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[On the 92nd day, you did not head to that volcano.

Instead, you chose to live in seclusion in the Chentang State.

Given your previous experience, you knew that you could not avoid the Peach Blossom Tribulation by concealing yourself.

Furthermore, you also wanted to survive more tribulations in mortal countries.

Hence, you opened a restaurant and named it the No.

1 Restaurant in the World.]

[On the 95th day, you used your cultivation to destroy other large restaurants.

Under your meticulous management, your restaurant became famous throughout the entire Chentang State in just three days.

During this period, you met the Twin Assassin Sisters hidden in the br*thels, the Wandering Zither Girl, and the Empress, who was on her way to visit her family.

[You showed no mercy.

As soon as you discovered that the other party had become a Peach Blossom Tribulation, you would directly killed them.

Therefore, you passed another 4 Peach Blossom Tribulations.

[Peach Blossom Tribulations: 28]

[On the 101st day, due to the disappearance of the Empress, who had gone home to visit her relatives in the Chentang State, the monarch of the Chentang State was enraged, and the entire Chentang State fell into a state of panic.

[During these six days, you met and resolved your tribulations one after another.

You found a female guard searching for her missing mother, the lost Eldest Princess, the current Prime Ministers youngest daughter, and the concubine of the retired emperor.

The latter had raised the current monarch of the Chentang State outside the palace.

[After all of them were killed, you survived another 4 Peach Blossom Tribulations.


[Peach Blossom Tribulations: 32

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[On the 102nd day, two disciples from the Joyous Union Sect, the sect behind the Chentang State, arrived.

They were a man and a woman.

The man was very handsome and wore a purple robe that made him look particularly dashing.

[The woman was even more charming and moving.

She wore a purple one-piece dress that reached her thighs, accentuating her slender and beautiful legs.

There was a black belt tied around her waist that made her waist look even more tender and beautiful.

Her long hair fell over her chest, and her figure was alluring.

[The moment you saw this woman, you immediately recognized her.

She was the Holy Maiden of the Joyous Union Sect, Shuanger, who had treated you as a cauldron and robbed you of everything.

[The moment you saw Shuanger, even though you had gone through many cultivation simulations, there was still a trace of sadness in your heart.

That was your first cultivation partner and the woman you had once loved deeply.

[What you didnt know was that you, who had clearly concealed your cultivation and looked just like an ordinary person, had fallen Shuangers radar with a single glance.

She then engraved your appearance in her heart.

[The two of them did not attend the banquet the monarch had prepared.

Instead, they headed straight for the strange volcano.

After a moment of hesitation, you followed closely behind, intending to see what was going on.

[On the 103rd day, after a day of flying, the two members of the Joyous Union Sect finally arrived at the volcano.

You used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes during the same period to check the duos information.

Name: Lin Shuang

Race: Human

Cultivation: Peak-Stage Nascent Soul

Introduction: The Saintess of the Joyous Union Sect, a top-tier sect in the world.

She has a Pure Yin body, one of the best cauldrons.

The Joyous Union Sect Leader has been specially nurturing her to break through to the Ascension realm.

Therefore, even though she is the Saintess of the Joyous Union Sect, her chastity is intact.

Name: Feng Wuhen

Race: Human

Cultivation: Peak-Stage Nascent Soul

Introduction: The Joyous Union Sect Leaders son.

He has been in love with Lin Shuang since he was young, infatuated even.

For this reason, he had even made his father promise to turn her into his slave after absorbing Lin Shuangs origin essence.

He disclosed the news that she would be rewarded to him for the rest of her life.

[After you found out about Lin Shuangs constitution and the plot, you naturally found out why Lin Shuang had schemed against you and killed you.

The resentment in your heart also dissipated a lot.

[On the 104th day, after a day of searching, Lin Shuang and Feng Wuheng finally found the legendary demon.

It was actually a mid-stage Soul Formation Scarlet Chain Snake Demon.

The two of them were prodigies from a top sect and could cross ranks to fight.

With the two of them working together, they killed the Scarlet Chain Snake Demon in no time.

[You are hiding nearby.

‘I am curious as to how a mere Soul Formation Scarlet Chain Snake Demon could be so powerful that the entire Chentang State has been without rain for three years.

[As expected, after Lin Shuang and Feng Wuheng killed the snake demon and let down their guards, a shriveled palm drilled out of the ground and went straight for Lin Shuangs heart.

[At the critical moment, Feng Wuheng pushed Lin Shuang away and was pierced through by the palm.

His heart was crushed directly.

[A disheveled, dirty-faced, and scorching-hot dried corpse slowly crawled out of the ground.

It placed Feng Wuhens heart into the air and started chewing.

Lin Shuang turned pale with fright and wanted to escape in a hurry.

However, the dried corpse was extremely fast and disappeared in an instant.

It directly sent Lin Shuang flying with a claw, causing her to spit out blood from her serious injuries.

[You hid in the dark and used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to check that dried corpse.

Name: Drought Demon

Race: Corpse Clan

Cultivation: Peak-Stage Form Synthesis

Introduction: 10,000 years ago, the peerless prodigy of the human race was killed due to the Corpse Refining Sects scheme.

Then, said prodigy was refined into a corpse.

By chance, the corpse awakened the memories from when it was alive.

After that, it focused on comprehending the Corpse Dao, and its realm rose rapidly.

Finally, after cultivating for 3,000 years, it reached the Ascension realm and massacred and wiped out the entire Corpse Refining Sect.

However, due to its bloody and cruel methods and the Drought Demons natural attributes, it was hunted down by both the righteous and the demonic path.

After killing three Ascension cultivators, its foundation was destroyed, and its cultivation fell.

It fell into a volcano and fell into a deep sleep.

It had just woken up three years ago.

[When you saw this, you were very conflicted.

An Ascension expert that had fallen to the Form Synthesis realm was not someone to be trifled with.

Even if you were a talented cultivator with profound methods, it would still be somewhat dangerous to fight against it.

[The Drought Demon finished eating Feng Wuhens heart, casually threw the corpse into the volcano, and walked toward the heavily injured Lin Shuang.

[You actually charged out upon seeing that and started fighting with the Drought Demon.]

[On the 106th day, you used all your techniques and fought with the Drought Demon for two days and one night, yet you still couldnt defeat it.

On the other hand, the Drought Demon looked at you with an increasingly strange gaze.

[In the end, it simply stopped and changed its form.

A beautiful figure appeared in front of you.

The originally terrifying, shriveled, and ugly Drought Demon actually transformed into a peerless beauty.

Her long black hair fluttered in the wind as she stood there elegantly.

Her skin was snow white and tender, her eyes were large, and her eyelashes were very long.

She was no longer as pale as before.

Instead, there was a trace of Spiritual Qi.


[You immediately felt that something was wrong.

You didnt expect that this Drought Demon, the peerless prodigy of the human race from 10,000 years ago, was actually a woman.

Peach Blossom Tribulation 1

[At this time, Lin Shuang has also finished recovering.

While the two of you had been fighting, Lin Shuang had been very self-aware and hadnt made a move.

Instead, she had been watching from afar.

[When she saw that the two of you had stopped and were about to move forward, she was casually slapped away by the peerless beauty transformed from the Drought Demon.

At that moment, the beauty spoke to you.]

“Fellow cultivator…

“I offended you previously.

I hope you wont take offense.

I awakened not long ago, so I acted on instinct.

I have to thank you for fighting me for so long and awakening my consciousness…”


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