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“He Cheng has never seen such a shocking scene in the world view of a Ginseng Doll that only contains children.”

“Aah!” A sharp scream resounded throughout the entire Tianwu Village.

[In an instant, numerous figures appeared around your room.

“They are the 12 Ascension experts that were sealed in the Tianwu Village.

You are terrified.

However, Widow Zhang is extremely calm.

She waved her hand and put on her clothes as everyone was just about to approach your room.

“Scram!” A delicate shout echoed out.

[The 12 peak-stage Ascension experts were all forced back by Widow Zhangs single word.

Seeing this, you were greatly shocked and hurriedly used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes to check Widow Zhangs attributes.

Name: Zhang Meijuan

Race: Hundred Devil Children Mother Patterned Spider

Cultivation: Mahayana (Middle)

Introduction: Originally, a Demon King who roamed the Immortal Continent 100,000 years ago.

She ate her dao partner in order to ascend to the immortal world.

At the last moment, she was suppressed by the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School and sealed in the Tianwu Village, never to be able to leave.

[You were suddenly stunned.

You didnt expect that after Daoist Tianji left, the entire plotline of the world would change slightly.

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[When the 12 peak-stage Ascension experts saw the village head again, they all took their leave.

Only Granny Sun looked at the room with a worried expression.

She looked very hesitant as if she was making a tough decision.

[Finally, Granny Sun gnashed her teeth and wanted to rush into the room again.

Widow Zhang directly grabbed the Ginseng Doll with one hand.

The Ginseng Doll that originally looked like a little girl turned into purple ginseng.

Widow Zhang casually threw the purple ginseng out of the door and coldly said, “Seal her body for 100 years.

Let bygones be bygones.”

[Outside the house, Granny Sun received the purple ginseng.

There was no anger on her face.

Instead, there was a trace of joy.

Granny Sun bowed to the house and said respectfully, “Thank you very much, Village Head.

I will take my leave now.”

[It was obvious that Widow Zhang had more authority than the previous village head in the entire Tianwu Village.

[You feel that the world is full of malice.

The Peach Blossom Tribulation of a mid-stage Mahayana expert.

You dont know if you can withstand it…

[On the 18th day.

Today is another day of honest cultivation.

You worked hard for a day.

At night, your Widow Zhang took out the Joyous Union Heavenly Scripture.

This time, you didnt refuse.

You cultivated together with your Master for a night.

[On the 19th day.

The mid-stage Mahayana cauldron was absolutely amazing.

After a night of hard cultivation, you successfully broke through to the Soul Formation realm and directly reached the late-stage Soul Formation…]

[On the 22nd day, you broke through again and reached peak-stage Soul Formation… Continue your dual cultivation.]

[On the 25th day, you broke through again and successfully reached early-stage Profound Void.]

[On the 29th day, you knew that it was time for you to leave.

You told Widow Zhang that you wanted to leave the village, and Widow Zhang immediately flew into a rage, scolding you for being a heartless man.

She immediately wanted to kill you, but you quickly told her your original story.

If you didnt leave tomorrow, the heavenly lightning would surely fall, and by then, there would be nothing left of you.

[Widow Zhang didnt believe you.

She even promised you that she would help you block it if the heavenly lightning fell.

You had no choice but to wait for the next days arrival and continue your dual cultivation with Widow Zhang.

[On the 30th day, the sky was filled with dark clouds.

You had already sensed that there would be heavenly lightning if you didnt leave the village.

Even Widow Zhang, who was in your arms, sensed something.

She immediately put on her dress and soared into the sky.

[The Rolling Thunder Tribulation rained down like raindrops, but Widow Zhang blocked all of it.

However, the power of the tribulation grew stronger and stronger, and dark clouds covered the sky within a radius of 10,000 kilometers.

[During the tribulation, Widow Zhang held on for a full half an hour.

In the end, she was still struck down by the tribulation.

You were also instantly teleported out of the Tianwu Village, and the dark clouds in the sky instantly dispersed.

[You looked at Widow Zhang, who was struck until her hair was disheveled and her face was dirty.

You smiled helplessly, gave her a flying kiss, and left the Tianwu Village.

[In your heart, even if this is the Peach Blossom Tribulation of a mid-stage Mahayana expert, it will only happen after a long time.

[You are going to start a new round of exploration.]

[On the 35th day, you didnt want to find more information about this world like you did before.

You moved with the wind, and wherever the wind blew, you drifted to.

During your flight, you accidentally bumped into a woman.

The two of you fell down together, and there was a cliff below.

[You accidentally entered the inheritance mystic realm of an Ascension expert.”

[After confirming you were safe, you finally looked at that woman.

You saw that she was wearing a tight-fitting white dress that outlined the curves of her slender and beautiful body.

She was graceful and beautiful.

Her face was exquisite and beautiful, and her beautiful jet-black and soft hair reached her shoulders.

Her eyes were so bright that one could see them clearly.

Naturally, there was a special charm to her gaze.

It was enchanting and moving.

“Who are you” The womans face was cold.

Her phoenix-like eyes were slanted, and her red lips were extremely sexy and charming.

[Unexpectedly,, when the woman saw your face clearly, her originally pale face turned into a faint shyness.

[As expected, the wordhandsome had a powerful effect…

[You had a good conversation with this woman and soon became good friends.

You learned the identity and name of this woman, the Saintess of the Celestial Sound Mountain, Mu Ling.

[You made an agreement with her to explore the secret realm of inheritance of this Ascension expert.]

[On the 38th day, you and Mu Ling went through life and death in the mystic realm of inheritance and advanced together.

In the mystic realm, your memories were sealed, and you became mortal companions for three lifetimes.

Although only three days had passed in the outside world, the two of you lived as husband and wife for three lifetimes.

In the end, you successfully obtained the inheritance of this mystic realm.

[It was the inheritance of the Carefree Immortals.

[On the 39th day, the two of you left the mystic realm and returned to reality.

Your memories were restored, and the two of you looked at each other in silence.

[In the end, you wanted to be the first to speak, but a slender finger pressed against the corner of your mouth.

With three lifetimes together, the two of you had long since shared the same thoughts.

Mu Ling could guess what you wanted to do with each of your actions.

The two of you clasped your fingers and sat on the cliff, watching the sunrise and sunset.

[On the 40th day, you knew there would definitely be a Peach Blossom Tribulation, but you didnt know how to deal with it.

Fortunately, Mu Ling was also afraid that the sect would hunt her, so the two of you made an agreement to ascend.

Only when the two of you become Ascension experts would you be able to face a peak power like the Celestial Sound Mountain head-on.

[After a standard silk-like kiss, Mu Ling returned to the Celestial Sound Mountain, and you continued on your own peach blossom-filled path…]


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