God.

You showed your martial prowess once again and fought with the Evil God.

However, at the most critical moment, 16 evil ghosts carrying a jar came in from outside.

You continued to fight with the Evil God and the evil ghosts.

In the end, you died from exhaustion.]

[This Cultivation Simulation is over.

You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[The Cultivation Simulation has ended.

Simulation Time: 18 days.

System Cooldown Time: 18 minutes.]

Zhao Hao was expressionless.

He opened the notepad on his phone and started to take notes right away.

“This is the third team of evil ghosts that Ive met.

They were carrying a jar this time.

One of the other two teams was carrying a coffin and the other a box.

Whats inside is still unknown…”

“I dont know how many teams of evil ghosts are in this mountain.

Only the ones carrying a coffin didnt attack me, but the others did.”

“Deep in the mountain, theres an Evil God temple.

The doppelgänger of the Evil God there is much stronger than the one in the ruined temple.”

“Theres a manual on the Vajra Body Defending Divine Skill in the residence of the village head.”

After taking notes of everything, Zhao Hao put down his phone and spoke to the system, “System, extract the Cultivation TalentVajra Body.”


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