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[On the 100th day, you successfully refined the Heart of the Sky Devil and reached peak-stage Tribulation Transcending stage.

You awakened the memories of your previous life and broke through to the Ascension stage.

After achieving your goal, you ascended within 100 days.

[You remembered the agreement you made with the village head and began to fly toward the Tianwu Village.]

[On the 105th day, you arrived at the foot of Tianwu Mountain once again.

You could see that the Tianwu Village was sealed tightly by a huge formation from afar.

There was a huge seal above the village head when you looked up.

Clearly, it was the work of a quasi-Sage of the Confucian School.

[You were extremely confident in your own strength.

You had already reached the unrivaled realm by relying on your dual cultivation of body and magic.

You directly entered the Tianwu Village and were warmly welcomed by the villagers.]

[On the 106th day, 13 villagers gathered by your side and told you about the strangeness of this world, as well as the many clues they had discovered.]

[Butcher Zhang was the first to speak.

Back then, he had led the Underworld Crows to attack the Immortal World.

Later on, he relied on his powerful cultivation to attack the Immortal World.

However, at the last moment, someone suddenly attacked.

In his fury, he took out the pig-slaughtering knife and slashed at the gate of the Immortal World with his strongest attack.

Vaguely, he could see that the area on the other side of the gate of the Immortal World was cut open like a piece of paper.

However, it recovered in an instant.

[When you heard this, you suddenly had a feeling and continued to listen to others stories of ascension.

[Carpenter Li then said that in the past, he discovered from all the ancient records that no one in this world had ascended for hundreds of thousands of years.

He knew that ascension was difficult.

Because of this, he massacred the entire Immortal Continent, killed tens of millions of cultivators, and cultivated 18 giant Evil God puppets that were at the peak of the Ascension stage.

[Then, he gathered the power of the 18 Evil God puppets and chose to fight against the gate of the Immortal World.

In the end, it was that person who attacked and shattered all 18 puppets.

He himself was also suppressed in the Tianwu Village.

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[Widow Zhang continued.

She was the invincible Demon King of this world 100,000 years ago.

In order to successfully ascend to the Immortal World, she even devoured her dao companion, who was also at the peak of the Ascension stage, and stepped into the Mahayana stage, but she didnt expect that person would ambush her.

Not only did he knock her down to the Tianwu Village, but he also injured her essence, causing her cultivation to drop back to the peak of the Ascension stage.

[The rest of them also shared their experiences.

All of them had been ambushed at the last moment and sealed in the Tianwu Village.

After hearing this, you were very moved.

Only then did you understand that these people did not know that the person who attacked was the quasi-Sage of the Confucian School.

[This also made you understand why there was no mention of Confucianism in the entire world.

You had only inherited a few talents of the Confucian path, but these people already hated you.

They must have sensed the aura of the person who had attacked them.

[In the end, the village head, who had been keeping his mouth shut, opened his mouth and spoke.

“Back then, when I entered the world, even when I ascended, it was within my expectations that someone would make a move.

I originally thought that after breaking through to the Mahayana realm, I would be able to win that slim chance of survival.

“However, I did not expect that all my methods would ultimately be futile in the face of absolute power.

However, at the last moment, I reached the gate of the Immortal World.

Just as I was about to be sealed, I tore off a corner of the gate of the Immortal World.”

[As he spoke, the village head took out a piece of paper the size of a palm.

The paper was emitting a seven-colored radiance.

Anyone who saw it would know that it was definitely not a simple thing.

[You carefully observed it for a while and did not find anything special about the paper.

Then, you asked the village head, “Is there any way to ascend”

[The village head and many villagers turned their gazes at you.

Everyone present was filled with resentment toward the mastermind who had sealed them here.

Therefore, everyone decided to impart all their abilities to you and gather all their strength to fight against the mastermind.

[You naturally agreed to it gladly.

[On the 107th day, the first to arrive was Widow Zhang.

She gave her 100,000-year-old Demon Core to you to refine.

Widow Zhang, who had lost her Demon Core, turned into a palm-sized spider.

Her life force was also continuously fading, but she still stubbornly survived.

Widow Zhang told you that she wanted to see you break the gate to the Immortal World.

[You gently put the little spider aside and promised her that you would let her see it.]

[On the 121st day, you refined Widow Zhangs 100,000-year-old Demon Core and reached peak-stage Ascension.

You awakened the memories of your previous life and broke through to the Mahayana stage.

[Carpenter Li and Blacksmith Zhang rushed over at the same time.

Blacksmith Zhang took out a set of immortal armor with red dragon patterns on it, emitting endless immortal might.

Only then did you know that at the cost of all his cultivation and the Fire Spirit Dragon that had followed him for many years, Blacksmith Zhang had finally forged an immortal item, the Fire Spirit Dragon Armor, for your ascension.

With gratitude, you bowed deeply to Blacksmith Zhang.

[On the other hand, Carpenter Li took out a wooden sculpture that was dancing with evil energy.

Even with your cultivation level, you would feel dizzy and at a loss at first glance.

Carpenter Li said that this was the supreme Evil God that he had cultivated at the cost of himself.

When activated, it could unleash the battle prowess of a Mahayana cultivator.

If it was a critical moment, it could self-detonate, and its power should not be inferior to a peak Mahayana attack.]

[On the 125th day, the villagers came one after another for several days in a row.

They all brought out their most precious treasures or their cultivation, wishing you to ascend to immortality.

Everyone was on the verge of death, and there wasnt much life left in them.

All they wanted was to see who the person who had sealed them here was.

They wanted to see if the people of that world had the audacity to stop him from ascending to the Immortal World.]

[On the 150th day, of the 13 sealed villagers in the village, only the village head and Granny Sun were left.

The two of them came together, and Granny Sun smiled kindly at you, telling you not to be heartbroken.

She directly turned into a Purple Star Ginseng, a rare peak-stage Ascension treasure that even the village head had not eaten.

Before you could react, the Purple Star Ginseng turned into streaks of purple light and entered your body.

[Your cultivation base broke through to the mid-stage Mahayana.

Your cultivation base broke through to late-stage Mahayana.

[The village head didnt give you any benefits.

He only told you that he wanted you to break through without worry.

He would find the right time to attack at the critical moment and give a fatal blow.

“According to the information given by the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes, you knew that the village heads divination was invincible, so you didnt say anything more.

You began to consolidate your cultivation and prepare for the final breakthrough.]

[On the 180th day, with the hopes of all the people of the Tianwu Village, under their gazes, you summoned the gate of the Immortal World once again.

This time… it was everyones resistance to fate.]


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