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[With your late-stage Mahayana cultivation, you easily shattered the lightning tribulation that was fatal to those at the peak of the Ascension stage.

The gate to the Immortal World appeared once again.

You held the immortal weapon, the Glazed Demon-Subduing Pestle, and wore the immortal weapon, the Fire Spirit Dragon Armor.

With the last resort left behind by many experts, you directly rushed toward the gate of the Immortal World.

[Right at that moment, an enormous pressure descended from the gate of the Immortal World.

With your late-stage Mahayana strength, you actually felt a hint of fear.

The quasi-Sage of the Confucian School was even stronger than you imagined.

However, you werent afraid.

The powerful pressure actually made you even more excited.

[A shocked voice rang out from the gate of the Immortal World.

“Someone from the Buddhist faction Strange, how is it possible for a Buddhist practitioner to cultivate to such a degree”

[Evidently, the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School had already seen through your cultivation.

However, he didnt act directly this time, giving you an opportunity.

[You actually stepped forward and questioned the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School behind the gate of the Immortal World, “Who exactly are you You are an expert of the Confucian School, yet you have always acted openly and aboveboard.

Why did you repeatedly act to obstruct the ascension of this worlds people”

[Your words were filled with justice, causing even you to start to admire yourself.

[Your angry shout didnt anger the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School.

Instead, it woke him up from his deep thoughts.

Then, a voice rang out.

“The people of this world arent human.

They arent worthy of leaving.”

[After speaking, the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School once again attacked, and a huge palm directly grabbed toward you from behind the gate of the Immortal World

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[You didnt have any fear, you were able to use all sorts of divine arts and magical techniques to fight against that huge palm.]

[On the 183rd day, after three days and three nights of battle, you finally shattered that giant palm.

Even that quasi-Sage of the Confucian School was shocked by your methods.

A light figure appeared in front of the gate of the Immortal World.

A middle-aged scholar with a feather fan and a silk scarf stood in front of you.

“Strange, strange.

How can there be such a profound Buddhist divine ability in this world Could it be that you are not from this world”

[The quasi-Sage of the Confucian School grabbed your arm, and streams of righteous energy instantly sealed your cultivation.

The quasi-Sage of the Confucian School began to size you up.

[You didnt resist.

This is your first time facing the mastermind behind the scenes.

You seized the opportunity and used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes on the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School.

You obtained all the information about the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School.

Name: Zhuge Qing

Race: Human

Cultivation: 3rd Stage Mighty Figure (quasi-Sage of the Confucian School)

(Current Cultivation: Dao Transformation stage (Early)

Introduction: This is only a clone that Zhuge Qing left behind when he was painting the Boundless World.

He didnt allow anyone from the world in the painting to break free.

Of course, this was also a test.

If one could break out of the world in the painting, they could enter the Milky Way Academy and become Zhuge Qings disciple.

Zhuge Qing had painted countless times in his life.

Every painting was a small world.

Regardless of race, anyone who came out of his paintings could become his disciple.

Did you find it funny that the world you were in and the environment you grew up in was just a random painting

[When you saw the hint in your eyes, you were shell-shocked.

You did not expect that the world you had transmigrated to was just another persons painting.

You must defeat this so-called Zhuge Qings clone if you wanted to ascend.

“You really arent from this world.

Strange, then how did you enter”

[Zhuge Qing saw your expression and instantly knew what you were thinking.

Without waiting for Zhuge Qing to speak again, you directly threw out the Evil God wooden carving that Carpenter Li had given you and instantly detonated it.

[With a loud bang, Zhuge Qing was directly blown away.

It was a self-destructing attack that was comparable to a peak-stage Mahayana cultivators detonation.

Even a Dao Transformation expert would not be able to take this attack head-on.

[You seized the opportunity and charged directly toward the gate of the Immortal World.

You already knew that you would be considered successful as long as you charged out of the painting.

There was no need for you to fight with Zhuge Qings clone.

[Your peak-stage Mahayana fleshly body was terrifying.

Even though the righteous energy sealed your cultivation, you still managed to reach the gate of the Immortal World in an instant.

You stretched out your hand and suddenly grabbed at it.

The entire gate of the Immortal World was like a thin piece of paper.

Your hand directly tore it.

[Looking at the paper in your hand, which was exactly the same as the one the village chief had shown you at that time, you immediately felt that something was wrong.

Without thinking too much, you jumped into the unknown black hole in front of you.

[However, in the next instant, a sealing word appeared in front of you.

The huge sealing word above the Tianwu Village disappeared and surrounded it.

The exit was right in front of you, but you were unable to take another step forward.

“Hehe, little brat, I almost let you out.”

[Zhuge Qings clone waved his hand, and your body was directly grabbed into his hand.

At that moment, a thin piece of paper fluttered in the wind and just happened to float in front of the unknown black hole.

[Zhuge Qings expression instantly changed.

In a moment of carelessness, someone else had taken advantage of him.

His large hand grabbed toward the piece of paper, but there was no time at all.

The piece of paper flew into the unknown black hole.

Vaguely, the village heads voice came from within.

“Thank you for your help, little friend.

When my cultivation is perfect in the future, I will definitely come and save you.”

[An explosion sounded.

In his anger, Zhuge Qing crushed your body.

Youre dead.]

[This Cultivation Simulation is over.

You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[The simulation has ended.

Simulation Time: 183 days.

System Cooldown: 183 minutes.]

Zhao Hao, who was sitting in the plane seat, had all sorts of emotions in his eyes.

There was shock, anger, confusion, and even a hint of admiration.

“I really didnt expect that the world I transmigrated to was actually a painting casually drawn by a mighty figure.

A painting can give birth to a cultivation world.

What terrifying power is this!”

Zhao Hao couldnt help but sigh in his heart.

“Also, this village head is really an old silver coin.

I didnt expect that he would actually escape from that world at the last moment.

That clones strength is in the early-stage Dao Transformation.

Seeing how that Evil God puppet self-destructed, it was able to cause him harm.

Presumably, the stage after the Mahayana stage is the Dao Transformation stage.”

Numerous thoughts converged in Zhao Haos mind.

Soon, Zhao Hao was able to understand the situation clearly.

Although he didnt know what kind of scene the world outside the painting was like, at this moment, Zhao Hao had already set a small primary goal.

He wanted to break out of the painting first.

He wanted to see what the real cultivation world looked like.

The Cultivation Simulator had a three-hour cooldown, so Zhao Hao couldnt simulate any scenarios anymore.

He looked at the time and realized that there was still about half an hour before he reached his destination, so he closed his eyes and started to rest.

What he had to face next wasnt as simple as it looked.

It was the tomb of Qin Shihuang, who was ranked first among all the bizarre emperor tombs.

Even the current Zhao Hao, who was powerful and had many tricks up his sleeve, couldnt help but feel a little worried.



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